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  1. Team Name: Rockford IceHogs LD: Jeff Brown RD: Doug Wilson LW: Pierre Turgeon C: Alexander Mogilny RW: Kirk Muller X: Luciano Borsato 3rd D: Richard Smehlik G: John Blue
  2. So this idea I like. We could borrow an idea from fantasy sports where you get to keep players after a certain round in the draft. So if a team was 7 F's, 4 D's and 2 Goalies (Don't know why you would need that many but whatever it is), the first 3 rounds could be non keepers, while rounds 4 through 12 could be kept. Then when you draft for the next season if you kept a 4th rounder you would give up a 3rd. 5th would be a 4th. Etc. Also, I like keeping the home ice advantage. It gives a "bonus" for having a higher seed in the playoffs. Maybe even if it was a playoffs only thing?
  3. I'm going to get this party started and not hold you all up. Not a shock at all. Chicago @asuclay - You are up.
  4. Nordiques LW - Cassells C - Zhamnov RW - Kurri LD - Weinrich RD - Wilson X - Yake G - Richter First Forward sub: Yake Firzt Defense sub: Ozolinsh
  5. Boston over Calgary in B-1. Anxious for round 2.
  6. Dragon, we are up first. When can you play?
  7. Well then, I challenge you. I will hit you up on AIM
  8. So if I say challenge....then I play someone in a best of 5 to be king.
  9. I am looking for Zepplin and Adventino and Peaches (Quebec, Detroit and Washington) Have reached out multiple times. No response and I am on the fringe of the playoffs.
  10. We have 2 games. I am the Bruins. When can you play?
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