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  1. Nice job That is some impressive work on the player faces. I'm also impressed by the font. I'm looking for fonts for my project but I can't seem to find one I'm happy with. Did you design that font yourself? Those jerseys look similar to my Nashville jerseys in my upcoming project, NHL MMVII:
  2. This tutorial should be of help: http://www.nhl94.com/html/editing/edit_bin_uniforms.asp
  3. I decided to have a BBQ tonight...I might as well start getting rid of some of this coal that Santa left me, He at least had enough decency to bring me the kind thats already treated with the lighter fluid so I guess I'm not THAT far up on the naughty list.
  4. Here are a few ideas: First of all, after you change the pallete in hex workshop, try re-inserting the same logo using tile molester. This doesn't sound like it will do anything, but it might assign different colors to the logo in the conversion process. If that doesn't work, try playing around with the logo in a graphics editing program and try to make the colors more "solid". If that still doesn't work, then find a grrrowl logo, determine the hex color codes of each color, then use those colors in the home jerseys because the ice logo is based off the same pallette. At that time, try putting the logo back in using tile molester. The colors should match up exactly.
  5. Both versions suck. The Sega CD version of NHL 94 is the only version worth playing.
  6. http://www.gamemanuals.net/index.php This is a great site. I was looking for the manual for FIFA International Soccer for Sega CD and I was able to get it here. I don't see an NHL 94 manual yet, but from the looks of it, this site is constantly updated so it couldn't hurt to keep checking it.
  7. Without Puck: A - Hook player B - Switch to player closest to the puck/poke check C - Speed burst/cross check With Puck: A - tap to dump puck in, holding it down for a second will bring up the line change menu and let you change lines before dumping in B - Pass (you want to go easy on this, a tap should be sufficient or else you'll give the recipient too hard of a pass to control on his stick) C - tap for a wrist shot, hold for a slapshot.
  8. Its about time that more people have seen the light with regards to the Sega CD version. I am currently working on a Sega CD hack of NHL 94. I had stopped working on it due to a lack of interest, but Donny has talked me into resuming work on it, so look for it to be ready sometime between the trade deadline and start of the playoffs.
  9. Yes, that is the idea, to make it as close to realistic as possible. As Donny can attest to, its harder to score and you have to go about it a completely different way. The original programmers of 94 were geniuses when it came to defensive AI, the only problem being is that whoever did the ratings made the skaters so ridiculously fast, that by the time the defensemen assume the defensive stance, the forwards have already blown by them and they are a non-factor in the play. My version strived to correct this problem. The defensemen do things that you don't see too often in the original 94 such as play 2-on-1s correctly and knock away and/or intercept passes. The defensemen protect the net very well and it forces you to work the puck down low, use your point men, cycle behind the net and generally go about scoring goals in a different way. The cheap goals when you deke at the top of the faceoff circle for a guarenteed goal almost never go in (unless you are shooting with Malkin). In many respects, this IS a whole new game.
  10. no offense, but crap like this is the reason why hockey is no longer considered a major sport in the US
  11. does anyone have the NHLPA 93 theme for SNES? That was the only good thing about that unplayable abomination. The SNES theme of NHLPA 93 sounded like a remixed version of the NHL 92 theme. It was pretty sweet.
  12. Well I wish you luck. A ROM like this may seem really easy and fun to make at first, but once you do teams such as Detroit, Montreal, NY Islanders, Philly and Edmonton, the fun kind of goes away and it seems like a chore and downright impossible once you get to the teams that aren't so rich in history. I know how to change the overall team ratings if you need help with that.
