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  1. Just saw the ESPN article and realized I last played here 6 years ago, damn. Joe Baker is in. Too bad I'm only good in the regular season.
  2. I can get the game to work on my MacBook Pro (SNES), but only in the 512x448 DR window video modes which is tiny. When I try the other video modes, everything usually freezes. Anyone else have this problem or recommend a video mode to try? Thanks.
  3. Ok, I should be able to start around 10:15-10:30 tonight, might be able to play only a few tonight though. I can play Friday at about the same time or Saturday if we need to finish it up.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Mostly looking to play online league games since my PC is near death, but looks like it probably is impossible.
  5. Hey all. I am sure there is already a post about this somewhere, but is anyone playing on a Mac, and if yes, how? I think I read in the initial instructions that it is not recommended. Thanks.
  6. Hey NHL 94 enthusiasts. I just played my test game and am ready for my first taste of league action. I apologize in advance for taking runs at your guys after the whistle.
  7. I'd like to play a test game please. IM: joebaker94@gmail.com
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