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  1. I might be interested. If I have the time I could join in. I still want to try the regular classic but the timezone is kinda hard to get some games played.
  2. MrSandman

    2017 Fall Classic

    Yeah might be so. It worked sometimes. Well I might sign up for the spring season (if there still is one of those running)
  3. MrSandman

    Active NHL/professional hockey players list

    Old news but Jagr is now a Flame! Probably the last season for this childhood hero!
  4. MrSandman

    2017 Fall Classic

    Hmm I may consider a comeback now that I get a very fast internet connection this year. Usually have a ping problem when playing against opponents overseas (north america)
  5. MrSandman

    Fall'14 GENS Team Selection Draft

    I would like to change to Pittsburgh, instead of Hartford if thats possible? CHI should be banned in these tournaments, even if you have the upperhand against an opponent that is not as good as you. He just gets the puck to Roenick and its good night.
  6. MrSandman

    Plabax on being Banned from Classic:

    Plabax I remember he spammed me everyday 24/7 for exhi games so I banned him on Aim.
  7. MrSandman

    Active NHL/professional hockey players list

    Nylander has just signed a 1 year contract with swedish elite team AIK.
  8. MrSandman

    Your '94 Dream Team

    With the weightbug it is. Line 1 Mogilny - Roenick - Bure Defence 1 Chelios - Sweeney Line 2 Gretzky - Robitaille - Yzerman Defence 2 Bourque - Lidström Goal: Roy Potvin Belfour
  9. MrSandman

    Jagr or Selanne?

    both might quit after this one. Atleast its the last for Selänne. Jagr might have one more in him if he does a great season this year.
  10. MrSandman

    Active NHL/professional hockey players list Hamrlik calls it quits. Only Jagr and Selänne left now.
  11. MrSandman

    Active NHL/professional hockey players list

    Nylander btw is playing with his son in Rögle in the swedish Eliteleague. (second biggest league in Europe) Jagr just made a statement that this might be his final show! And Selänne is deciding this week if he stays for another season.
  12. MrSandman

    Active NHL/professional hockey players list

    Hamrlik picked up by the Rangers! He's back on!
  13. MrSandman

    Just found my old copy of NHL Hockey 95 for PC !

    I bought the 1997 one to PC when it came out. It was pretty good it had all the real starter goalie masks! Also you could tackle the referee. And I had the 1995 one it was pretty cool, way better than the crappy s**t NHL1996
  14. I bought 30 good SEGA games and a "small" joystick controller from a friend the other day! For 60$ it was totally worth it. Now I have 4 copies of Sonic 2 !