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  1. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post sooner but I still haven't made it back home after the trip. I'm in the midst of a little excursion through Quebec and have been doing a lot of wandering around. I just want to thank everyone involved with the tournament and ensuring the event was a major success. Mikey, Halifax, smozoma, chaos, Evan, and anyone else I've forgotten involved in the behind the stuff scenes, you all did an amazing job getting us all together for this event. In short this has been amazing year for me meeting so many great people who share a passion that I have had for the last 22 years. I've been lucky enough to travel to and meet so many people from around the world. We may speak different languages, come from different cultures, and have different values. In the end, we all find a way to come together and communicate through NHL 94. I hope we continue to do so and expand our community even further.
  2. I'm at real sports as I type this. This place is pretty damn big and lively. Tvs as far as the eye can see. The setting here should be ideal.
  3. I'm here boys. Had me some smooth sailing and spent a lot of time at the hhof to set the appropriate mood for the weekend. Looking forward to Kickstart the festivities tomorrow afternoon.
  4. I called verizon a couple weeks ago. They had a deal for some data while going to Canada. It only cost me $5 a month, not a ton of data but enough to get me through the weekend in Toronto.
  5. I should be able to show up for a luncheon as well. maybe i can find a 2 on 2 partner somewhere.
  6. They are in my top 5 as well, not very user friendly at first but they are pretty sweet once you level up with them.
  7. CB Notes Forwards Mats Sundin: With a tad more weight then Sakic, Sundin may now be the ideal center as he has many of the tools that make a great sniping center. Sundin is plenty flexible enough to play on the wing equally as effective so don't go out of your way to slap him in the middle. Remains a great offensive and respectable defensive option. Joe Sakic: With his 5 passing, Sakic could now be an ideal RW to help set up the right handed Sundin for some quick hitting one-timers while keeping defenses honest with his potent slapper. Regardless of where Sakic is placed on the line, he will produce offense. Just be mindful of the slick skating heavyweights as Sakic is simply a good skater, not a great one and he must outwit the defenders a little more than he has in the past. Andrei Kovalenko: Previously, Andrei deserved consideration to be a center in the GDL and possibly even in Quebec, that time has ended as he is now too light and not mobile enough to fit at center. A better fit would be putting Kovalenko at LW where he can get his chances with quick near side post dekes and easy one-timers. Quebec isn't blessed with a lot of great CB options, this makes icing their biggest weight bug checker more of a necessity. Valeri Kamensky: At 8 weight, a player is just starting to become CB relevant as he can body check anyone 6 weight or less. Kamensky is clearly a superior offensive player to Kovalenko and his powerful shot can catch some goalies off guard with some quick passing setups. Defensively Kamensky still lags behind and it may be a bit of overkill icing 3 great forwards while leaving the lineup a little thin on CB AND weight bug checking. Mike Ricci: Nothing more than a great sub off the bench, Ricci is largely unchanged and is a good fit anywhere on the forward unit. Owen Nolan: See my spiel about Kamensky and drop some of the shot power off for a bit more accuracy. Nothing wrong with icing Nolan but he's pretty ho hum while everyone else has above him has an obvious strength to their game. Claude Lapointe: A purely weight bug option that is safe to leave on the bench. None of the CB forwards (Cavallini, Simon, & Twist) have the skating and/or puck skills worthy of getting ice time, even in a line change matchup. If you're lineup gets overcome by scurvy, or shingles, or leprosy, then dip into the likes of Scott Young, Martin Rucinsky, and Mike Hough. Defense Adam Foote: Forget about him, Gusarov is plenty fine as the weight bug option for the Nordique blue line. Save the second spot for someone more capable of giving a CB check as the forward unit is largely incapable of that. Alexei Gusarov: Still a sneaky offensive contributor, Gusarov will still be tasked with bringing down the heavy centers as his partner will be unable to lay the body to the majority of them. Speedy wingers like Esa Tikkanen can really make life rough for a guy like Gusarov, try to make sure you can quickly locate your outlet passes to avoid costly turnovers. Steve Duchesne: With all of the up ice excursions Duchesne tends to go on, being able to CB check from behind is a rather useful tool. If the power of Duchesne cane be harnessed then give him some ice time as he will provide the offense to balance Gusarov's more weight bug like nature. Curtis Leschyshyn: Slightly more qualified for the true CB roll, Curtis is the more defensive minded option among the unit. The puck skills are a little lacking which keeps him from being a must start player. He could find his niche playing against teams like Buffalo whose main player, Alexander Mogilny is a 7 weight. No other Quebec defender can play him physically but Leschyshyn can as his 9 weight can CB check Mogilny. Mikhail Tatarinov: Fantastic puck skills, possibly a more potent version of Fredrik Olausson in Winnipeg. The skating is a little meh and he isn't quite heavy enough to be a true CB champion. Tatarinov doesn't quite do enough to demand a starting spot but with how tenuous the depth chart is, it wouldn't be wrong to start him. Bottom Line Not a big net change here in Quebec as they rely on a balanced offensive attack that is led by a contingent of middle weight players. None of their matchups change all that drastically either as they aren't quite fast enough to run roughshod over the lighter teams nor put at too much of a disadvantage when going against the heavier ones. Use the wealth of options to construct a team that best suits your strengths while countering the opponents weaknesses as best as possible.
