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  1. Hey guys, Ive been getting a few emails about making 2013 carts and I am going to have to pass this season. Im in the process of relocating and everything is boxed up. Im not sure how long it will take till I get settled in a new home. Depends how things go.. I might be able to make some around playoffs time but nothing is certain for now. Thanks, D
  2. thanks trudatman, glad everything is a - ok! ... best of luck on your 2013 rom .. i appreciate your work and im sure everyone else here does as well. just to let everyone know, I can be pretty busy at times and i check on this forum here and there.. send me a PM since I get email alerts and I can reply and answer any questions in a more timely matter. Thanks all..
  3. interesting... kinda reminds me of the old Nintendo Ice Hockey game somewhat
  4. he was one of my first purchasers/testers and I found out that the early revisions of the EA boards are not compatible with the NHL94 custom roms. The cart i used originally for his was Tony LaRussa Baseball and they use the "Rev K" boards in that game. From more extensive testing and creating more carts.. REV M and above is required for it to work. So I resent him another cart with the proper revision and all is well. I thanked him for sending the original cart back so I could look into the issue and iron it out. All that applies to the Gens version since it uses a save feature with its ram
  5. Hey.. yes im still here and making them.. sorry for a late reply. Had family medical issues after easter dinner and so far everything seems to be more stable now. Just as an update... Mr. Retro Sports issues are taken care of and all is well. PM sent trudatman
  6. well... a season no.. since nhl94 doesnt have season mode.. only playoffs.. but yea.. you can play these just like any other cart on real hardware with updated rosters!
  7. Sweet, thanks da94wookiee for the feedback! PM me if itchin to have one.. any nhl94 rom of your choice
  8. Normally the rom chips are directly soldered onto the cartridge board so its permanently there. I have a pic of a SNES cart with sockets on it... different but it is the same pricipal: Having a socket installed, the chip isnt soldered onto the board and can be pryed up with a small screwdriver and replaced with another rom fairly easily. It isnt meant but be swapped out on a contant basis as it grips the roms pretty well and over time will cause wear and tear on the eprom pins. But for yearly updates or mid season updates it works perfectly. Another thing to note... the Sega Genesis cart i
  9. Unfortunately no. With these carts, the roms are stored on an eprom. For you to be able to change and update the rom you would need to have an eprom eraser and programmer. What i can do is, install a socket on the cart so you can swap out the chip execpt getting individual carts.
  10. hmm... dead links.. anyone still have this blood deal for sega cd?
  11. Since its my first league i'll go B since i believe its a greener league right? Also.. if San Jose Sharks is open for League B... I'll take them instead
  12. Get an AIM screen name.. goes a long way of playing online here