  13. Well I can't speak for anyone else but I personally own a Sega CD. I really have no interest in the Genesis version for 2 reasons. The first being that the Sega CD version has smoother framerate and slightly more responsive controls in addition to much better sound, which is a nice bonus. The second reason being that I can actually burn the hacked ISO to a CD (with a customized soundtrack) and play it on my TV with my Sega CD. Are you aware that the Sega CD version can be played in Gens on a computer? Genesis version: very slightly inferior, can only be played on a computer. Sega CD version: better game, can be played on both computer AND TV. For me its a no-brainer. I think that if more people were aware of these points, the Sega CD version would be much more popular in this community. Yes, that definitely is part of it. The game was aggressively shoved down the throats of Americans in the 90s and when something is forced onto a public that they simply do not want, that is when apathy turns into flat out dislike. I'm tired of people making excuses for the game and saying that its a "niche sport" and that its still growing and we are coming back from a lockout. The fact is that the NHL has been around in the US longer than the NBA and way longer than the NFL. Hockey has been on TV in the US for the past 80 years. In that time, I'd say that 95-98% of Americans have seen a hockey game on TV at some point in their lives and they have just decided it is something that they have no interest in and the numbers back it up. The NHL is run by a bunch of idiots who have no clue what they are doing. The really pathetic thing is that the Pittsburgh market has by far the highest TV ratings of hockey games and the league is doing very little to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh, they'd rather have lower ratings in a "bigger" TV market than have outstanding ratings in a respectable TV market because bigger TV markets are more attractive to networks and this is somehow going to get the NHL a national TV deal. The NHL needs to face the facts . There are newspapers in major US NHL cities that have decided that hockey is no longer a major sport in the US and are no longer covering them. TV ratings are next to nothing, the sport isn't even on the radar, yet according to Gary Bettman, the game couldn't be more popular in the US and it will soon rival the NFL and attendance is through the roof and OLN versus will soon be in 851 billion households. I think Bettman has ruined the game with expansion, but I would respect him a hell of a lot more if he just came out and said "ok we realize there is a problem and these are the steps we are taking to fix it" instead of the ridiculous propaganda that comes out of his mouth whenever he is in front of a microphone. The "new NHL" just flat out sucks. Yes, it is nice that the obstruction is out of the game and it was a problem but they are missing the boat here. The game is just flat out BORING. Back in the 80s/early 90s, teams would skate the puck into the zone and attack the net, now they just do whatever they can to gain the red line then dump the puck in. No one wants to see 2 teams dump and chase for 2 and a half hours and this is far more detrimental to the game than obstruction ever could be. The TV production is extremely poor. The camera jerks back and forth too much and changes angles so often at the worst possible times which from a viewers standpoint, interrupts the flow of the game. In closing, I have to say that as a former Islander fan, I take extreme offense to your signature pic To be honest, I really only started doing this for the amusement of myself and my friends. My friends have turned into total flakes and to put it bluntly, they are just too ignorant to understand what I am trying to do so they just ridicule me so I have totally shut them out of any involvement with this project. I brought it up here because I figured if there was anyone who was interested in what I am trying to do, I'd find people here, but this community seems to be too wrapped up with online leagues. The bottom line is that I really don't see the use in busting my ass and putting in all this meticulous work for a game that I am just going to end up playing all by myself. I'd love to continue work on it but given the facts, its just not practical. As far as what you said about doing a Genesis version and seeing if it gained interest, then doing a SCD version, I could very easily port this game over to a Genesis version when I was done if the interest warranted it
  14. Due to a lack of interest, I am discontinuing this project. The game of hockey is in shambles in the United States. Attendance is down and television ratings are miniscule. Interest in the game of hockey is virtually non-existant so it is understandable that there is no interest in a 14 year old hockey video game for a system which very few people owned in the first place. This project is simply the wrong idea at the wrong time.
  15. Stanley Cup wasn't that bad. The camera angles were a little nauseating but its really not that bad of a game once you get used to it. However, that only goes for playing against a human opponent..playing against the computer sucks. As far as the worst hockey game I've ever played, I have to say, hands down, "Hockey" for the Atari Lynx.
