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  1. Screw RNG let it screw with me more Pick STL
  2. My Schedule is as follows (in NZT) Monday: free Tuesday: lectures end at 12- can get home by 2pm Wednesday (out) Thursday: lectures finish at 4pm, can get home by 5pm Friday: Lectures finish at 2ish, can get home by 3ish Saturday: depends if I have cricket or not Sunday. Good for after 3pm
  3. I start uni in... 1 week. After that my availability drops outside of not 9-5 I'll be online the next week, looking for games so be sure to hit me up
  4. Team: TeamName First Line G - Richter #35 LD - Gary Suter RD - Larry Murphy LW - Shanahan C - Hull RW - Sandstrom X - RicherSecond Line G - Barrasso #36 LD - Kjell Samuelson RD - Jeff Brown LW - Courtnall C - Richer RW - Tikanen X - TIkanen
  5. C4, im prolly gonna edit it midgame anyway xD still experimenting, see what sticks
  6. Found it, all I need to do is input current trades... Does need to be cross referenced though
  7. at this point of time, (I have one tutorial to add to the timetable this is my schedule) (all times in NZT/NZDT) (GMT+12/13 currently in Daylight savings atm) Monday, Anything outside of 11am-3pm Tuesday, After 8:30pm Wedensday, After 8:30pm Thursday Anytime between 1pm-4pm Friday, After 6pm Saturdays are usually cricket days, so 12pm-7pm is out. This week is O-week though, so good luck getting a game.
  8. so, for those that didnt see, I'll be having a little news banner down the bottom. so if you have any pieces for news, either tweet with #sdl95 or post them here. What I'm looking for is something short and sweet, synopsis type stuff. Civics sweep bulls 4-0 in four bravely contested battles. Hali: "looking forward to the buds giving 'er" Fank starting to doubt chances after a turnover filled series
  9. Q, am I supposed to have 50 matchups (ok 12,) with calgary?
  10. seems decent from what ive looked at... will have another look tomorrow
  11. 1st line G Tom Barrasso LD Gary Suter RD Larry Murphy LW Geoff Courtnall C Stephane Richer RW Tomas Sandstrom X Tony Granato 2nd line G Andy Moog LD Jeff Brown RD Marty McSorley LW Kevin Stevens C Brendan Shanahan RW Tony Granato X Kevin Stevens
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PbBsN6dn9EPBWAUcHnd9YGkBF7wAkccFL2R5K89w6qs/edit?usp=sharing This list is up to date with '96 free agents this is NOT an official list, but a 9/10 good guide. And as before, don't trust the overall ratings.
  13. I think I should be good, but just like the little games I had this past year, I have a very tentative schedule. hopefully we can get games done in daylight savings, (6pm NZT = 9pm-12am) Summer school isn't going to help. days in which I am at uni are more or less gone... (although D/S is on our side.) I'll see what times I need to aim for and arrange from there. You still have Sandstrom/Richer/Shanahan as a "respectable" front line (granted gretzky/jagr/kamensky is a good line). also I want my key defensemen jeff brown back . (just something about that back line I like. not to mention other things as I said in that PM
  14. depends on a few things: 1) can I have the bulls, 2) I forgot how messed up that team is. (if I remember, I hated the 95 season...)
  15. I prolly wont be available till next when break kicks in
  16. I am available in a select period during that crucial 1pm-5pm primetime slot over here (NZT) Have to be at uni 5days a week :/ I can however look to make time on Wednesday/thursday (american time) (Wish Ddaylight savings would kick in soon :/)
  17. fank009

    SDL 4 lines

    Correction Line 1 RW shanahan Will edit not on phone
  18. fank009

    SDL 4 lines

    Team name: San jose sharks 1st line LW: hull C: Lemieux RW: hull LD; brown RD: Murphy X: Kurri G Hextall 2nd line LW: kurri C: francis RW: Tocchet LD:Chiasson RD:Chiasson
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