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  1. LOL!!! I may have won the battle in saskatoon but halifax won the war by posting the goofiest pic I took all week and having it show up on youtube
  2. Sadly i may miss out on defending my titles and a great time at coach's on Saturday, this storm just doesn't seem to want to loosen its grip on the mountains this weekend.
  3. - was it difficult balancing being a top 4 defender with being a heavyweight NHL fighter? would you show much discretion in who you fought or when you fought them? -Did your coach give you the green light to fight as you saw fit or did they try to reign you in and have you focus on just playing hockey? -Was there anyone in the league you wish you could have gotten your hands on or desperately needed their clock cleaned? -Did any of the established fighters in the league seem legitimately crazy and seemed willing to disregard the "fighting code"? -How do you feel about the sharp reduction in fighting in todays NHL as compared to the NHL you played in?
  4. One thing I've noticed over the years, at least in myself is how I've had to try and adjust to all the different developments over the years and how people utilize the information available to them. I may be generalizing but I still think it's fairly accurate in that people in the early years of the site played 94 as if it were some unrealistic video game and it's not wrong to play the game like that because it can be effective way to play. When I say playing it unrealistic I mean without regard for legitimate hockey strategy. The strategy on offense would be to get the puck to your best player at all costs and go ham by trying to create a scoring chance via crease cut, one-timer, or slapper. Defense wasn't much more complicated then go body check whoever had the puck at any cost. With less information at our fingertips we played more recklessly and carefree. When the weight bug became something that was known instead of theorized, people changed the way they played and tried to come up with ways to combat light players. Some strategies would include B checking, hooking (on a much lesser extent), slot clogging, and developing better GC. Offense changed as well since less puck skilled players were seeing more ice time than usual. Crashing the net became a bigger strategy as did the EA rebound shot, and pass shooting. In short, these developments necessitated the creation of future developments which necessitated further developments beyond that. I think now were at the point in GENS, that there are too many options to have a defense specialized at one thing and an offense specialized at one thing while maintaining consistent success. I find, for me at least that having a realistic hockey approach is the best way to deal with an opponent. Knowing how to execute a breakout from your own zone is paramount to keeping the opponent off of you and attaining easy chances. Knowing how to pass the puck in the neutral and offensive zone is important as well because just like in real hockey, turnovers at the opponents blue line are a great way to fuel your opponents counter attack in 94 as well. Recognizing how to cycle the puck on offense, how to clog the slot on defense, even playing a bit of a left wing lock are also important to limiting how many options you give your opponent. What I'm trying to say is that with so many options available to us the game is more about making your opponents options more predictable and limited. Playing good honest hockey seems to be the best way to counter that because it makes the other team work hard to open up their options. I could be out my damn mind but I think thats the biggest change I've seen, all of the things we have discovered haven't made the thing previous to it obsolete, they have only built on top of each other and made it more of a balanced game. I think if you look at the best players it is the players who are the best at playing the game as if its real hockey and not just chucking the puck up the ice to their best player or moving their defenders out of position to go check someone. I've always tried to stay ahead of the pack with things I'm constantly trying to develop, I find that it is harder to do that now then it was 8-9 years ago because we all know too much and use it in our play style.
  5. hey dont feel bad. i just recently found the hawk in the atlanta hawks logo. i thought it was some pac man thing all these years.
  6. I can answer number 3 the best. In gdl 1 it was best to pick a team with good presets but I don't think anyone thought about it because we didn't realize each team kept their original value. Starting with gdl 2 all presets are equal and there is no extra benefit picking a team such as Chicago.
  7. i just looked up the prices for a flight and they are much different then I remembered. I must have been looking in all the wrong spots 10 years ago because I remember the idea being $2000-3000 for the round trip flight but now I'm seeing it is only 500-600. Considering free or cheap lodging I'd still at least consider doing the trip if we couldn't get sponsorship depending on how long I could get away from the office for.
  8. That sounds awesome and I know I would love to see the north because many years ago I did look up prices to travel there. But once I saw it I was compelled to drink coffee just so I could spit out in amazement. You did mention a sponsor though...and that would do plenty to get me up there. I could probably get a couple days in April, more notice the better naturally. But yes, I love this idea and I'm more than interested.
  9. The community as a whole was just learning about the weight bug at this point and we all went nuts over it. so I grabbed Sandstom with the 35th pick in season 2 and then felt compelled to use the 15th in the next draft to maintain control. I think I even drafted him in 4 but I sold my soul to weight bug whoring and traded him.
  10. Ha, I wish. I just remember I did some sort of silly end of season write up and in that write up I included all of my individual stats. Unfortunately, I couldn't find your roenick stats anywhere.
