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  1. Bruins select G Ed Belfour and waive G Andy Moog
  2. lol hokkee, I think all this anger would be better re-directed at the guys who "remade" nhl94 for nhl14. When I started I only did one-timers and deke goals, then I got tired of losing every game 7-3. You could argue that crease cuts and cheese ass slappers are glitches too, if not at least more annoying than the "glitch goals". Half the ways to score are pretty cheesy and annoying but you have to learn them all so you don't get buried every game. The internet is a glitch, lets go back to sending telegrams to eachother.....
  3. I fkn hate dunkin donuts. lol i'll be on in a little bit.
  4. lol I was about to post this in the random thread of GA till I actually checked the site. WHAT DOESN'T BO KNOW?
  5. i'm about to go to my niece's birthday party. I can play later tonight, but if not tomorrow works for me too.
  6. oooo so you can play other people? flash 2on2 someday!?!?!? could be less laggy
  7. I got the bankrupt man's ray bourque.......tatarinov on the block. great back-end sniper. also garth butcher and cujo on the block if you're itching to add anyone from the st. louis blues to your lineup.
  8. Verizon's coming tomorrow to fix my connection, but it seems pretty stable at the moment if anyone wants to get some games in later tonight.
  9. lol this is awesome. The first half seems like something witt would write, and the 2nd part's like the fun facts you see on the back of hockey cards. great stuff man.
  10. i'll take sylvain "not pierre" turgeon if he's there. if not i'll take dixon "mental" ward
  11. I would be willing to move anyone besides stevens if the right deal came along
  12. Thanks! i'll be on tonight to get games in
  13. i'll take garth butcher baker candlestick maker
  14. kovalev retires http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=725288&navid=nhl:topheads
  15. the oilers are going going, back to Calle Calle......johansson
  16. oilers bring back mike ridley for a 2nd season
  17. LOLWTF@ life today I'll stick with the oilers.