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  1. Does 94 Style mean with weight bug? If so, there's no beating early-mid 80s Wayne Gretzky. I'd also say Bobby Orr is first team regardless.
  2. Miami is pretty far East the last time I checked. But you're right... Cowboys are not East. Baltimore is not North. Indianapolis is not South. But if you group the teams together, it does generally make sense in terms of proximity compared to the other divisions.
  3. As a Rangers fan, I'd love to see the Islanders contracted. Of course, I'd also love to see Dolan sell the Rangers because he's one of the worst owners in sports. The article was interesting, but when he started talking about Plan D, E, F, G I got a little tired of reading it. I think they should just re-allign geographically. That's one of the reasons why the NFL is great. The divisions actually make sense. Detroit in the Southeast? That's retarded.
  4. I think there's at least 6 or 8 guys on the waiting list. How many do we need to get this thing going?
  5. I've only been at this for about a month, and I'm strictly a Genesis player right now. The coolest ROMs I've seen are: 2011 Playoff Edition (with modern rosters, modern graphics / jerseys, and altered gameplay) 1991 Edition (with 1991 rosters, graphics / jerseys, and altered gameplay) 2 on 2 Edition (Two players on each team plus a goalie. Great for 4 player all human action. Also cool because you play with all-time great players and retro graphics / jerseys.) Most ROMs on this website are based on NHL '94, which is considered by most of us to be the most fun hockey video game ever made. As Halifax said, you should poke around the forum for more info.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm going to be out of the country from 10/14 to 10/27. I'm trying to get all my regular season games in before that. Hopefully it won't impact the playoffs.
  7. Someone suggested that I wait until after the Classic Season was over to start the tournament. So far, here's the unofficial list: da94wookiee kingraph LA Robbie eggink444 kpross dcicon5148 Sicarius HABS PRoBob38
  8. Can I get in on this? I'm currently 24-4 with Montreal in the C division of the Classic League.
  9. Woah. I'm using an original Sega Genesis 3 button controller. Anybody else keepin' it real old school?
  10. Nice to see there's some interest. As far as line changes and weight bug fix, I'm going to let people vote. Please only vote if you're seriously interested in entering the tournament. I'm thinking of naming this the "Halloween NHL 94 Blood Bath Tourney from Hell 2011" or something like that. FYI, the Polls are at the top of the page.
  11. Yeah, not sure about 1 night. I just posted in here because I didn't see another folder to post in. Depending on how many teams enter, we can determine time frame. Maybe we can make this a Halloween themed tournament. Forget about scoring goals, I think the winning team should be determined by who causes more injuries! Just kidding about that last part. Also not sure about line changes. I just wanna do PENALTIES OFF because the NHL 94 referee sucks.
  12. Alright everybody... I'm thinking of starting an NHL 94 on Genesis tournament with NO PENALTIES. Aside from allowing the dirty play, we'd use regular league rules (5 minute periods, no line changes, manual goalie). If enough people are interested, we can start thinking about scheduling, teams, and the playoff seeds. I was thinking we could do something like a World Cup format where there's a preliminary group round and then the top teams make a win-or-go-home playoff. First thing's first, who else would be interested?
  13. I'll play philly's games, if it's possible to have a team in A and C at the same time
  14. put me on the waiting list. aim is kedzie92
  15. Streaming live would be pretty darn cool. Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine that not screwing with people's connections because they are uploading a lot of information. We all know that de-sync situations suck. Personally, I've seen about 3 or 4 cool youtube videos of NHL 94. The problem is that there's a lot of lame ones. I think people should just record their games and upload them along with a basic description like "NHL 94 Classic League, Fall 2011. Genesis C Divison - Montreal 4, Dallas 2. Dennis Savard scores another hat trick and Patrick Roy shuts the door. nhl94online.com" It would be especially cool for the playoffs. By recording and uploading to youtube, it will probably be better for gameplay. Plus, recorded games makes it easier for people to rewind-fast forward which is sweet, and they can watch games on their own time. And as far as spreading the word, anybody who searches for Dennis Savard highlights might be pleasantly surprised to know that NHL 94 is alive and well. I have yet to record a game. Anybody got tips for doing so?
  16. All I gotta say is... watch out for Sicarius Fulgur. That cat can play.
  17. What's happening with the 2011 league? I have the ROM. Just let me know when you start your next season, because I want in!
  18. Hi, I'm new here. Played a few exhibition games online, and I think this is really cool. I've been confirmed, and I'm hoping I can take one of the teams in the GENS C League. Is there any timetable for when I might be able to take over for a coach who's played zero games? How does the process work? Brad Bershad AIM: kedzie92
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