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  1. If I look a little different at the tournament this time around I apologize but I was in a bit of a train wreck during an indoor soccer game a few nights ago. I'm a hockey player just like everyone else here though. Just an upper body issue that's day-to day. Oh and Mikey, if the public isn't ready for my face. I'm more than willing to go with a deep throat voice option or wearing a lucha libre mask during any camera time I may get.
  2. Looks like we can safely remove Martin Rucinsky from the list
  3. Same list as Raph except I would switch Sebe with EA EA may have been away for a long time but the dude is a stud player and guys will have to adjust to his old school tactics just as much as he will have to adjust to the new stuff.
  4. It should take around 6 weeks, which is enough time to get one comfortably. Passport cards are only good if you cross the border by land. If going by air you NEED a passport. You can expedite the process but it is more expensive and only gets a passport 1-3 weeks sooner. You can do a passport on the same day if you pay the fees (extra $75) and drive to Philly (you must have an appointment set up and proof of travel on you at the appointment) since that's the closest facility to you if you choose to go that route. My advice is just apply now. If going by land get the card since its cheaper (especially if you dont plan on travelling much outside the US in the future). If going by air get yourself a passport by normal means.
  5. This was an awesome league and I'm a sucker for good baseball games. I'd love to play if I can get my connection to work with the NES emulator.
  6. I lost season 1 finals to takeyourpill in 5 or 6 games, cant remember. I beat habs, EA?, and BHF to get to the final.
  7. Sorry to be a pain, but I noticed stheds for SNES didn't have his '15 spring performance included. He was the 8th seed this season and lost in the 1st round.
  8. Unranked: Angryjay93 I guess King didn't know what to make of my performance on either system!?!?!?
  9. C-B Notes Forwards Ted Donato: Nothing changes about Donato's play style as he is still a gritty forward attempting to disrupt the opponents attack. Never much of an offensive weapon, his new found vulnerability of the CB check shouldn't really deter him from his main goals...which isn't goals, it's to stop them. Joe Juneau: Boston has always been devoid of a true center and with Neely's emergence, Juneau should be able to move to the wing where is skills are better suited anyways. Neely is far from a great option and Juneau may have to be forced into Center duty regardless. His 1 on 1 game has been downgraded and he is also now susceptible to back checkers as Juneau's skating ratings are far from elite. Adam Oates: At 7 weight, Oates doesn't change a whole lot and unfortunately still doesn't feel like he really belongs in Boston as their style does not suit his skill set at all. It's still impossible to bench Oates as he is the best skater and puck distributor but he will continue to frustrate. Cam Neely: Neely may be the most overrated high end sniping slug in the game and he still has issues aplenty. He's still a poor choice as a puck carrier as his non-elite skating and high susceptibility to weight bug checking make him a turnover machine. Neely does have a good shot but he doesn't seem incredibly adept at finding the high scoring spots on the ice and he seems to pump fake on a lot of his one-timer attempts. His defense has improved greatly as he can flatten most of the forwards that come his way but his offense and the Bruins play style on offense do not make for an easy time. Dmitri Kvartalnov: Remaining on the outside looking in, Kvartalnov is a fine sub off the bench but he remains strictly a perimeter play maker on offense. Vladimir Ruzicka: 10 weight, 4/4 skating, 4/3 shot, 4 sth, 3 pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L No other forward for Boston comes close to offering the CB package off the bench that Ruzicka possesses and allows the Bruins to make adjustments if needed. Ruzicka is essentially the Evgeny Davydov of CB options, decent skater, ok shot, but leaves much to be desired in play making and awareness. New Line: Ruzicka-Neely-Oates Built in the same mold of Pittsburgh, the Bruins can run out a CB lineup with a justifiable amount of skill. With Sweeney in the back, he can take over any weight bug checking duties while the front line takes care of the CB side. It's going to take some creative and patient offensive tactics to advance the puck up the ice with this unit, much less run up the scoreboard. Defense Don Sweeney: Much like Donato, Sweeney maintains his weight bug defensive ways and could possibly even benefit from teams icing more of their heavier players trying to find the skill needed to score consistently. It has always been tempting to work Sweeney on the offensive side of the ice but perhaps those feelings should be tempered a bit as now he is a CB target to the majority of players. Ray Bourque: Forwards around the league should check their underwear as Bourque has had his monstrous checking ability restored with CB tech. Has Bourque ascended to the top of the '94 defensive heap? The jury is still out on that one as he is still too easy to bring down with the puck. If used appropriately, Bourque does have the ability to be a game changing force in all areas of the ice. Glen Wesley and Gord Murphy: Tis shame the Bruins can only ice two defenseman as they have four viable #1 options available to them. Murphy and Wesley are a happy medium between Sweeney and Bourque and provide a bit more balance than the extremes of their two counterparts. No shame should be felt in icing either of these fantastic options. Glen Feathrston: 11 weight, 3/3 speed, 2/3 shot, 2 sth & pass, 2/2 aware, Shoots: L Most teams can't go three or four deep on their blue line depth