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  1. Starting second round wednesday night.

    Options for niuhuskie224 and Dragon:

    1. Play each other and post score by wendsday

    2. Play Witt. First one to play him and post score will not be skipped. Instead that match would count as a round 1 for you and Witt. The winner would move on.

    3. Forfeit

    gunna try to do this again next month so no big deal if u cant play. that said, i wanna move this along

  2. RrisBaM.png

    shootout tourney


    gens, nhl94 rom

    select any team

    a player can only be used in one slot in a line

    manual goalie

    best of 3

    winner moves on loser is out

    redraw for match ups and home advantage after each round is complete

    2 night deadline to play match

    Round 1 Deadline = Tuesday night

    Red = host games 1 & 3










    Wittgenstein bye

  3. sweet. im thinkin, keep sing ups open today, then start this party monday with a 2 night time limit to play each match up? is that enough time ya think?

    i'll post the draw outcome tomorrow and ur first match should be completed by 11:59pm (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday.

    we should probably post scheduling attempts to help determine who gets skipped if someone doesn't show up for a match. That said I think a 1 night extension could be granted upon request as I rather not see anyone get skipped or get a bye. altho requests must be made before the deadline.

    also im thinkin a re-draw after each round may be in order. Winners names will be assigned a number then via a random number generator matches for the new round will be made. incase of an odd number of players, the player whose number did not get drawn will get the bye