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  1. Here are a few more screenshots from the mod rest of my screenshots can be found here
  2. Would love to play some online games of the 89, 92 and 97 deadline rom. If anyone would be interested in some exhbitions of those three, hit me up on AIM (FatVinBaker)
  3. ''People remember it as being better than it would play today'' Rightttttttt
  4. The site has started expanding recently (the Ducks, Bruins and Sabres have near complete historic rink archives) and is eventually, hopefully, going to become the definitive resource for rinks (if it hasn't already) If you 94 buds could check it out, I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Can i ask when will be seeing NHL 94 roms for the 89/90 - 98/99 seasons? Simply curious is all
  6. You can free up San Jose for anyone who wants them