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  1. I used Wineskin to run NOSE when I was doing all my edits and it worked great. The best part is that once you have your skin setup it works almost exactly like a native app in MacOS. I do remember a couple other apps giving me problems. I had both Windows 8 and MacOS installed on my computer at the time and I constantly had to switch between operating systems depending on the program I needed to use. But most of them I could get functioning on the mac side using Wine.
  2. Honestly not sure how I'd go about adding a 31st team to this ROM, and unfortunately most of my notes are lost. I might pick it up again someday, but if I get back to work on Genesis hacks my first goal will be to find ways to replace shootouts in NHL94 with a different scenario (maybe first to 5 goals, no time limit). However you're more then welcome to take up the mantle and update the ROM yourself. It still works perfectly with NOSE so the rosters at least are pretty simple. BuffaloCG did the original, I did the updated features and graphics, Slapshot67 did most of the roster data. All in all this is becoming a bit of a community made mod, and it would be neat to see someone new take on the project for a term and give it new life!
  3. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the skate colour was the only available one. The blood I remembered adding was for my NHL97 - 2012 Roster update. So I'm not sure if it's possible to find a colour you could spare in the pallet for helmets. But it's been a while since I've played around in there so I'm sure there's some way you could pull it off.
  4. Hey, I'm only about a year late responding to you, but I just saw this! Guess I need to come around the forums a bit more again. Making the players helmetless is a bit of a trick. I used the following method: 1. Find/create an unused colour in every single team pallet. It has to be in the same location for every team. That colour becomes your "hair colour". For this ROM I believe I used the skate colour, but I'm pretty sure I had a second spare colour as I also remember adding blood to injured players. 2. Using your favourite tile editing program, go in and draw over every single helmet with the new "hair colour". That's it! No more helmets! You could also try opening my ROM with your tile editor and copy and pasting the helmet tiles into one of your ROMS. Might be a bit easier as the hair colour is unique on all my tiles so it would be isolated. Unfortunately I also drew over everyone's skates so you can't use my entire tileset without it looking like people are running on ice. Hope this helps!
  5. I'll consider doing an update at some point, but I'm in school at the moment and my schedule is absolutely insane. It'll be late February if at all. If anyone else want's to grab it and give it a once over though they are more than welcome. Should just be able to copy the rosters from a recent NHL 94 rom and update Dallas' logo and you're there!
  6. This is not really an update, it's a ROM. Designed to work on the Sega Genesis. But if you want to play it on your PC you just need to open it with an emulator like Kega Fusion. Google them, they're out there and very easy to use.
  7. Also, you could probably just find a slightly less old computer on Craigslist for around $100-500 if you look often enough. I've seen a lot of decent laptops and towers go through there priced really low because nobody generally wants an old system. I plan on doing something similar with a MacMini, and I can get a fairly powerful one with HDMI out now for about 500-700 dollars on craigslist, and that's much more powerful than what you would need. Just remember that if you truly love this project, and will use it for years, do it right or it will bug you forever.
  8. I'm sure you've already tried it, but there is an actual Sega CD version of Mortal Kombat 1. I own a copy and it's definitely more like the Arcade Version than the original Genesis Version. It does suffer from some loading time issues however, so Sega CD may not be the right route to take (though on an emulator those problems might not exist). Anyway, there is also a lot of hacking info on this page: http://info.sonicretro.org/Category:Sonic_Community_Hacking_Guide Few people have dug into the Sega code like those good old Sonic hackers, so they are probably a good place to start. Also, I feel like there have a been a few major Mortal Kombat hacks done in the past. Do a Google for them, or even search YouTube. You'll find something. Good luck!!!
  9. Glad everyone is enjoying the ROM so much. For those of you interested in how to allow you to play F at D and D at F I've already published that hack, you can find it here (HOW TO: Allow All Players in All Positions). Also, feel free to add in your own ball hockey (or ice hockey) teams with all your friends. It would be cool to have a ROM where all the teams are made up of NHL94.com members and their friends.
  10. Hey Beavers, the first tile for the Stanley Cup is located at $F30A2. To display it properly in Tile Molester you need to set Block Size to custom. Columns 1, Rows 4.
  11. Presenting NHL 94 Ball Hockey Challenge! Now you can enjoy your outdoor ball hockey even when its cold and rainy outside. I made this ROM for me and the guys I play ball hockey with each weekend, but feel free to take it and add in your own teams. Features: - All Original NHL 94 Teams - 4 New Teams (variations on the same roster) - All Players can play all positions - New outdoor Rink - Players are not wearing helmets - Goalie can reach both sides of the ice - Goalie can hold puck for infinite amount of time - No Icings - Martin Brodeur! (stats from NHL 95) - New Tournament Mode (play for a keg of beer!) 4 on 4 Features: - All teams configured for 4 on 4 - Edit Lines works, even with Line Changes on Ball Hockey 4v4.bin Ball Hockey 5v5.bin
  12. Nice, missed that thread. Thanks Smoz, that'll be a big help. I'm just finishing up some graphics on my current project and then I'll see what I can dig up.
  13. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to hack the menu? My thought is, would it be possible to either replace a mode (ie. Make Shootouts be regular games with different rules) or add a new mode. I've started digging into the code and it looks like this should be possible, but I'm not quite sure how yet. My thoughts would be replace Shootout with (or add) a first to five version of NHL 94. Even if we can only figure out how to replace Regular Season with First to Five I think this would be worthwhile, but I would love some help. If anyone can find any of the above information, or has ideas on where to start please post here. I will try and keep any information discovered in the first post here to be used as future reference. Things we would need: 1: To understand what triggers the menu changes when you switch to Shootout Mode. 2: Find the RAM addresses for home and away goals. 3: Find the Offset that triggers game over. 4: Add an equation to trigger game over when either home or away goals = 5. What we do Know: In Game: 1: How to have infinite length periods. Menu: 1: Offset that resets period # to 0 (which is first period) before each game starts ($ 77C0). Tracing back from this we should be able to find what offset triggers the values when a regular game is selected, and from there modify its actions creating a new ruleset.
  14. If you would like to be able to put forwards on defense, defense on offence, or some crazy mixture of the above, follow along! Step 1: Offset: (hex)008398 Change: 3438 to 6002 Step 2: Change the number of forwards on each team to 0. Done! The hack itself simply disables the part of the game that chooses to display forwards, so only defense are ever displayed.
  15. Problem fixed. I added a third hack above. With this one applied the goalie will never think there is an icing call.
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