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    Favorite: One time keg toss, Most effective with: Wing -> Center one timer

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  1. My friends and I are looking into revamping our NHL '94 league system in order to create more intense gameplay and more clutch games. Currently we use the rank system where the person in 1st place must be challenged by someone in 2nd and lose two straight games to them to be over taken. When there are more players, they simply have to challenge the position ahead of them and slowly work their way up to first place. The only problem I find with this is that the same players usually end up playing each other over and over which takes away from the intensity. Of course there are other ways su
  2. The pass shot is so satisfying because often they come off the breakaway or 1 on 1 which builds up so much excitement. To me though, the most satisfying is definitely the keg toss because it sort of like the tea bag of the chel 94 world. But by far the most efficient, i have to agree, is wing to center one timer, so long as the center has a bit of an angle on the goalie rather than just straight up on him; thus giving him the ability to go top cheds. -Cheez
  3. I've really begun starting to shy away from buying the new NHL (not to mention every other sports game..) every year. The retro ones still have the same replay-ability, while i find the newer games ending up on the dollar rack at my local games shop the next year. Does anyone else agree with me? I'd also like to mention that there are a lot more moves to take advantage of in the new games, making a clear line of skill drawn in between players. I've never had this problem with chel '94, it's usually fun and even games.
  4. your name is topcheezefuh? until you beat me, i'll refer to you as dustbucketfuh