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  1. wanted big body leclair..............i'll take big heart dmitry kvart .
  2. edm gonna campaign for change and not go with cujo. Tom Barrass Obama
  3. For some reason I always use google to get to nhl94.com, found this nice little article a few hits down....... http://bangordailynews.com/2015/02/21/living/retired-developer-who-created-nhl-94-video-game-in-maine-barn-reflects-on-career/ Lesser trying to be agressive with Eddie B gets schooled by Robitaille
  4. Holy Sh**! what a great find. You guys think this can get the ball rolling on trying to add one timers to 93? or is that a whole other can of worms? I imagine it's easier to disable something than to add it in.
  5. would this work for a sh*ts and giggles sim/draft lg, or can you only upload head to head games?
  6. She shoots, SHE SCORES!!!!! 1st star of the game right there.
  7. Yee Merry Christmas to all you HO HO HO's...............and Robbie! Twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even Rob Rouse!
  8. I have an original 6 rom that i'm slowly chipping away at with some of the years you have above. Let me know if you'd like any of those rosters to make things quicker. I know not everyone rates players the same, but could be a good template to start out on.
  9. Team: Bruins First Line G - Soderstrom LD - yushkevich RD - howe LW - Lafontaine C - Hogue RW - Makarov X - Carpenter Second Line G - soderstrom LD - Wilkinson RD - Yushkevich (Chk - johnson, RD howe) LW - Lafontaine C - Hogue RW - Makarov X - Simpson
  10. Looks about right. If it were top 25 wingers I would say guys like gretzky and my boy oates would be at the top of the list. top 25 Goalies would be a no-brainer. would love to see how weird the top 25 defenders would look like.
  11. Thx man. not sure how I did it. Turgeon was making me look silly the first few games. I think putting fatty stevens at C helped neutralize him. Ridley brought the house down, he was in total beast mode (14 goals, 2 assists in 6 games!) Probob and Skele good buds, life must be in the way. No doubt they get it done soon enough. gl buds!
  12. lol what are the odds, just sent donnie a pm as you were typing this. minpindintuitiononarobbie
  13. Irbe, stauber if taken
  14. with the crucial 11.6 acquired in a trade with brutus a few days back, the bruins select gregori pantalones
  15. A brief moment of silence for Crosby's mumps and the death of the Boston Bruins................................ 10.14 Bobby Carpenter
  16. jim johnson back on the board again? if so i'll take jim "can't turn" johnson
  17. herpa derpa ku . I think this thread has been up for almost two weeks but kind of forgotten because of the draft. Seems like most people drafted with cb in mind so would be weird to take it out right now anyways had it got the popular vote.
  18. would be cool sometime down the road to have a gdl/blitz style draft lg with all those rules. Draft 10F 7D and 2G. I know TDL does it to an extent, but imagine having to draft a whole team from scratch? I imagine the draft would take forever and you would probably have less coaches playing, but it Would be fun to see what the lineups look like when you really have to draft the bottom of the bottom.
  19. nothing set in stone, but TDL major is over. Classic is done (for me). GDL draft going on,Donny's Tourney, and 2on2 winter classic (me and donny on the same team) It will happen soon for sure.