  8. CB Notes Forwards Mike Modano: To be successful Modano will need to utilize his speed to accumulate a large volume of chances on goal and nothing about the CB check will hinder his ability to do that. Most of the bigger defenders will struggle to keep up with Modano when he attacks and struggle to elude his frenetic forecheck. Guys with great speed and some good weight typically have their way with the CB defenders and Modano is no exception. Russ Courtnall: If heavy d-men have issues keeping up with Modano then they will only struggle further against Courtnall. Courtnall will have more traffic to dance through when he plays center but he has more than enough fancy footwork to keep defenders guessing. He and Modano remain a super 1-2 punch and they now possess a little CB check power of their own when back checking against the likes of Theo Fleury and Jeremy Roenick. Neal Broten: While most super light weight forwards with 4/4 speed struggle to retain the glory of the pre CB check days, Broten does a pretty good job of being a vital piece to a fantastic line. Broten still brings his weight bug checking ability to the forefront and it remains useful since no one else on the Dallas roster is in the same weight bug class as Broten. On offense, Broten was always more of a bit player due to Modano and Courtnall taking the majority of the touches to begin with. Broten isn't relied on to carry the puck up ice like Nelson Emerson is in St. Louis. Sure, Broten may struggle a bit more to be an offensive factor but he brings far too much defensively to the table to be bothered by that fact. Dave Gagner: Again, Dave sits on the outside looking in here as he is a quality 4th forward to have on the bench. If Gagner was an 8+ weight player or had a vastly superior skill set to Broten then we may be able to talk about bringing him off the bench to get some starts. This isn't the case as Gagner is a perfectly capable player who may have some susceptibility to the most mobile of CB checkers but will still be useful when called upon. Ulf Dahlen: When taking into consideration Dahlen's lack of agility and passing ability it seems he is a better fit as a center then a winger. His CB check game isn't enough of a factor nor is his shooting ability great enough to even warrant considering starting him over Modano or Courtnall in the middle. Dahlen will continue to ride pine and his value in GDL drafts shouldn't be greatly increased as none of his skills are eye popping. Mike Craig: A pretty average player all around, still doesn't have a true position. Pray your depth isn't tested to this point in a game. Brent Gilchrist: If he hadn't before, Gilchrist has in my eyes clearly jumped Craig on the depth chart. In his weight class a little extra agility helps offset the lack of straight line speed. Mike McPhee: 9 weight, 4/3 skating, 3/2 shot, 2 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L Not a whole lot of CB options in Dallas and McPhee is the best of a limited selection. Personally, I don't see where he fits on any sort of line combination but don't forget about him if line changes are being utilized. He skates around fairly well for a 2nd line big man and has just enough juice on his shot to convert a few of the one timer chances his legs may get him into. Defense Jim Johnson: Largely the same player due to his 7 weight. Can knock around a few big forwards and will continue to have some issues keeping up with the faster ones. Perfectly good stay at home defender who can spring a breakaway with his strong passing. Tommy Sjodin: Again, largely the same player here as Sjodin may have issues CB checking 3 and 4 weight forwards as they tend to be pretty nimble on their skates. Sjodin is still the #1 option in Dallas and not a bad one at that. Mark Tinordi: I still can't give Tinordi a full reccomendation here as his CB check game is mitigated by his average skating. The guys he can keep up with (Hull, Turgeon, Sandstrom, etc.) are still poke check only options as Tinordi clocks in at a mere 9 weight. Throw in the fact that his shooting prowess will still be difficult to utilize since weight bug checks will continue to rain down on him and his lack of passing, Tinordi is still the clear #3 option. Richard Matvichuk: 7 weight, 3 speed, not much changes for these guys which leaves Matvichuk a fine emergency option. Just look out for the fast heavyweights, they can give Matvichuk some problems. Craig Ludwig: A little bit less of a liability now that he can really lay some wood but his lack of skating will him make him completely reliant on pristine positioning. Still clearly not starter worthy, but may not require an immediate substitution to keep him from being a default sub. Bottom Line Personnel wise Dallas remains largely the same as they are great skating club with a bunch of middleweight players and one weight bugger who remains relevant since he isn't relied upon offensively. The bigger and slower teams like Pittsburgh, Boston, and St. Louis may have picked up some ground but they will still have plenty of issues dealing with Dallas as their speed will cause problems regardless of the opponent.
