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  1. Ashamed? You should give it a chance. It is the best of the newer generation nhl games, better than 09, 10 and 11 in my opinion. The ai is much improved and the physics engine has moved in a good direction (plus the goalies are much improved) Overall, it just has a more true hockey feel to it than previous games. The price of $60 is not the greatest I will admit...but when it also takes me $60 to fill my car every 10 days, the $60 for a fun game that I wear out doesn't seem so bad.
  2. I just got it a few weeks ago, it's the best so far in the newer generation of hockey games. The ai is much improved along with overall gameplay. I highly suggest it. If you get it, let me know and we can play club games.
  3. Instead of just posting a useless comment, and it was useless, how about providing some constructive direction. For example, you could have said, "there is a special forum for nhl 12 (or newer games), I bet you would get more interest if you posted it there." That would of been helpful. By the way,I am new and still learning the site. But I am pretty sure I posted this under the forum "general" (can't tell anymore because it was moved already). Seems like a "general" forum could consist of any topic as long as it was about hockey.
  4. Anyone here play NHL 2012 for PS3? Want to start a club?
  5. All set boys, thanks for the help. The problem was the download file from the site. I originally downloaded the gens and game from a link in "getting started". When you click on this link, it takes you to a blank page and automatically starts the download. For some reason the keyboard controls are flawed in this download which includes the gen and nhl 94 in a single file. I only know this, because I went to the main content page for downloads on the site and downloaded the gens and nhl 94 seperately, bam! Keyboard controls worked as should. But thanks for the team effort. Looking forward
  6. There is no "input" setting under options?
  7. Hi, I'm new to the league and I am having some troubles. After downloading the gen and attempting to play, I am unable to use the keyboard as controls. I am able to use keyboard shortcuts (i.e. alt-enter:fullscreen) however, I am unable to do the basic controls; up, down, left, right ect. No buttons seem be configured for these operations (the text-help guide says these are all default control options). However, not for me. I have since updated my directx drive and reinstalled the gens... anyone have any suggestions? Kevin im: NYknucklehead
  8. I have registered, but for gen a. Should I register again, but for gen c? Also, I am new at this forum, not sure how to add you to the im (but I see it at the toolbar). I sent you a pm (responded to yours), any instruction you could provide to get me going would be appreciated. Pumped to play nhl 94!!!
  9. Hey guys, I just signed up for the gen a league (but would take the gen b league, seems to be an opening). I need a test game. I'm so pumped...been playing nhl since 93!!!