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  1. thanks i got it to work now. Do you know how to get it to go full screen ? ? ?
  2. How do you get this to work. I have dos box and I have the NHL 93 version. It says I have to mount it. I think I did that right but what do I do now ? ? ?
  3. Wow, I dont understand this whole dos thing. Im so confused.
  4. HOW DO YOU INSTALL IT. I open the setup file and try to install it to my C drive but it says I cant install it to the drive its being installed from.
  5. Ok. These are the settings im using and this still does not seem to work. Could it be because im trying to use the 2007 rom? . . .
  6. No I dont want the crowd meter to go up. I wanted to " create a rom with just a golie vs 5, so I could work on my manual golie skills. " But when I did it I couldn't take control of the goalie. and the game became real glitchy. The puck actually became a goalie.
  7. I tried to do this but it wouldnt let me take control of the goalie. Did it work for u ? ? ?
  8. I also have the 03 version and would like to get the most recent one. If anyone would be so kind to email it to me at JeffPodoletz@yahoo.com
  9. "Hang tight guys. I have received numerous questions and concerns about macks hacks. I had my second son last week and am studying for my full-time firefighting exam this week so my free time is zilch right now. Some cool surprises as always will be on the way. Last updated November 4 2006 - Email or MSN mack at mackhockey@rogers.com macks-hacks.com macks hacks nhl roms classic ea sports macks-hacks.com macks hacks nhl roms classic ea sports " SURPRISES. Maybe some fighting in 94, or maybe some new ROMs like ECHL or other leagues.
  10. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to score on Break Away's and how to score on Slap Shots. I see the computer take random Slap Shots that go in. It never happens for me. Is it all about the Aim or is the computer just lucky.
  11. yea it does for me too. anyone know why ?
  12. I tried to run NOSE. But it says... "Please Intstall and register the Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control DLL" (mscomctl.ocx). does not exist! I downloaded the that and opened it. But I still get the message. Should I put the files in a certain folder or something ?
  13. The ROM is Great. But I have one problem. They changed the Penguins jersey's. I thought they looked perfect in the 06 version. Now they look too black. But besides that GREAT job. I love the fact they added the new buffalo and anaheim logos/jerseys. Now if we could get some fights in 94. Left: NHL 07 Right: NHL 06 really all they did was get rid of the gold upper part. But that made all the difference.
  14. Looks Real good. Any chance of making a Pittsburgh Penguins one