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  1. I'm going to get this party started and not hold you all up. Not a shock at all. Chicago @asuclay - You are up.
  2. Nordiques LW - Cassells C - Zhamnov RW - Kurri LD - Weinrich RD - Wilson X - Yake G - Richter First Forward sub: Yake Firzt Defense sub: Ozolinsh
  3. Boston over Calgary in B-1. Anxious for round 2.
  4. Dragon, we are up first. When can you play?
  5. Well then, I challenge you. I will hit you up on AIM
  6. So if I say challenge....then I play someone in a best of 5 to be king.
  7. I am looking for Zepplin and Adventino and Peaches (Quebec, Detroit and Washington) Have reached out multiple times. No response and I am on the fringe of the playoffs.
  8. We have 2 games. I am the Bruins. When can you play?
  9. I would be up for about anything at this point.
  10. Still available to jump in on this.
  11. Boston is around for the rest of today. Hit me up on AIM