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  1. As always coach put on a fantastic fast paced event that contained a few surprises which included me dropping a game of nhl 94 to a non-online player. Thank you again for having me coach, I look forward to the next event where I hope to defend my Tecmo Bowl championship!
  2. Congrats to Annatar, he is a deserving champion. I literally could not buy a single bounce and I probably could have overcome it if Annatar's offense wasnt so strong. I would have loved to have had the series at 2-2 and seen what would happen. I felt like I was playing a strong game and making a tough Van-Bos matchup look very even. I'll have to be content with another 2nd. A victory in itself considering the competition we had this league. Good season buds.
  3. Yes, more towards 930-10 est. I gotta work and commute
  4. ok. mcmarkis and i completed our series. He made a good series out of it but was a bounce away in game 4 from making it much more interesting. ggs bud. Annatar, i can still do tuesday (provided my friend lets me over).
  5. If I win, Tuesday would be good
  6. He did get back to me. We are going to try for Friday evening
  7. Sounds like a good series add usual. Bob always puts up a fight. I'm trying to get a hold of McMarkis but to no avail so far. McMarkis, don't be afraid to personal message me, email, aim, or call me collect. I want to get these games in asap
  8. We wrapped our series up. I'm already trying to contact mcmarkis to get the next round rolling.
  9. Registered and flight purchased. I will be looking for some Friday night entertainment.
  10. Stheds and I got together Tuesday night but had technical difficulties and managed only 3 lag riddled games. We should be meeting again tomorrow to try and wrap things up.
  11. Sorry buds. Stheds and i tried to get our series in today and had some technical difficulties. couldn't really diagnose it either unfortunately. We're going to try and wrap the series up on Friday.
  12. Id been in contact with stheds but he could only play on Monday which I had already scheduled for my gens playoffs. I haven't heard from him since.
  13. Yes, I had to do this one time when I forgot my Gens controller and it worked perfectly fine. It just feels wrong doing it since its Gens with a Snes pad. As far as analog goes you guys are crazy. Crazy good if you can get that to work for you because I just cant. There was an instance where I even tried out a fight stick and the emulator had major issues with registering the joystick inputs. I used to be a keyboard guy and I eventually moved over to Gens pad for Gens and Snes pad for Snes. It took a good while for me to get used to the change. I like keyboard better for offense and pad better for defense. That could very easily be attributed to my evolution as a player then either device having an inherent advantage. It has been quite some time since I've used a keyboard. If you're comfortable with pad stick with pad (or analog). If you were to ever go to a live event it's a huge advantage to already be familiar with pad.
  14. stheds, looks like we get each other in SNES playoffs again. let me know when a good time for you is. I think i can do wednesday, im fairly open that day so if that one works for you let me know a good time.
  15. Halifax bud, does the same one system per player rule apply?
  16. My reward for finishing first in Fall 2015? A quarterfinal series with one of the 2 most dominating teams (going by cups) in recent classics...can't wait to face Detroit or Vancouver!
  17. EA and Sic, let me know when you guys get your series played. I'd like to schedule something once you two are done.
  18. good luck to you both. should be a great series.
  19. should have the GENS A playoff picture wrapped up by the end of the night. Any chance we can get a little head start on the playoffs?
  20. Sounds good, see you then with the Western Conference on the line
  21. Seth, leave me a line on what day works for you. I'd like to get you and Ice lined up on the same day
  22. thanks for being proactive Bob. I just updated my schedule for this week. I can't do today. Monday's are almost always terrible for me. I can make Tuesday-Thursday night work after 930 EST. I cant really come on before hand, time zone difference and all ya know.
  23. I'm looking to get online around 930 EST tonight. I'll be looking to wrap up SNES if possible. I'll play gens if my 2 snes guys arent around. Leave me a message if you want to play later but wont be around at 930. Im not looking to do too much hanging around if no one contacts me.