  11. I had 232 goals with Sandstom but EA went nuclear as he beat me by 30-40 points for the scoring race in season 2
  12. Halifax was a fantastic host. He picked me up from the airport, drove me around town, dropped me off at my place, he spent some of his own money buying trophies and getting posters, etc., to go along with more that I'm probably omitting. How did i repay him??? Sheesh I'm such a rude guest!
  13. Just a short post for now boys. It's 345 am and I have to be up in two hours for my plane back to California. I had an absolute blast here in Saskatoon again and it was a pleasure seeing everyone. I'm happy to take the gens trophy back to America and that my Saskatoon roommate Bob Kudelski took home snes. I wanted to win both so badly but he is a more then deserving champ. A more proper recap to follow but it will have to wait a bit.
  14. Plenty of powder here coach. Cross country skiing seems very possible. Wish you could have come with, should be a great time
  15. The American representation has arrived and my wimpy ass is waiting inside for Halifax to scoop me away from the airport
  16. If there local buds get them out to bartari for friday night. Maybe we can get some friendlies going and they can take their crack at one of us online hot shots.
  17. i hope i smile that big when im met by a 45 degree celsius change in temperature.
  18. I've said everything i had to say. if you want to think im being smug or fishy then thats really your problem that you cant remove bias from the situation. you guys can speculate all you want but im not going to waste my time or my words explaining a situation I've already explained when your emotional decision has already been made.
  19. Oh damn. We sold out on gens!? Very cool. Show up logan. I'll be there again this year and we can get some gens games in one way or another. See you there bud
  20. So once I sift through your crap. You agree with me. Good job talking out of both sides your mouth again. I'm done with you plabax. Seth on the other hand, that's a good bud.i hope we can move forward from this disagreement eventually
  21. I remember the game. If the game lag spiked a tenth of a second later allowing you to shoot and robbing me of a perceived chance to play defense in a hopeless situation would you have taken the goal back? Child please
  22. You're not wrong at all bud. This is the first time Seth ever asked a goal to be removed as far as I know. My only thing was 95-98% of the time we played were under good online the lag spike was random. My whole thing was I created a money goal chance where all I had to do was aim and tap c. Then the lag spike took place. Where is my compensation for giving up a sure goal? I understand the sportsmanship aspect but in that case I get nothing while giving up everything.
  23. In fairness to seth. I did not offer the goal immediately by any stretch. It took about 10 minutes of discussion for me to say screw it take the goal because I wanted to just keep the series moving. I have to travel out of my way to play games and had no interest in coming back another day for a couple games.
  24. No other defender was even on screen. I agree its words vs words. You do exude gamesmanship and I believe I do as well for the most part but you just asked too much of me in this case. I couldn't give that chance up for free.
  25. I can understand Seth's frustration and being upset over this situation but I strongly disagree with your description of the situation. First it was a money goal. I body checked your player right by your goalie. I got you with one of the last frames of my body check which means i had control over my player immediately after winning the puck. when i won the puck, my stick was already clear of the goalies far side pad while on my forehand. all i had to do was aim far post and tap C, easy money goal. manual gc would have never come in to play. the only reason i skated across the crease was that despite me mashing the C button, my wrist shot didnt get released until well after i initially pressed C to shoot. Thats all really beside the point though. In our discussion I offered you an empty net goal to rectify the situation. You passed and continued to talk about how you wanted a commissioner decision. Another 10 minutes passes and I offer you the goal one more time and you accept this time. Since the game had been paused nearly 20 minutes, it was highly susceptible to crashing and thats exactly what it did. We then got the commissioner ruling that you wanted all along which ruled the goal was a goal and it was up to me to rescind it. I earned a chance at a money goal and no compensation was being offered to me to give up a chance where manual gc likely would have never come into play. If the same lag spike occurs and your goalie makes a save because I couldn't get my shot off when I wanted do I have a right to pause the game and demand a goal? No, thats ludicrous. Hence it doesn't work the other way, especially when you had nearly no chance to even transfer to gc much less move to cover the far side of the net in time. If it was a slapper from just inside the blue line and you had ample time to get gc or if it was blitz league where a single button press grants gc then you'd have more of a leg to stand on. The fact of the matter is I presented myself with a chance at a money goal before the lag spike, the lag spike occurs as I'm already mashing my shoot button and i skate across the crease in the mean time which gives you the impression you had a chance to make the save. Like i said initially, I can understand your frustration but in online play we have all given up goals due to lag spikes big and small. If a game is consistently laggy thats one thing but when it comes to a spike, you're at the mercy of online play. Ask yourself this, would you have given me the goal if the lag spike allowed your goalie to instead get over in time to make a save? I strongly doubt you would have taken me serious for even a second. With that said, I understand your frustration but this entire attitude of not wanting to play in another league with me or saying I exhibited no sportsmanship is over the top. I hope with time you view this a bit more objectively in the future.