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  1. he helped me see the light. it does seem to run smoother. default resolution is blurry but you can fix that just go to video and uncheck filter. fellow buds i urge you to give it a try. if not he will try and make you see the light anyways haha
  2. hey i'm already playing in gens c league but i'm on the snes b waiting list in case I need to fill some shoes. all I need is a test game. someone make it happen! aim s/n is also minpind
  3. "Awesome guys like Patstew (1-13), temcobrowns (0-8), nvschultz (1-19), hackles (2-10), larking (2-9), duffjr (1-11) continuing to pound out games despite their records" bunch of classy buds around here
  4. nice hustle fiddy. I also see that dan_lizhot is proving the voting poll very wrong
  5. haha yeah "Roy - the only real keeper of the game, pucks argues that the other open leg like a b***h. It is not the only fan of the commandment 'was was an all'. Position: G - Montreal Canadiens" "Sweeney - The Butcher. The only quarterback who can compete with the son of god, with Gretzky and the devil. Lemieux falls only in the shadow of Sweeney around. Position: DL - Boston Bruins"
  6. "In a strange bit of foreshadowing, I grew to hate the Red Wings because they were godly in this game. The right player with this team could destroy most of the other teams in the game (although I’m not sure if they were “technically” the best team in the game, because the Blackhawks were beasts in that game)." haha somebody who understands
  7. ha the redwings of course! and any team when you use ottawa raiders and 49ers in joe montanna football the other 14 bikers in road rash
  8. not so tough my screen name is minpind. always lookin to play. hopefully i can get as many games in before the season starts, brush up on manual goalie.
  9. good read. dudes got a good sense of humor. stand by me was an awesome movie
  10. it's easier to beat the all star teams for crying out loud. when the comps the redwings = most frustrating thing ever. anyone else feel this way?
  11. hello all my name is joe. my dad and i used to play 93 and 94 all the time back in the day. 93 just for the fights In 94 whoever had the winning streak was later forced to play as ottawa i've been playing 94 religiously lately with offsides and line changes against the comp. can't wait to get some online games started
  12. would like a test game aim: minpind usually available before or after 4-8 pm Edit: confirmed today by gretzkyonacold (LA Robbie)