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  1. still looking to get into rd 5, or move up in the 6th. let's talk
  2. looking to get back into rd 5. 6&8 for 5&10/11? hit me up.
  3. I don't have any stories to add, but witnessed this greatness last night. brutus,seth lupz,labs, and I have forged a bond that cannot be broken now. Everyone who stayed up last night got their money's worth for sure Also if this thread doesn't bring hokkee out of hiding then I don't know what will.
  4. b b b benni and the hogue
  5. VGGS. Last minute in the 3rd was a slobberknocker, the most insane thing i've ever seen. Fitzo and I had about 10 chances each going up and down the ice missing crazy open nets and/or our goalies standing on their heads. Lebeau couldn't stand it so he had to wrap it up real quick in ot. #GHG
  6. minpind #10 righty. jersey tucked in, visor on the helmet.
  7. "Special K" kvartalnov for sure. Great at c and plays way better than his stats suggest.
  8. your excitement for 2on2..................................................... IN
  9. snaking is cool. the best part about picking last is the double pick.
  10. http://nhl94online.com/html/playoffs.php?lg=21 5-4 BOS9:32 PM - 10/27 2-1 BOS5:37 PM - 11/11 7-2 BOS9:33 PM - 10/27 2-1 DET5:24 PM - 11/11 2-1 BOS5:56 PM - 11/11
  11. kupuck I saved over game 4 by accident, just need probob to upload that one so I can upload game 5 and sim game 2
  12. yee we only got 2 more right? I can play tonight or any time tomorrow
  13. hey man, I have saturday off and monday could work as well. I could do sunday but it would have to be later, like after 8:00 est
  14. 2on2 drives the bitches crazy
  15. my bumping bad about the other night, was getting pretty late after playing robbie. I'll be on tonight for real.