chart and ice acceptable options, the Bruins can go as low as the fifth spot and still ice a passable CB checking force. Glen's fellow Bruins, especially in the back can easily carry him in the skill department and allow him to shine on defense where he can use his average skating to throw his big body around and deter opponents from entering the Bruins slot. If Bourque goes down and a CB option is desired, Feathrston can fill in admirably. Bottom Line Boston isn't much more than an upgraded Penguins lineup and it really hurts them in matchups with the upper echelon of teams. The offense is a random mish-mash of forwards who don't do much of anything at the elite level and if they do then it doesn't mesh with their own play style much less their teammates. It is probably best to devise a forward unit that compliments Boston's defensive posture and doesn't cause a tire fire on offense. On the other hand, Boston's defense is arguably tops in the game with four legitimate #1 options available to them . They skate, hit, pass, shoot and feed off each other with aplomb. It has become even more crucial for Boston to frustrate their opponent to make mistakes which they can then take advantage of.
  10. 1. NHL 94 2. MVP Baseball 2005 (played the crap out of this thing) 3. Streets of Rage 2 (Mania mode with a friend never gets old) 4. Castlevania: SOTN (played through this a bunch of times) 5. Street Fighter 3-Third Strike (Fantastic artwork, music, and game play variety) 6. Final Fantasy 7 (The first RPG I ever played, tons of sentimental value) 7. NHL 99 (First PS one game I bought, played a full season with nearly half the teams on the game) 8. World Series Baseball 98 (Great 2 player baseball game, mixes quick and enjoyable gameplay with fantastic renditions of the MLB ballparks) 9. Grand Theft auto IV (This game grew on me, fantastic characters and atmosphere coupled with strong game play and soundtrack. Always much preferred NY to LA setting) 10. Red Dead Redemption (Amazing story and setting, I'm a sucker for Westerns when done right)
  11. CB Notes Forwards Brian Bradley: Bradley's shoulders may no longer be wide enough to carry his team to respectability but he is still the best player on any expansion roster due to his shooting acumen and checking ability. A lack of speed severely downgrades his ability to slice through defenses and it may be wise to consider Bradley on the wing to allow a heavier player to man the middle. Mikael Andersson: Aside from his speed, there is every reason to leave Andersson on the bench as he now may have issues dancing around the bigger defenders he used to be able to avoid. Probably still a useful option on the wing as a defensive specialist given the appropriate matchup. Steve Kasper and Rob DiMaio: Neither is no longer a must start as employing the Kasper-Bradley-DiMaio line now becomes much more suspect to heavier lineups as all three members are just asking to be bodied with a CB check. They should still be a part of the winger rotation as there is no longer a clear fit in the 3rd forward spot. Chris Kontos: Adding another sniper in Kontos allows Tampa to remain competitive and add a little weight variety to a line in desperate need of it. Kontos is a far better center than he is a winger but he and Bradley do allow the user to have some freedom in deciding how to run the offense and adjust to other teams lineups by lining up them up against an opponent they can check. Marc Bureau and Danton Cole: If they weren't bench fodder before they should be now as there are better weight bug options and CB options with equivalent skill sets. John Tucker: 9 weight, 2/3 skating, 3/2 shot, 3 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: R An underwhelming option, Tucker is the best CB option on the right which allows Kontos/Andersson to remain on the left and Bradley in the middle. Tucker is an okay passer and should be able to feed Bradley if the defense gives Tucker room to operate. Adam Creighton: 10 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/2 shot, 2 sth, 3 pass, 3/2 aware, Shoots: L Pretty rudimentary skill set, Creighton is the CB champion of the Lightning forward unit but his lack of speed may preclude him from serious ice time. Defense Roman Hamrlik: Still far too slow and unskilled to be a #1 defender, Hamrlik remains so in Tampa as no one else is capable enough to take the mantle from him even with CB in play. He sadly remains the best weight bug option on the team. Marc Bergevin: Bergevin remains a light player but his puck skills are so pathetic that it is difficult to justify starting him over Hamrlik for the ability to body check the odd 8 weight player. Bergevin is best served riding pine until Hamrlik finds himself in penalty or injury trouble. Bob Beers: Speed. Demon. I kid but Beers should now be elevated into a starting spot due to his speed and ability to play his natural right side. He is the CB component of the starting defensive unit and will be the perfect backup for a weight bugger such as Andersson or Kasper on the RW. New D-Pair: Hamrlik-Beers With Bergevin becoming redundant, Beers regains his starting spot and we should all smile a bit when Beers name pops up on the score sheet after a goal. Joe Reekie: 11 weight, 3/2 skating, 3/0 shot, 3 sth, 2 pass, 2/2 aware, Shoots: L For the biggest CB checking junkies, Reekie does warrant consideration as 11 weight defenders can be quite optimal if they can skate. Reekie I assure you can not skate and is probably best served as Beers main backup as Reekies downgraded skating and awareness leave him the inferior defender of the two. Bottom Line For a team that relied so heavily on being a bunch of weight bug maniacs, Tampa has done quite well for themself in light of CB tech. With competent heavyweights such as Kontos and Beers the Lightning avoid being a helpless expansion team and they can still go pure weight bug if need be.
