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  1. I'm not sure if anyone will believe me, but when i owned NHL '94 on console i was playing the Kings in the playoffs and i decided to go for Gretzky in the corner, i laid into him and when he came down on the ground his head fell off and he was injured for the period. I dont know what type of trainers the Kings have, but my god they must have been amazing if they could stitch Greztky's head back onto his neck in time for the next period.

  2. I'm sure these questions have been answered several times, but i just cant help myself because i cant find the answers anywhere.

    1. Why arent line changes being used?

    2. Why is there no offsides?

    3. How many people get promoted from league B and how many get regulated from league A after the playoffs?

    These are the three main questions i have right now, so if anyone has answeres id like to hear them.

  3. Hey, i just signed up for the next league last night and i was curious to see what type of competition i can expect. I've been playing NHL '94 ever since it came out, but my competition against other people has been lacking. So if anyone is willing to let me play a few matches with them before i start preparing for the league, i would appreciate it very much.