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  1. San jose sharks



    Kurri-donato-falloon #15

    Extra: kurri


    Featherston-diduck #5


    Bob "Curtis Joseph" Essenssa






  2. Hello everyone, we currently have the season ending January 3rd. Below is a current look at the adjusted standings.

    As noted in our previous post starting the season, the top two seeds are determined by the team with the most points in each conference. The next six spots are determined by points but their ranking is based off win percentage. All teams receive a -2 for each DNP. I will do my best to update standings at some point each day up until we reach our deadline. 

    We currently do not anticipate extending the deadline, please do your best to complete your schedule before January 3rd. If necessary,  we will do our best to replace inactive coaches with coaches who can get games in.


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  3. 11 hours ago, kingraph said:

    With all the tournament action and updated frequency of streaming games, I am considering doing some deep dive reviews of a game.  Deep dive means either reviewing possession by possession, reviewing scoring chances, key plays/sequences, or maybe just goals.  I may never get to it, but I'm definitely interested in trying to look at game with all of this in mind.

    I know we had mentioned doing one of our games together ages ago. If you want to revisit that idea just send me a DM.

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  4. 1 hour ago, donnybrook said:

    ive been practicing with a fightstick actually. seems like you get more precise inputs. not sure if im gonna stick with it.


    anyone else done this? or seen someone who has?


    Yes, I practiced with a fight stick as a gag for a review many years ago. I used it in Gens and it was completely unplayable.

    Maybe RA would give a better experience. 

  5. 2 hours ago, clockwise said:

    This is the first time I've felt like crowd funding might actually be a possibility. 

    The community would need to prove to EA, by putting their money up front, that we'd pay for an updated version of the game. Not just an updated roster. 

    I don't think they'd budge for under 100k.

    Things like:

    • Higher resolutions so we can see the rest of the rink instead of black bars.
    • 4 lines and a roster editor.
    • team and uniform editor.
    • Matchmaking.
    • Multitap for 5 player games

    I think EA has a 100k in petty cash. If they wanted to, they can do it.

  6. 2 hours ago, kingraph said:

      Shockingly, I have only played AJ in ONE online series (in these leagues) and lost.  It was our classic matchup of LA (AJ) and PIT (Raph) that went 7, I remember it well!  It feels like we played about 50, but I guess that's all from the live tournaments.  I also hate my goose eggs against swos, Freydey and Carse.  It was earlier in my '94 career, but damn!

    Yes, we always find each other in live play but we also do a really good job in finding each other for those secondary leagues. (Line Roll, Et tu Brute, 91) 

    I wish the secondary leagues counted for more. I feel like I have done better proportionally speaking there. 

  7. I'll keep this short and sweet. This is by no means comprehensive.

    Whatever tier I'm on, Raph is at the very least on it if not one ahead. Last 4-5 years have been he and I duking it out at every opportunity granted.

    Carse was the best I ever saw at imposing his will on people. Scary thing was by the time I was stepping away/fooling around with a controller (I was a keyboard player up to 2010) was that Carse evolved as a player. Once he learned how to do that, he took off.

    Plabax is tier 1, all controversies aside, results speak for themselves.

    The rest of the names I'd put in a hat. All are strong players, some impressed me in my games with them but their overall league results lacked (Ice, Seth, Zalex)

    Others were obviously strong and had better results but did not overly impress me in my games with them (Frey, FPB, TomKabs). Please don't hear what I'm not saying on this one. These guys are all indisputable great players, I just thought what  I could take advantage of was more identifiable.

    The remaining are incredible freaks of nature that can step up their game and I wish I had more exposure to in games in general or games with good connections (Kgman, Swos, Depch) 

  8. I gave this a couple more tries with Ottawa and never really got much beyond 60-65 goals which led me to wonder if I could do it with a better team. I ran attempts with Chicago, Quebec, and Los Angeles and only came away with slightly better results than I did with Ottawa.

    LA was my best run, I scored 75 goals, all of my forwards had 10 points except for Gretzky (9 pts), but only 4 defenseman and 0 goalies were able to attain that point total. I don't really know if I can even muster one perfect game with any team because it is just so brutal to get the defenseman and goalies involved along with all the forwards.

    Now, in online play I don't too often get my hands on the elite players, in fact I often times get the very mediocre players and have had very successful seasons with Kontos, Berezan, Goulet, Kelly Miller, Petit, Nylander, Yake, etc., I know I can score with or get any player on any roster involved but I'm clearly missing something here because I'm not even close to obtaining a perfect game. 

    What I am running into is the same thing I encountered during my initial attempts at the World Record for largest goal differential and that is a hot computer goalie. There are instances during the course of the game where the goalie refuses to bite on crease cuts, or will refuse to budge on a money deke. There will be other occurrences of a good player missing a wide open net or shooting it back into the goalie after being cleanly beaten. There were two moments in quick succession where I had Jimmy Carson at the top of the goalie crease wide open with the entire net to hit and he pumped them both well wide off one timer attempts. Sure, sometimes a puck will go into the crowd but these were just clean misses off to the side from the top of the goalie crease. These things just tend to happen for stretches of a game when you leave your own goalie in the net.

