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  1. EA's web have always been a mess, can't even find the easy things like my own uploaded videos and stuff Thanks anyway. Not too much work to sit in front of the game writing down numbers... Maybe those roster packs for the XBOX 360 can be decrypted One thing that has driving me crazy for a few years now with the EA NHL series... WHY can't there be audio when you watch replay ...and even worse, when you watch the games highlight, the clips are like 1 second long. Whilst in NHL 94 they can be like 30 seconds, and, with audio...
  2. Is there any convenient place online to check out EA Sports current NHL series player ratings? Or do I have to fire up NHL 11 on my ps3 and manually write down everything? If such site exists, it would be very handy, combined with the NHL 94 player ratings to get in the ballpark when rating players.
  3. Does anyone have an Excel type document of NHL 94 player ratings? I know I can do my own, but if there already exists one, no point redoing it I wanna use it to base the rating of the players in my mod from those ratings from the original NHL 94 (!) I mean for the players in NHL 94, example: Gretzky: Off awareness Def awareness Shoot acc Pass acc and so on E D E E
  4. Big thanks! I'll stick with my current setup of 2 goalies, 8 D and 15 F then. It's tempting to give the modification a shot to let more players into the teams but I've been working so much with this ROM, my whole summer vacation really. Works starts on monday so I don't want to write down any new stuff on the To Do-list
  5. 1. Is there a maximum limit of players on a team? 2. Is there a benefit to decide a fixed number of players per team, and just live with the fact that some players can't be in my ROM? Or can I have one team with 2 goalies, 8 defender, 15 forwards and another team with 4 goalies, 14 defenders and 21 forwards without anything getting messed up with the modding? I saw in the reference screenshots for Tile Molester than rosters can affect Team Rink Logo palette offsets. That's why I'd like to know the answers to these 2 questions. I'm only gonna have 12 teams in my ROM so there will be a lot of free bytes left even if I put the complete rosters for every 12 teams. If I get problems I could probably just delete some players for the 30 team ROM NHL teams that won't be used in my ROM. Florida-Washington
  6. Well, I replaced the graphics in the 30 team rom with the original net crease (half circle)... however, it's more complicated than that. Each tile's position and mirror on/off is set in the hex code. But swos had a guide which will come to great help. I just put this "crease mod" to the bottom of my todo-list, don't want to mess something up when there's still lots of "safe" things I can do with my ROM first http://koti.mbnet.fi/~swos/nhl94/goalcrease.htm I'm doing the Swedish Elite League so that's why I want the original goal crease, but I want to keep the new red post bars:
  7. It's only for applying the new palette. I thought I was actually applying SWOS hacks with change of graphics (and palette at the same time), but it's just to see how a ROM with SWOS hack would look with the palette you're working with. But I found a few threads that will probably come in handy, for future references, here they are: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/9706-reference-nhl94-rink-tile-layout/ http://www.hexaddicts.com/nose/NHL94_Rink_Grid.png http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/6684-how-to-trapezoid-patch/ I hope the rink grid will come in handy. I guess I have to paint in Tile Molester to get the original net half circle crease in my ROM Gonna see first if the trapezoid patch can reverse it to the original graphics... but I guess not.
  8. I got it: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/3162-problem-saving-goalie-crease-hack/page__p__14286__hl__%2Bcrease+%2Bswos__fromsearch__1#entry14286 It's just a simulator, gonna find some ROMs that use the hacks or find a patcher if such thing exist
  9. Yeah but there's something I'm missing here... I want to use the updated net, with red bars and more white details. In fact, it's already built into the 30 team ROM I believe. However, I want to use the original goalie crease, or whatever it is called, the half circle thing.. I want the original half circle but with the updated goal net and post bars. I also want the people in the middle of the ice (Center Mod by WBOY SWOS). But when I apply those hacks in NOSE and save my ROM, they aren't being applied. Is it only the palette I can change in the ROM? And the hacks in the dropdown list is just to simulate how my palette will look with those hacks applied??? If yes, then how do I get those hacks really applied, I mean, adding the 2 people in the center of the ice, don't know what they are called in english, sorry Basically what I'm saying is: How can I apply the GRAPHICS changes? (Top Right-, Center Right-, Bottom Right-, Pause menu Hack by SWOS)
  10. I like how the red bars look in the 30 team ROM but I wonder if anyone have the net crease ready as a PNG to paste into TileMolester in the 30 team ROM
  11. Thanks. It ended with CANAL+ and then I only have one character left and I didn't like the look of CANAL+. But no problems so far so I guess it doesn't matter as long as you're in overwrite mode when you edit..
