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  1. fank009

    Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    Screw RNG let it screw with me more Pick STL
  2. fank009

    Season 4 matches

    My Schedule is as follows (in NZT) Monday: free Tuesday: lectures end at 12- can get home by 2pm Wednesday (out) Thursday: lectures finish at 4pm, can get home by 5pm Friday: Lectures finish at 2ish, can get home by 3ish Saturday: depends if I have cricket or not Sunday. Good for after 3pm
  3. I start uni in... 1 week. After that my availability drops outside of not 9-5 I'll be online the next week, looking for games so be sure to hit me up
  4. fank009

    Season 4 Line ups

    Team: TeamName First Line G - Richter #35 LD - Gary Suter RD - Larry Murphy LW - Shanahan C - Hull RW - Sandstrom X - RicherSecond Line G - Barrasso #36 LD - Kjell Samuelson RD - Jeff Brown LW - Courtnall C - Richer RW - Tikanen X - TIkanen
  5. fank009

    Season 4 Line ups

    C4, im prolly gonna edit it midgame anyway xD still experimenting, see what sticks
  6. fank009

    Seaosn 4 Bidding

    penalty is 50% give/take
  7. Found it, all I need to do is input current trades... Does need to be cross referenced though
  8. I cant remember if I went one step further than that?
  9. Where I'll be waiting to school you... or be schooled.
  10. at this point of time, (I have one tutorial to add to the timetable this is my schedule) (all times in NZT/NZDT) (GMT+12/13 currently in Daylight savings atm) Monday, Anything outside of 11am-3pm Tuesday, After 8:30pm Wedensday, After 8:30pm Thursday Anytime between 1pm-4pm Friday, After 6pm Saturdays are usually cricket days, so 12pm-7pm is out. This week is O-week though, so good luck getting a game.
  11. you connect with netplay first, then run the game.
  12. fank009


    so, for those that didnt see, I'll be having a little news banner down the bottom. so if you have any pieces for news, either tweet with #sdl95 or post them here. What I'm looking for is something short and sweet, synopsis type stuff. Civics sweep bulls 4-0 in four bravely contested battles. Hali: "looking forward to the buds giving 'er" Fank starting to doubt chances after a turnover filled series
  13. Q, am I supposed to have 50 matchups (ok 12,) with calgary?