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  1. I know Robitaille and sicarius are allready illegal in 45 states, but i'm gonna let the authorities deal with that one. I'm gonna have some fun with klima and pick edm
  2. Goalie = Barrasso Line 1 Line 2 Check LW Turgeon LW Oates LW Hawerchuk #18 C Stevens C Carson #33 C Elynuik RW Neely RW Ridley RW Kvartalnov LD Smith LD Weinrich #3 LD Murphy RD Bourque RD Ellet RD johansson X Oates X Neely X Neely PPL1 PPL2 LW Oates LW ridley C Carson C Turgeon RW Hawerchuk RW Kvartalnov LD Smith LD johansson RD Bourque RD Ellet PK1 PK2 LW Neely LW Hawerchuk C Stevens C Turgeon LD Murphy LD Beukeboom RD Weinrich RD Bourque
  3. BOS trades Don Sweeney and David Shaw to NYR for Eric Weinrich and Jeff Beukeboom
  4. Bos trades Dave Poulin to Wsh for Pat Elyniuk
  5. before Bob Probert can put on a bruins jersey he gets shipped out for another Bob. Bos trades Bob Probert to Wsh for Bob Carpenter
  6. Bos trades D Glen Featherstone to Det for F Bob Probert.
  7. Bruins Select Dale Hawerchuk. Drop Stephen Leach
  8. BOS selects Dave Ellet. Waves....goodbye to Gordie Roberts
  9. The Bruins select- Jimmy Carson. drops Steve "can't ketchup" heinze
  10. You can tell how great a league is by how peaceful it keeps hokkee.
  11. sorry about that man. the last few nights I was lookin for donny I saw that you were on, but when you didn't spam aim like crazy I figured someone took a hacksaw to your arms. I should have made the effort to reach out to you. Also sorry for not checking my messages, was trolling on aim late night for games.
  12. 1st line LW: Mike Ridley C: Mark Messier RW: Kevin Stevens RD: Mikhail Tatarinov LD: Calle Johansson G: Curtis Joseph X: Kelly Miller 2nd line LW: Kelly Miller C: Pat Elynuik RW: Sylvian Turgeon RD: Brian Glynn LD: Garth Butcher X: Mark Messier
  13. Looks like I got kevin miller in the lineup on the bench........I drafted kelly . Everything else looks good
  14. witt selects gary roberts (waive pending)
  15. witt selects paul coffey, (waive pending)
  16. witt selects ed belfour. waives rick nickle?
  17. Oldie but goodie, that was the first controller I ever used for classic. could just be a wonky or beat up d-pad. is it the one with the button above the left analog stick? try and configure it with that button pressed so the red l.e.d. is lit up
  18. it sounds like it's registered to the 2nd player (which would let you scroll in the main menu but not be able to control the home team) Are you able to pause it and switch out the visiting goalie and edit away lines?
  19. bruins select steve smith, waive jim wiemer
  20. boston drafts pierre turgeon, waives detective darin kimble.
  21. confirmed. excited to have stevan ridley and scarlett johansson on my team