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  1. Who else from Alberta is coming?
  2. matticefire

    AJ's Smashfest Experience

    What a sad sad game I put up for the top four. Winnipeg just had me doing all the wrong things.
  3. matticefire

    SNES A1 Oilers442 vs matticefire

    So on my stupid computer I only managed to grab saves of games 2 and 3. you said you had all of them right? I can't see you on AIM but if you want to upload them that'd be great.
  4. matticefire

    SNES A2 blackdevil vs matticefire

    I haven't heard back from him in a couple days. I did initially have computer problems as noted, but it's all good now. I can smash out our series whenever!
  5. matticefire

    SNES A1 Oilers442 vs matticefire

    Hey Oilers bud! Great series man, your defence was incredible i just couldn't get through! Sorry I couldn't give you a better run for your money! Good luck in the rest of the playoffs
  6. matticefire

    MTL vs TOR SNES A1

    Nevermind I got it uploaded! Sorry guys.
  7. matticefire

    MTL vs TOR SNES A1

    Scores for a game between matticefire(MTL) and stheds(TOR) that we can't upload for some reason. 5-2 win for Montreal @ Toronto. If you could please input this score that'd be great. Thanks.
  8. matticefire

    Who do you want to see in the Stanley cup final?

    Last night before Detroit lost it was the past 5 winners.
  9. matticefire

    Spring 2013 - 'First to 40' Race

    boom! done!
  10. matticefire

    SNES-B2 TOR Availability

    i'll be around all day. i'm also online tonight. just message me on aim or email me.
  11. matticefire

    SNES-B2 TOR Availability

    i'll be on tomorrow we can play then.
  12. matticefire


    I'm also looking to play Detroit (tommy1978) and Toronto (Lash).
  13. matticefire

    SNES A - BOS (3) vs. PIT (4)

    Congrats Bob!
  14. AMAZING series! 7 game epic battle! Game 2 was the awakening of Lemieux and i thought i'd be able to walk through the rest of the series. Dan quickly put me down and back to earth as he forced a close game 3 then took game 4 handily. He clutched it with the OT winner in game 5 to push me to the edge of elimination where i had to climb out of an early 3-0 hole. Down 5-2 going into the 3rd period i got some really fluke goals to tie it and then to win it in OT. Barraso played phenomenal. Game 7 i got an early lead and never looked back as Barrasso made some ridiculous saves and Mario scored 4. Very good games Dan! can't wait to play you next season!
  15. hey i'm actually done early. I just found out that i have soccer practice tonight from 9-11 EST so i'd like to play earlier if possible