    The community discovered a few months ago that you could obtain 99 shot accuracy for all players on your team if you pull your own goalie. I haven't done this yet because it goes against the spirit of a perfect game and it would not be fun to constantly pull and replace the goalie as needed.

    With all of this taken into consideration, @Champ Weit should consider taking a run at the world record for largest goal differential which currently stands at 104 in a 10 minute period game. If you can score over 100 goals while obtaining 250+ points involving all of the players on your roster, then you can surely make a competitive run at the record. If you can score every 35 seconds by snapping it around with scrubs then you can make a run at scoring every 15 seconds with superstars. Also, if you pull your goalie, I think you will increase your odds greatly. We tried your challenge and failed miserably. Now try ours and see what you can do!

  9. I gave it the same mathematical breakdown in my head during my commute home and came to the same conclusion as Raph. My thinking switched to the fact that the shutout would be the easiest part, followed by 100 goals, followed lastly by each player with 10 points.


    I ended up giving it a run last night and won 60-3. I had 10 players with 10 points, only one of them being a defender. Getting 10 assists from each goalie while scoring quickly seems to be a real bugger. 

    I'll give this a few more tries but this seems like a Herculean task. I can manipulate a few things to aid some of the really poor players on Ottawa but maintaining the scoring pace while snapping the puck around is a lot to ask. 

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  10. Question 1: I like Minneapolis because I have decent flights, it is affordable, and I can get around to several parts of town without having to rely on a car. Plus it's about as far west as any tournament comes so I will take what I can get.

    Question 2: I'd still most likely be able to attend in Green Bay. I was monitoring flights earlier this year, they appeared to be numerous, convenient, and affordable. In previous years it has proven somewhat difficult to find all 3 features to the point where I have flown in to Chicago to save on time and money despite the 5-6 hour round trip via car. Also, if we get more locals in GB than we do in Minneapolis, the gap between those two cities closes all of a sudden.

    Question 3: Saturday and Sunday are all the same to me because I am required to take a day off regardless. 

    Question 4: My suggestion is to attempt to draw an SNEW crowd whether it be American or Canadian based but be willing to pivot if no base arrives on game day. If our entire group is Gens centric, we can expand the tournament and/or include a 2 on 2 function. If we have enough space/setups on Friday night at the hotel, we can attempt to run a 2 on 2 tournament that night as opposed to the end of Saturday.

    Question 5: Chicago is at the top of my list if an alternate city is required, Milwaukee would come second in that grouping. I've never been to Detroit, so whether it is there, Indianapolis, Davenport, Des Moines, or Omaha is of little difference to me.

    Question 6: For me, early April is an automatic non starter due to my job. February, May and September are workable with September coming in a distant 3rd. If King of 94 resumes next September then I'm looking at two cross country trips within a matter of weeks. That would be so undesirable to me that I would actually consider my options in regards to making it one 2-3 week trip for both tournaments.

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  11. On 8/29/2020 at 4:19 PM, Nhl94slapshot said: pretty much wrote the NHL 94 Bible in terms of who to play with using each team.  Along with your YouTube videos, these gotta be the greatest resource on NHL 94 for Genesis.  I compiled all these team rankings, player lines, etc... into what is now one of my favorite "books." Many thanks @angryjay93 and to @kingraph @smozoma and @CoachMac for the excel sheets on each team.      My 11 year old and 8 year old...daughters by the way...want me to make them a copy of their own.  

    Not sure if you're working on an NHL 94 project now, but I do have a suggestion that has been done to various degrees by some of the greats...but maybe not to the full extent like you did with each team and player breakdown.  Have you ever considered breaking down each way to score in NHL 94?  

    I've seen some normal one timer videos and pass shot videos on YouTube which are nice, but then I've seen you pull out some barely avoid hitting the post from behind the net one timers on Twitch that I've never even thought of trying before.  Then I've always felt a left-handed player on a breakaway doesn't seem to have the same options and a right-handed player.   Is breaking down the basic to expert level scoring options a thing you might consider making?  (Taking into account the type of shooter and ranking the probability of success for each type)

    Not trying to steal ur moves...just trying to steal yo moves.  

    Well I have officially written the book because you have published me bud! This is a big day, I'll be looking for those royalty checks in the mail.

    When I started doing this oh so long ago, the hope was that people would be able to pick up a few pointers or tips to help them out. I never imagined guys bringing massive printouts to tournaments or producing books with articles that I have penned. Seeing those sorts of things make it all worth it and I wish I've been able to do more as I have had long periods of inactivity. 

    With that said, I have just recently moved to a place with a ton more space for me to actually build a dedicated area space for gaming/recording. Once I get settled I would like to focus on finishing the team breakdowns (Smythe Division) and then I can focus on a project like goal scoring methods. My video editing techniques are non existent at this stage but maybe I can do something a bit more organic if my old man brain cant figure out some basic editing.

    I greatly appreciate you sharing the pictures and what you hope to see me work on. If you or anyone else has any suggestion of what they would like to see from me, please feel free to leave it in the thread. I'm more than happy to read over them and add them to my to do list.

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