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  1. Coming November 28th, on Thanksgiving Day...NHL 14! The User Friendly Edition! ROM FEATURES: * All 30 NHL teams with current rosters and ratings * Brand new splash screens * Brand new faceoff circles and new faceoff circle lines * Brand new timer logo * Brand new game announcer Mike Emerick * Brand new nets, featuring the classic look, redesigned * Brand new, updated trapezoid * Ron Maclean and Don Cherry, on the benches * Brand new, redesigned coaches * NHL Center ice logo. This allows you to change team uniform colors with NO AFFECT to any colors on the ice surface * Fully compat
  2. Hey thanks for replying man. Sorry I got upset. I will post a thread soon on what I'm working on.
  3. I was trying to open up that NHL 12 hack in NOSE but it keeps saying "not a supported format" and it won't open up for me. I can open up other roms fine in NOSE. What is the problem? Please help EDIT: The actual rom I want to open up in NOSE is the raygun NHLPA 93 2010 edit by RAYGUN, which can be found here: http://nhlpa93.nhl94.com/ If someone could please point me in the right direction on how to get this rom to open up in NOSE, I would greatly appreciate it!!!