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  1. This never occurred to me personally, but I have heard about it and I do have an explanation as to why it happened. Here is a list of the FL players and their "order" in the team listing. Vanbiesbrk - 01 Fitzpatrik - 02 Fitzgerald - 03 Mellanby - 04 Skrudland - 05 Hough - 06 Lowry - 07 Lomakin- 08 Gilhen - 09 Belanger - 0A (0A means "10" in hex code) Lindsay - 0B (11) Cirella - 0C (12) Godynyuk - 0D (13) Murphy - 0E (14) Hynes - 0F (15) Tichy - 10 (means "16" in hex code) Stephane Richer - 11 (17) Looking at the above screen shot, I have highlighted the "SC1" line, 0E 1108 0503 04, which by looking at my list above, means Murphy, Richer, Lomakin, Skrudland and Fitzgerald making up the 5 players. The "04" at the end is the substitute player, Mellanby, meaning that if one of the players gets injured, he will be replaced on the line by Mellanby. My theory as to what happened in your case is that Richer got injured and your "substitute" player (Mellanby) was not available due to injury or penalization and the game jumped too far forward in the code and picked "Miami Arena" as a "player" . The "0E" before Miami Arena stands for 14 in hex code as established above and the 15th character after the 0E is a "00" which would explain the 0 jersey number.
  2. The Hockey Night in Canada theme plays at the main menu screen, the team selection screen as well as the initial pause screen where you set up your lines at the start of the game. There are also other things such as Rock and Roll Part 2 playing when some teams score goals. I am aware of the weight/check bug. I haven't "fixed" the bug but I have worked around it by compensating for the heavier guys checking ability while also taking into account the fact that the lighter guys need a lower checking rating. I also haven't hesitated to give players a 0 (25) checking rating if they refuse to play a physical game in real life. Overall the hitting isn't as easy in this game but that is an accurate reflection of the "new NHL" in which physicality is slowly being eliminated from the game.
  3. To elaborate further on what I said above, there will also be a Special Edition of NHL MMVII which will probably follow the other one by about a month or 2. The Special Edition will have the following features: Columbus and Minnesota will take the place of Nashville and Atlanta. Teams that have 3rd jerseys will be wearing them at home. Slight graphical differences such as clearer glass (see screenshot below) I might add a few more differences here and there but the bottom line is that I want the Special Edition to be different enough from the original so people other than Minnesota and Columbus fans have reason to play it, but on the other hand, I don't want the Special Editon to be "better" than the original. We'll save that for NHL MMV8 See the below screen shots. Keep in mind that these aren't as complete as the screen shots above as I haven't gotten around to upgrading the faceoff dots.
  4. As promised, I am starting an NHL MMVII thread. NHL MMVII (pronounced double M seven; 2007 in Roman numerals), is my upcoming hack for the Sega CD, which I hope to have ready by the start of the playoffs. NHL MMVII will feature the following: Ratings will be tied directly to the particular player's real life NHL stats for the 06-07 season. 26 NHL teams that were in the original NHL 94 in addition to Nashville and Atlanta. (Columbus and Minnesota to be included in "NHL MMVII: Special Edition") Most realistic gameplay and pace of any other hockey game in existance. Realistic rink appearance including the trapezoid. All new soundtrack including the Hockey Night in Canada Theme as the main theme. Modified player behavior to reflect the "new NHL". Defensemen are better prepared on defense and do new things such as cut off passes. It is not as easy to score. You can no longer score at will with "cheap" goals More penalties called to reflect the "new NHL" Here are some screen shots:
  5. Well MMVII's player ratings are almost 90% determined by the real life player's stats for this season. Shot power and accuracy are almost directly tied to the amount of goals they are projected for. Same with assists and pass accuracy. Endurance is tied to age, etc. Look for a new thread in the next few days which will explain the game in detail
  6. f**k the Wii. I'm done with Nintendo. Bought an N64, it sucked, ended up buying a PS less than a year later. Being thickheaded and not learning from my mistake, I did the same thing with the GameCube and ended up with a PS2 shortly after that. Don't get me wrong, I am impressed by the Wii, it is an extremely innovative system but they are going to waste all that innovation and technology and proceed to release games that are geared towards 6 year old kids giving the system little to no value to me. As far as the virtual console, once again a great and innovative idea, but useless. Anyone with access to a computer can get emulators that do the same thing for free. Not only that, but there are no restrictions as far as what games are made available. I'm really not interested in owning a next generation system. I have a GameCube and a PS2 collecting dust because I haven't touched either of them in a few months. These systems, along with my regular NES, Genesis and Sega CD (all permanently hooked up in my living room by the way) can serve my gaming needs for now. P.S. - Even if the Wii did offer NHL 94, I couldn't see them offering the Genesis version over the SNES version even though it sucks $hit
  7. I remember you made a pretty sweet NHL 96 hack a few years ago. I'd love to try some of your other hacks...when is your site coming back up?
  8. Where is it in the original ROM? thanks
  9. Its for Genesis and its not a patch, the emulator should run the zip file directly.
  10. I don't use NOSE so I couldn't help you as far as that, but its quite easy to change the amount of goalies with hex editing: http://www.nhl94.com/html/editing/edit_bin_lines_goalies.asp
  11. I would like to know how to do this as well.
  12. Well like I said, this was before we knew how to do a lot of stuff such as change the face pics. Yes I am from Long Island and I was an Islander fan for about 20 years but you'll read more about that in the thread on the welcome board. The new hack is coming along pretty well, almost finished with the title screens, then I will await the trade deadline in Feb. before completing the rosters and player pics. Best case scenario, it'll be done by the start of the playoffs. Worst case scenario, it'll be done by the time the Cup is raised.
  13. Heres a hack I did back in 2002, which is based on 2002-2003 opening night rosters. This is back in the earlier days before we knew how to do selection screen logos, etc. Anyway, enjoy. NHL94_10thAnniversaryEdition.zip
  14. I used to be a diehard Islander fan from age 7 to just last summer. Sadly, the franchise and more importantly, the NHL has turned into a joke and a disgrace. I try to sit through an Isles game now and then and I'm bored by all the dump and chase. Maybe I'll start watching when they go back to playing hockey instead of fetch. Anyway...welcome
  15. Not trying to start s**t here but I think Yzerman is a tad overrated. He was a great player, no question about that, with that being said, he is receiving MUCH more respect than Lemieux at the time of both of his retirements and much more respect and accolades than Brett Hull has received during his recent retirement and banner raising. This is no doubt a byproduct of ESPN constantly shoving both the Red Wings and Yzerman down our throats in the 90s. Yes, Yzerman deserves respect, but not as much as Lemieux and Hull who were TRUE superstars. I for one am looking forward to all this Yzermanmania blowing over.
  16. Chris

