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  1. Those are gross. The pens are suppose to unveil theres on Wednesday.
  3. amazing rom. I love your nets. I also love the tape on the sticks.
  4. I was messing around with this and I am wondering how come I cant enter letters into the offset when I try to import the palette. It will only let me type numbers.
  5. Someone needs to help me set this up. The only way I can get it too work is if I unplug my router. I did everything that said to to do. I set up a static ip, and opened the port. I think I did it all right but it doesent work.
  6. Really nice. I love the nets and the start up screens. A few things I dislike are There is no trapazoid behind the net, The player stats are too high causing it to be too easy to score (Swos&Mahavishnu have it almost perfect IMO).
  7. I cant wait for this. It will be awesome. Hopefully its done for the 07 playoffs
  8. awesome. Nice site. Nice roms too. I love the text you use. I hope you do an NHL 07 playoff edition. That would be sweet.
  9. and how do you set up the Sega CD bios ? ? ? EDIT: Never mind I figured it out. But I still need to know what to put the Start nd End ports as.
  10. IMO. The best ice color in the upper right. The gray.
  11. So what do you put in...... START - END PORT ? ? ? ?
  12. OMG. THAT EMU IS AMAZING. I JUST PLAYED A FREIND ONLINE AND IT WAS SOOOOOOO SMOOTH. WITH GENS WE ALWAYS LAG. Could you plz send me a PM on how to confiq my router. I had to unplug my router to play. I have a wireless Linksys router.
  13. Does anyone have this. Finnish SM-Liiga season 02/03 update WC2003 edition (Includes World Championships 2003 teams). I seen it on the update page but its not available. http://nhl94.com/update/
  14. How do you type during an online game ? ? ? I seen them doing it in this video at the end of the game they both type GG. HOW
  15. Its because the 360 has ALOT more power then the PS2 and the people who bought a 360 expect to see better stuff out of it.
  16. If any of you have played it on the Xbox 360 its pretty good this year IMO. The skill stick is actually a fun feature for shootouts and especially coming in on a breakaway. We are all held to our own opinions but the games have to change someday. Next year if EA makes the defense AI better, Player animations better, and goalies a little better then it will be close to perfect. On the 360. The Ps2/xbox/PSP all suck.
  17. Things like blood and fighting are good because they bring back some of the nostalgia that made the original NHL games good. Sure the gameplay is good but thats not everything. is it possible to add blood to an injured player ? ? ? Couldn't you just find the injured player sprite and add some pixels to it ? ? ?
  18. 1. Fighting 2. Blood when someone gets hurt 3. The trapezoid behind the net 4. Smarter defense 5. Better goalies
  19. does anyone have a list of the colors for Tile Molester ? ? ?
  20. yo thats Awesome. THANKS alot. II learned alot from those. Im intrested in playing around with it now. I started an ECHL rom awhile back. I had all the rosters and team names done. Still needed to do the player stats though. I gave up cause the graphics were CONFUSING.