  9. CB Notes Forwards Theo Fleury: No matter how you look at it 5 speed tends to be 5 speed and it's tough to remove Fleury from the lineup due to his new found susceptibility to the CB check. Fleury is still an absolute physical beast on defense but he may now be best suited to doing his work on the wing as his lack of stick handling and extremely light weight make him a big target. His slippery nature should help offset his lackluster passing rating and make him a fine play maker. Gary Roberts: Not much new going on here for Roberts, he's a middle weight with average skating and he wont recognize much of a net gain or loss when it comes to physicality. Still a center only, don't waste your time trying to put him on the wing as his lack of elite skating and sub par passing will hinder him. Robert Reichel: Reichel should have his value dinged ever so slightly as he is a little on the light side of things with no outstanding attribute to really make him shine. He's a consistent sort of guy and there's nothing wrong with that on a team full of specialists. There is always room on Calgary's top line for Reichel if one decides to make it for him. Sergei Makarov: With more defensive options available to teams with the CB check, Makarov's lack of speed and shot power will make it difficult for him to stay relevant as a goal scorer. With that said, don't sleep on his 5 agility, this will still allow him to dance around a bit on the wing and set up some great scoring chances for his line mates. Still a defensive force, Makarov may actually be the second best defensive forward on the team thanks in large part to his nimble skating. Joe Nieuwendyk: On a team bereft of truly heavyweight options, Nieuwendyk may prove useful against a team such as Montreal who are full of 5-6 weight forwards that don't possess 5 speed. Aside from a pitiful passing rating, Nieuwendyk is built in the same mold as Kirk Muller and can be a steady scoring presence in the middle while laying a little CB lumber for good measure. Paul Ranheim: Great depth winger but won't get much chance to show his mettle with the talent ahead of him. Chris Lindberg: His 4 speed could still come in handy at the end of a GDL draft but there isn't a lot else here to get excited about. His 7 weight does nothing to distinguish him from the pack. Joel Otto: 11 weight, 4/3 skating, 2/4 shot, 3 sth, 2 pass, 3/5 aware, Shoots: R When it comes to pure unadulterated CB action, Otto is the beginning and end of the discussion for options in Calgary. Despite some nice agility, defensive acumen, and CB power it is really difficult to find a spot to ice Otto. Even in blitz league play he has issues applying his physicality and lighting up the scoreboard. It's tough to see him being a contributor to a successful line but he is there if the need to go big ever arises. Defense Al MacInnis & Gary Suter: This duo remains the defacto starting unit and they aren't altered all too much by CB checking. MacInnis can play a bit more physical with the lightweights but he is still going to need to make quick decisions when he handles the puck just like he did before. Still a great pair that should be a positive force in both ends of the ice. Roger Johansson, Kevin Dahl, Chirs Dahlquist, & Trent Yawney: This quartet of middleweights essentially retain all the value they had from before. All of them should be pretty steady on defense and anywhere from unspectacular to ineffective on offense. Calgary is a great place to look for depth defenseman in the GDL. Michel Petit: Again, a good solid depth defender. Petit has a little more checking muscle now and his offensive ability is nothing to scoff at. Could be worthy of being the first man off the bench. Frank Musil: Here lies the best CB checking option for the Calgary back line, Musil's plus skating and 9 weight make him a worthwhile option off the bench. His sheer lack of puck skill should keep him from poaching major minutes away from either of Suter or MacInnis. Bottom Line While the change isn't dramatic, Calgary is a little bit easier to knock around for other teams as they are pretty light on power forwards and bruising defenders. Calgary is still dangerous offensively and this should help limit how much aggressiveness their opponents could use in defending them. While Calgary is largely the same team, other teams behind them have closed the gap making most of their match ups that much more difficult.
  10. I'd tend to agree there are a few more killers in the afternoon then in the morning but that is the breaks it seems. Trying to build up those rivalries in group D it seems.
  11. Why is there a TBD slot? I thought SNES ha 64 signups or did some autobots sign up in order to beat the Genesis sign ups??? I demand a recount!!!
  12. Oh, also I could have just listened to eggink talk all day. Just a good Jersey boy who sounds almost exactly like Randall from the movie clerks. Fantastic bud, gonna miss you in Toronto.
  13. We had 12 buds for this tournament. Great group of guys. Many drinks were consumed and many ggs were played. The zambonis did a great job rocking the place out and they were just awesome to be around. Bobby, the organizer of the event and Mikey did a really great job today getting a bunch of 94 buds Together for a fantastic day of video game hockey. With all the travel I've done this year and the buds I've met along the way. It is safe to say I'm looking forward to meeting even more of you in Toronto in three weeks.
  14. Mikey played. I think he tied for 7th. Sdogg knocked him out. I ended up losing in Grand final to raph. He had wpg and won 5-3 against my LA. Top 3 1. Kingraph 2. Aj 3. Evan
  15. He's on the side of the road somewhere. He couldn't make it
  16. Just a little bit of an intermission with the zambonis
  17. All I've seen is the airport, my hotel, the inside of a Valero and this bar... You want the Valero?
  18. I will surely be interested in some SNES side game shenanigans. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a couple of guys from classic league who might be interested in personally paying back some of the games I took off of them. Nothing wrong with some fun cash games!
  19. I fly in Thursday morning so just let me know when the 2 on 2 is happening and I should be able to show up provided someone wants to team up with me.
  20. Damn bud, my bad. I was looking at the wrong one. Seems like old age is taking its toll.
  21. I think somebody likes to forget that I participated it league play this year. I'm a remember that next Saturday when I see you King.
  22. I haven't been around since GDL 5? Didn't realize I've been out the game for so long.