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  1. Line 1 LD : Glen Wesley #26 RD : Chris Chelios #07 LW : Sergei Federov #91 CT : Gary Roberts #10 RW : Adam Oates #12 XT : Thomas Steen #25 Line 2 LD : Vladimir Malakhov #23 RD : Matt Schneider #27 LW : Thomas Steen #25 CT : Bob Sweeney #20 RW : Brent Sutter #21 XT : Adam Oates #12 Line Powerplay LD : Glen Wesley #26 RD : Chris Chelios #07 LW : Sergei Federov #91 CT : Gary Roberts #10 RW : Adam Oates #12 XT : Thomas Steen #25 Line Penalty kill LD : Vladimir Malakhov #23 RD : Chris Chelios #07 LW : Bob Sweeney #20 CT : Gary Roberts #10 RW : Adam Oates #12 XT : Sergei F
  2. Yeah this is ridiculous, he's had way too long to make this pick
  3. I slept before xot made his picks, and woke up after. I apologize, but there were less than 3 hours between xot's last pick and my last pick. It wasn't that bad.
  4. Robin Bawa is a former Shark. Therefore, Robin Bawa is awesome.
  5. Hey, I'd love to play, but if we're playing or drafting at some point during this week there's no chance I can do it. But for now I'm going to assume that things are fine Sharksaddict - San Jose
  6. Another heart pounding series, and somehow I came out on top in 6! My random OT skills saved me. Game 1: Buffalo 6-7 Quebec (OT) Game 2: Buffalo 7-3 Quebec Game 3: Quebec 5-4 Buffalo (OT)[bo tied it up with 1 second left!] Game 4: Quebec 7-1 Buffalo Game 5: Buffalo 9-7 Quebec Game 6: Quebec 5-4 Buffalo (OT)[bo scored 2 goals in the final minute to send it to OT] Some serious tough luck for Boknows, he's another classy guy and obviously had a ridiculous season, putting up an insane record and setting the record for least goals given up. Great guy too, look forward to him doing some
  7. Another close series to confirm, thankfully for my heart it wasn't quite as close as the first one Game 1: Quebec 3-2 Pittsburgh Game 2: Quebec 10-4 Pittsburgh Game 3: Pittsburgh 7-6 Quebec Game 4: Pittsburgh 6-7 Quebec (OT) Game 5: Quebec 3-2 Pittsburgh Kupuck is a classy guy, a great sport and a really great player so I'm proud that I was able to get past him. Looking for some promising stuff from him in the future
  8. Wanted to confirm the Quebec-Winnipeg series. It was an instant classic, my hands are shaking so badly that I can't type. Game 1: Quebec 3-2 Winnipeg Game 2: Quebec 4-6 Winnipeg Game 3: Winnipeg 5-7 Quebec Game 4: Winnipeg 5-4 Quebec (Winner scored with 4 seconds left!) Game 5: Quebec 9-4 Winnipeg Game 6: Winnipeg 4-3 Quebec (Winner scored with 14 seconds left!) Game 7: Quebec 5-4 Winnipeg (Winner scored with 53 seconds left!) Jonatan, you were absolutely incredible and I almost feel regret that you lost. This was by far the biggest challenge I've faced on here, Jonatan played the best
  9. Yeah, I plan on doing a 20 minute game at some point too. But the world record agency thingy measured their record with 10 minute periods so I went with that. Still more work to do!
  10. Yeah, thanks to your urging I just put up a 57-0 victory. I'll upload the video later. Hope that's enough for whatever record you're looking at.
  11. Thanks for the tip on the bad link, fixed it up for you. Also, I just went by the official record on the Twin Galaxies web site, so if there's another one out there I'd love to beat it. I know that I could realistically get 57 or 58 so if it's in that range I look forward to it.
  12. I've been making some pretty cool videos of me playing the SNES version lately, so I figured I'd post them here. The Accomplishments -World Record For Most Goals Scored This is sadly an unofficial world record, since I did it on ZSNES and not on a real system. But when I can get my SNES set up again and figure out how I can record it, I'll try for the official record -Winning a Game With Only 2 (bad) Goalies as (awful) Skaters I thought this was damn near impossible until I pulled it off earlier today. This was done with a mod I created, which gives you a 1 on 5 situation
  13. Thanks bud! It was a major challenge, but it was sweet to pull it off. I'll do my best to break it again in the future.
  14. Love the idea, but we've gotta make sure that we can do it without any performance loss.
  15. Hey everyone, my name is Sean...and I'm an NHL 94 addict. I guess it all started when my dad purchased NHL 94 for Super Nintendo just after it came out. I played the game constantly although I was horrible back then, although it didn't take too long for me to start dominating the computer at it. Despite having no issues with beating computer competition I've consistently gone back to NHL 94 over the years, and I've constantly been looking for a new challenge. I've won the Cup with Anaheim and no goalie plenty of times before, I've won plenty of multiplayer battles with friends, but now that I'