  16. 0EEE by the way, that is a screenshot from the prototype, although many improvements have been made to it from the time I made that avatar
  17. First some background information - Recently, 2 good friends of mine on completely separate occasions, have bitched to me about how much this year's offering of hockey games suck, specifically NHL 07 and NHL 2K7. I became inspired by this and the fact that public sentiment is about the same and I decided that I was going to do something about it. I explained to these friends the work I have done in the past with hacking the Genesis and Sega CD versions NHL 94. (for those that have been on the scene for awhile, you may remember these versions as "NHL 94: '02 Remix" and "NHL 94: 10th Anniversary Edition"). These are friends that I have known for quite a long time and who I have both played the original version of NHL 94 with when we were younger. Both friends seemed extremely receptive to the idea. I then asked them if they would be able to assist me in any way possible (creative aspects, roster construction, stat hunting, finding proper lines, soundtrack selection, brainstorming support, etc.). They seemed very interested in the project and agreed to help. These friends then proceeded to ridicule me behind my back and tell people how insane I was and how I need to "get out more" which is a laughable statement considering that my social life is far more active than theirs could ever hope to be. To sum it all up, I committed myself to this project counting on some help and it has now turned into a solo project. This is going to be quite an ambitious and comprehensive project. All that being said, I am appealing to this community for help. I know that I might as well be talking to a wall because most of the members of this site are only here for the online leagues, so I'm not going to waste my time typing by going into too much detail but here is a general overview: This updated hack will only be for the Sega CD and it will be based on 2007 rosters and stats. I have put together some formulas which will DIRECTLY link the player attributes in the game to real life stats of the 2006-07 season. The only exception to this will be the player speeds, agility and stickhandling ability which will still have to be subjectively rated by an actual person. This game will NOT be like any of the other versions of NHL 94. My ratings formulas have yielded drastically different gameplay dynamics in the preliminary prototype versions of the game. I hope to be finished with this game at the beginning of the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs. The amount of help that I receive will determine my likelihood of reaching this goal. If anyone is geniunely interested in this project, your help and input is welcome. P.S. - I would like to thank Jarkko/Swos, who has been quite generously helping me become up to speed since I haven't been hacking for the past 3 years. I'd also like to thank wboy for all he has brought to the table, browsing through his archive of posts has been equally as helpful in bringing me up to speed.
  18. This is highly unlikely...not only would we have to find where the penalty triggers were in the code, but we would have to add one for delay of game. In addition to that, we would have to somehow write it into the game to trigger a delay of game when the puck is shot into the crowd. The only way I could see this happening is if someone was able to look at and edit the code in assembly, and even then I'm not sure it could be done without having the actual source code of the game. Maybe someone else reading this has a solution?
  19. I have been working on a Sega CD update. Probably won't be ready until around summer 2007 because it is a solo project and I pretty much have ZERO help. I am not intending to "release" this version, I am only making it for the amusement of myself and my friends but since there is a lack of Sega CD hacks out there, I am willing to send it to anyone who is interested.
  20. OT Setar, but you reminded me of a story when I used to referee kid's hockey games. The game was very one sided and the goalie got bored and joined the rush. I was fully aware of the red line rule you just mentioned and whistled the goalie for a 2 minute delay of game penalty and I proceeded to get cursed out by coaches of BOTH teams. Their reasoning was "they are just kids" and my argument back to them was "well I don't care how old they are, the rules of the game do not change because of the age of the participants". If anything, it taught everyone a valuable lesson about the rules and the kids should learn and be familiar with the rules when they are young IMO if they want to go anywhere in the game. Getting back to the topic at hand, I did some further experimenting on this last night. I only worked with that value that causes the goalie to join the rush. Changing it to CD00 makes the goalie use the defenseman AI (I call this "Rick DiPietro Mode") . I then realized that the values surrounding this control the player behavors so I figured I might get somewhere by changing this value to the ones around it and found the following: Changing it to D500 makes the goalie take on a skater sprite which doesn't move. If you take manual control of him, he turns back into a goalie sprite. Changing it to CD1C had a weird effect, it turned one goalie into a skater that doesn't move just like D500, but the other goalie acts like a defenseman. CDE0 makes him behave like a Dman (possibly CD00 is RD and CDE0 is a LD) CF9A makes him behave like a forward and fully joins the rush in the offensive zone, however the whistle is blown whenever he gets the puck. D09C appears to contradict the above because it made the goalie skate up the wing and once he got the puck, he skated it all the way back to his crease and froze the puck for a faceoff. D1E8 made him behave like a center and had him hanging around center ice waiting for a pass just like the real center does. CC4E had a quite humorous effect, it made the goalies skate around before the faceoff and during play, switching between the goalie sprite to the celebrating after a goal/win sprite where the forwards raise their arms with their sticks in the air. CBFA made them skate around holding up the Stanley Cup. C882 makes them spazz out, looks like a frozen animation. This is all extremely interesting, It shows that the AI can be manipulated by player. It would be interesting if all the players could behave like defensemen whenever they are on a penalty kill. I would like to see other people continue to experiment with this and post your findings.