  12. CB Notes Forwards Anatoli Semenov, Terry Yake, & Lonnie Loach: As if it wasn't enough of a battle already for Anaheim to score, they will have to put in more work to stay productive as these slow middleweight forwards have just become that much more accessible to heavyweights. These three players are still the most skilled and deserve the most ice time but Loach may need to be removed from the line in certain situations to insert a little extra muscle. Tim Sweeney: If he wasn't useless before, he is surely useless now as Sweeney's lack of any hockey skill cancels out whatever damage his 5 weight may able to do defensively. Guys like Loach or Loney can bring similar checking ability with more speed and a modicum of offensive talent. Troy Loney: It's hard to say Loney makes Anaheim interesting but he can make them tricky to play against in the hands of a skilled CB checker. His 10 weight paired with a back line composed of a couple of 11 weights could really make life hell for a slower skilled team such as Toronto or even Boston. Loney will have some substantial issues getting going on offense but the Ducks don't want to get in a high scoring battle to begin with. Robin Bawa: Considering just how lackluster the lineup is here, it isn't totally bonkers to give Bawa some run as he is a CB checking option if he can get in the neighborhood. His shot can be useful but the guy has no business carrying the puck up the ice as he doesn't have the skating, passing, OR stick handling to do him any favors. He's going to have to find his niche to be anywhere near useful. Defense Alexei Kasatonov: Things have taken a turn for the better with the Anaheim defense and the primary example of this is Kasatonov's transformation into a respectable defenseman. He will still have too many issues to be an offensive force inside the opponents blue line but he should be more than apt at throwing his body weight around and dishing out effective outlet passes. With 4 agility and 11 weight, Kasatonov should be able to throw his fair share of CB checks out, especially to the heavyweights in the center of the ice. He won't be quite the kick starter Gord Murphy is to Florida but Kasatonov will be doing yeoman's work for the Ducks. Sean Hill, David Williams: Previously, these two were only under consideration due to their 8 weight as that was as light as things could get on defense. Now these two are the only right handed defenders available and could still warrant some consideration due to that fact but they really should be left on the bench as there is a more mobile option available to CB check the opposition and Kasatonov is perfectly capable of filling in the right side with his far superior puck skills. Randy Ladoucer: There is no denying that Ladoucer, even with CB put into consideration is still among the dregs of the defender profession in '94. The average skating is what puts Ladocuer into consideration as he is just mobile enough to pose a threat to most forwards that venture into the Ducks defensive zone. He will still kill the team when the puck is on his stick but he could be a key defensive stopper and is probably best off being paired with Kasatonov. Bill Houlder: Houlder is likely the best bet to come first off the bench. His 11 weight and superior skill set to the rest of the Ducks depth should be enough to get him some ice time on the PK. Bottom Line Much like Hartford, the Ducks took their hits on offense as a pop gun attack becomes even less potent as there is not enough speed or skill to offset their susceptibility to most any type of defense. Where things get interesting is on defense as now the Ducks can ice 3 average skating CB monsters that will allow them to stay in close games and perhaps encourage opponents to ice lighter and less skilled players if their power forwards get roughed up. While the Ducks are probably still the worst team in the league, they now have some match ups against some of the middle tier teams which they don't get destroyed in any longer.
