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  1. port forwarding not an option for him? i cant host on hami either but i can still host on my ip
  2. we had a shoot-out tourney!! i think raph won good times! thx egg for havin us over and settin it up bud! glad i got to meet some budz from the forums. instant friends. 94 def attracts a good group I DONT THINK I CAN WAIT A YEAR FOR ANOTHER '94 PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i laptop it, but my laptop stays in one spot pretty much and its near my router so i dont have any issues with having to constantly reconnecting my Ethernet cable. my ping is still low with wifi too, but i rearly use it. i only notice lag from other programs running when im downloading something large my '94 routine goes like: 1) beer 2) bowl 3) tellin who ever im gunna play im gunna win while knowing im gunna lose 5-1 4) gg 5) claim luck and lag for reasons i lost 6) repeat
  4. is penisylvania making an appearance? or is it just gunna be me, wookie, raph, & randoms?
  5. someone make brownies! whats up with food? pizza or somethin?
  6. LD : SHattenkirk RD Enstrom Lw: Callahan C: Sedin RW: Koivu X: Krejci can you change the white and on my away jerseys to yellow or green or red or black and make my helmets black plz? maybe just like my home jersey but green shirt with yellow trim instead of black? im not feelin the white, looks to christmasy with red green and white together. my home jersey looks fkn sick, thx. dope rom for sure
  7. dont buy usb sega style controllers! they break with the abuse thats necessary for 94. iv gone threw 3-4 controllers of that style. they say official sega controlers, but that is misleading cuz sega really didnt make em get a usb adapter and used sega controller. really get 2 cuz even top quality controllers wear out from 94 eventually best remake 6 button are these that say "retro-bit" on them (downside= they feel cheap and small): http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-X-Sega-Genesis-6-Button-RetroPad-Analog-Controller-Pad-Retro-Bit-BLACK-New-/271054985891?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item3f1c22daa3#ht_3234wt_952 these original ones are ok, however i completely shredded the d-pad on one after a couple months (downside they feel small and d-pad could wear out/fall off)=:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Official-Original-Sega-Genesis-6-Button-MK1470-Turbo-Controller-Good-Condition-/190723613395?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item2c680362d3#ht_582wt_952 what i did and recommend, is just to buy the usb adapter, then buy as many used random controllers off ebay as you can till you find one you like, then order a back up! haha.
  8. NEW JERSEY DEVILS RW: Darren Turcotte C: Cliff Ronning LW: Evgeny Davydov RD: Paul Coffey LD: Patrice Brisebois X: Glenn Anderson SECOND LINE: RW: Cliff Ronning C: Darren Turcotte LW: Jari Kurri RD: Mark Tinordi LD: Mark Tinordi X: Bob Carpenter 4thD: Frank Musil GOALIE: Ron Hextall davydov and carpenter share #11 i'd like to make carpenter #1. or #10 if thats more appropriate
  9. yeee! the drafting site is dope. lots of lolz from the player pics XP
  10. i wanna do some more trades. my updated roster is davydov, ronning, anderson, turcotte, kurri, coffey brisebois tinordi musil and bob carpenter maybe ronning for a center, or davydov for a righty or a lefty for a lefty fwd.
  11. any one interested in leftys: Glenn Anderson, Jari Kurri, Darren Turcotte hit me up. lookin to trade lefty for lefty
  12. open for more trade talk. hit me up on aim buds
  13. NJD trades Kirk Muller to NP for Glenn Anderson
  14. again, any bids Kirk Muller? best offer has been Glenn Anderson im lookin for a lefty.
  15. i'll take that if there are no other offers by tomorrow night. i wanna leave kirk on the block for a second
  16. looking to trade powerful Kirk Muller for a lighter lefty.
  17. NJJ line unless some one wants to talk some biznasty LD Shattenkirk RD Enstrom LW Callahan C Sedin Rw Koivu X Zajac G Bobrovsky D Colaiacovo for 3rd defenseman (guy who comes in for penalized defensman) i want RW Koivu to switch to center or LW when one of them is penalized. Zajac would be next man in.