  21. I apologize for bumping up an old thread but I stumbled upon it and found the above findings EXTREMELY interesting and did some experimenting of my own. First off, McRae, what is the significance of CD00? It must mean something if you modified everything to it. Please enlighten me because I really think this is one of the most interesting finds EVER and I want as much understanding behind it as possible because this WILL open up some doors for us if we keep exploring it. I changed the D51C value to "9999" and I got the following at the start of the faceoff: I went to offset 99C7 and it comes right after Penalty minutes in the game stats and before the Crowd Meter. I have 2 theories regarding this: 1) the value I changed was the area that allowed the goalie to skate with the rush. Perhaps making it a high value as 9999, gave him such a free roaming area that it allowed him to go into the crowd which would somewhat explain the crowd sprites in that screenshot. 2a) Whatever "9999" makes the goalie do, must screw up something in the game stats which is why it refers to that offset in the error screen. 2b) Whenever the goalie handles a shot or a pass, the crowd usually cheers. Offsett 99C7 is before the crowd meter data. Perhaps his location was altered and his new location is "confusing" the crowd cheer therefore causing the game to crash. I then changed the "9999" to "5555" and got a similar screen which references offset 55CC. This falls not too far after the team roster data. I have no idea what comes after the teams in the code. Can anyone shed some light on this? Changing the value to D500 changes the goalie sprite to a forward sprite that doesn't move unless you take manual control of him, at which time he changes into the proper goalie sprite. Weird but interesting To clarify my statement from above stating that this could be one of the most interesting finds EVER, I truly mean that and it is not an overreaction. This stuff CLEARLY manipulates the player behavior and if we crack this, it will let us alter the AI. Does anyone else have anything to add to these findings?
  22. Team ratings are in hex code starting with Anaheim. The actual team ratings in the original NHL 94 file are as follows: ANA - 51 BOS - 76 BUF - 73 CGY - 75 Open up Hex Workshop and click on the calculator icon on the upper right. Use the spacebar to toggle back and forth between hex and dec. Make sure it says "dec" and then enter 51 for ANA. Press the spacebar and this will convert to 33 which is the number 51 in hex language. Do the same for BOS and you get 4C, and 49 for BUF and so on. This should be sufficient info to find it in the hex code. Combine all of this (334C49, etc) and use the "find" tool to find this code in hex workshop. Use the hex calculator to determine what the new ratings will be then replace them. Please note that the All star teams are at the end.
  23. Yes, there is a way. If you have any leftover characters in the player names, you can take them out of there and add them to the team name, but you have to make sure you change the hex code before the name starts to reflect the corrected number of characters in the name. If you are not familiar with how to do this, then the following tutorial will help you: http://www.nhl94.com/html/editing/edit_bin_player_info.asp
  24. For the 2nd part, basically you just start at the 2nd arrow in the tile editor, count 9 tiles to the right, copy the glass with the middle seam into an unused tile (I used the above-mentioned A1) then simply draw the same diagonal line "around" the seam and glass texture. You'll need to do something similar to the tile that represents the top part of the glass and the lines will appear without any "holes" in the glass. I'll try to get a hex diagram together and explain it better when I get the time.
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