  12. Is it safe to use a space (space bar key) to fill up, my text is shorter than Ron Barr's comments and I'm in overwrite mode. Just want to ask this to be sure it's not a problem. Don't want to continue to next version of ROM before being sure it's 100% okay
  13. No problem. It feels almost as good to post it on the forum as it feels to find a solution for yourself Added a few notes to clearify too.
  14. NOTE: For some reason it looks decent using black instead of R0 G0 B96 for the EA background, but when I played my ROM on the megadrive hooked up to the TV it looked like s**t, so I replaced the black with R0 G0 B96. The color photo looked pretty good still though...
  15. I did a compromise, changing the darkest blue color to 32 32 32 in order to get me a color that I could use in my Ron Barr (actually it's Lasse Granqvist I will be putting there...) I also didn't care about the grey colors used for the frame, I remade the frame with the greys I had, everything was made with priority to the Ron Barr image quality, the frame I made look decent though. For anyone doing the same thing. Not a perfect solution but at least it something. 0,0,64 = Used for the borders around the player cards and Ron Barr's comment 32,32,224 = Used for the Ron Barr text 0,0,0 = Used for the text shadows 224,224,0 = Used for player's position and rating Blue colors = Used for the background, I replaced the darkest blue (0,0,96) with 32,32,32 to benefit to the "Ron Barr photo" graphics Please note that the 0,0,64 color at the top left of the palette acts as a transparent color if you use it in the Ron Barr photo. This leaves you with a palette of: 0,0,0 = keep this color, it's for the text shadows 32,32,32 = keep this color, it's for the ea sports background 0,0,128 = I used this color for the backdrop, feel free to use any of the blue colors in the palette ...and then there's 7 slots you can change to your liking. Doing this will have you end up with a total of 10 colors, where the black, dark grey and blue are fixed and shouldn't be customized because it affects the EA Sports background & text shadow The blue EA background looks pretty much the same even though the darkest blue was changed to dark grey.
  16. I was trying to find the pixel font used in the game but couldn't find it so I made a photo which anyone can use if they want to use this font in other places in the ROM. I'm gonna use it for some text on the splash screens... Here you go:
  17. For the 30 team ROM. Did you alter something making it impossible to bring back Ron Barr in color? He uses a lot more colors than the 8-swatch greyscale found at that palette location...


  18. Well, this wboy, is he still around here? I've been fooling around in Tile Molester and trying to find how it works on that particular Ron Barr screen. Seems reasonable to think that the HOT/COLD logos includes color used for Ron Barr's face. What I'm trying to find out is if wboy did something to this specific location in the ROM, making it impossible to put Ron Barr in color back in/put someone else in using Ron Barr's colors...
  19. I added some stuff to my last post above. Is it possible wboy modded something when uncompressing the graphics? Would be awesome to have all those colors used for original game Ron Barr. # 2 Using the hacking tools in your guide, is it possible to track what palette is loaded on the Ron Barr screen in the original ROM? EDIT: I'm confused, wasnn't the genesis/megadrive limited to a total of 16 colors displaying at the same time? If Ron Barr has 14 colors used for his face and clothes, then there's only 2 more possible colors left, and the text on that screen is yellow for some and cyan for some, then there's no more room in the palette for the blue EA SPORTS background, which is shared with Ron Barr's blue background...hmmmm?!
  20. Thanks, how could I not think of that. I was thinking the original picture used more than 8 colors So I optimized my photo, not Ron Barr, a Swedish announcer, his picture used 8 greys and 8 colors Will try to see how he looks with only 8 colors. One thing is for sure, they made a great job making Ron Barr looks so damn good with such limited palette! EDIT: I did some research on the original Ron Barr logo and it actually uses 15 colors (counting his blue background), but some of them is also used for the background, for example the blue background behind Ron Barr is also used as the EA Sports background. As well as the frame around Ron Barr is also used for other things. But there's a lot more colors that doesn't seem possible using the palette on my screenshot I posted before...
  21. Yeah, I love that one. Clap-Clap-Bang and siren goes off.
  22. Are the pass shot when you press the pass button instead of shoot button? I've seen a few videos on youtube titled pass shot... I usually do that goal but using the shoot button, so I never understood if pressing the pass button is more efficient? I tried a few times last game I played and most shots (using pass button) just went outside the far post
  23. Anyone know where I can store the colors if I want to have the Ron Barr picture in color? I tried changing the palette written in wboy's reference, you can't have Ron Barr in color using that palette as you can see in the screenshot below.
  24. NTSC Correct Aspect Ratio for Graphics resource completed: http://djoman.dyndns.org/rom-edit/aspect_ratio/wysiwyg_ntsc.html
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