    NHLPA93 Theme

    thats awesome, but I still need the SNES NHLPA93 theme. Unfortunately none of the SNES emulators can record sound I am putting up a bounty...whoever can provide the SNES NHLPA93 theme will be one of the privileged few to receive NHL MMVII: Special Edition, which should be completed about a month after I finish NHL MMVII
  17. I actually found all of that stuff already (0000 08A6 0220 0AC8 0884). 0000 is actually the background color. I have confirmed your 40x32 tile theory by changing the first tile to a box, then changing the first 40 tiles to "2000" in the layout then simply counting the boxes. Offsets aren't necessary, I already have those too
  18. Meaning the 30 Team Rom or the Wiki editing? Perhaps a moderator should split the wiki posts into a new topic.
  19. Chris

    NHLPA93 Theme

    I need the SNES one!!!!!
  20. To make a long story short, I've been really busy at my day job and on most days, it has left me too mentally exhausted to work on MMVII, so Donny's been giving me some help on this title screen issue. Anyway, I have found that the dimensions are 40 x 32 tiles. The tile layout problem seems to have been tackled, I just need to make all 3 of the palletes consistant, then for the most part, it'll be pretty much open season as far as editing the screen however I want. I would have asked myself, but I really didn't see a need to post it because no one here edits the Sega CD version and no one seems to know anything about it with the exception of wboy, and I've already sent the poor guy enough emails.
  21. if you have a Sega CD console, you can burn the ISO and the audio tracks to a CD using fireburner and the CD will play in an actual Sega CD
  22. The ISO and audio tracks and BIOS can be downloaded on the main download page http://www.nhl94.com/html/multimedia/downloads.asp
  23. I totally agree and I eluded to the possible Wikipedia restrictions above, However I don't think it would hurt to try supplementing an internal wiki with a Wikipedia entry as well. For instance, if we were able to do a Wikipedia entry, a link to it from the following entry would not be out of context: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rom_Hacking This may very well bring more talent into our community as far as ROM hacking and allow us to discover more things. IMO the focus of this community SHOULD be hacking, but the focus has shifted to online playing leagues.
  24. Exactly, which would expose our efforts to a wider audience.
  25. Well we could start up an NHL 94 hacking page on Wikipedia. The tutorials on the site could go up there and we can just keep adding stuff from there but the Wikipedia people might delete it because its not really considered something that would be in a mainstream encyclopedia. I welcome someone to go ahead and start it though, but a word of advice I have is to do it in politically correct terms (i.e. - use the word "editing" instead of "hacking").
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