  13. There isn't too much more science involved in it aside from the fact that everyone is fair game up along the boards. It doesn't get talked about much but I presumed it's something the majority of '94 veterans are familiar with. I had it come up in a discussion with CoachMac this weekend when talking about some of the differences in '92 and how I like to use my defense in each version. It just seems practical to CB check with a heavier player regardless of position on the ice since using CB won't negatively affect board checking.
  14. Yes, you want to push B before the check connects with your target. Please keep in mind that the player you are using to utilize the body check must out weigh his opponent by 2 or more to work consistently. I also like to CB check along the boards. While checking along the boards typically disregards weight, I still find it safer to use CB anyways with a heaver player just in case a board checking animation doesn't occur.
  15. Looks like I'm hosed in this case. My new connect wont allow me to play online.
  16. Looks like I'm relegated to the sidelines this go around. Don't seem to have a solution for what will be my connect in the near future
  17. We got the series in bud and I didn't let Oilers sweep the playoffs but that was about all I could manage. Congratulations to Oilers on his season and Cup win. He was easily the most dominate player this season and his victory to end it all should be of no surprise. He did it in his usual style where he frustrates the opposing offense and then takes advantage of them with an offense that is very careful in picking their spots. I thought I was playing well enough to push him to 7 games, just a couple of situations where Oilers managed to take advantage of a break he received as opposed to myself. That's playoff hockey and Oilers still had to make the plays to convert which he did with ruthless efficiency. Congratulations again to Oilers, just watch your back next season. I'm a comin for that chalice of yours!
  18. CB Notes Forwards Andrei Lomakin: No hope has been restored for anyone looking to use Florida as Lomakin is still the only viable forward option to be found. A slight downgrade is likely in store as Lomakin doesn't have the requisite speed or agility to keep CB checkers at bay and the majority of weight buggers will still be able to get in his face to disrupt his game. It will take some very crafty play to maintain Lomakin's already modest offensive production. Brian Skrudland: 2 speed will just never cut it up front and even with Skrudlands new found ability to CB check anyone 6 weight or less, who is he really gonna cut down with such pitiful mobility? Regardless of the reduced effectiveness, Skrudland is the only real option in the middle for Florida because of his shooting ability. Mike Hough: With Belanger all but becoming useless, Hough is the Panthers third forward by default. His passing will remain adequate but the rest of his game is liable to be taken advantage of and it can only be hoped that he finds a way to contribute on defense in some manner. Jesse Belanger: In a pure weight bug battle Belanger may still have a chance to be useful. Fact of the matter is that he is the worst weight bug forward in the game and he is not likely to provide a net gain. Scott Mellanby: It is puzzling to me how he happened to kill a rat in the locker room with his worthless speed. CB checking wont be of much use as the 1 speed easily offsets the 9 weight. Still the teams best shooter and may just need to be iced if for no other reason. Rest of the roster: Middleweight garbage, dont bother with it. Defense Gord Hynes: No one else on the roster screams out enough to warrant booting Hynes from the starting pair. His skill set can be ignored because he continues to compliment Murphy in the most efficient way possible. Just be sure to find an outlet option as soon as possible as Gord has no business hanging onto the puck. Gord Murphy: As if Muprhy didn't already have enough responsibilities on his plate, his upgraded checking power will only heap more onto it as he will now be expected to thwart the elite forwards in the league such as Roenick and Bure with more aplomb. Murphy has morphed into an unquestioned #1 defender in the league and his deployment in user mode is only further suggested. Stephane Richer: "The other one" as I like to say should continue to be the first man off the bench as Hynes weight bug checking is a necessary element in the starting lineup. Keep Richer in mind if facing a super light weight team with players that Hynes can't body check as the upgrade in skating and puck movement will be helpful. Milan Tichy: No longer a suitable 4th defender as his fellow D-men have all surpassed him. Joe Cirella: Average skating and 10 weight puts Cirella in essentially the same class as Richer. Over the long run both options will perform essentially the same. Bottom Line: In the biggest of upsets, Florida's front line has found a way to become even worse as none of their forwards benefit from the introduction of the CB check on either end of the ice. This puts more onus on the defense which has indeed received some small upgrades but it will have its hands full fighting their own forwards along with the opponents forwards.
  19. CB Notes Forwards Vincent Damphousse: On the majority of the teams, Vinny would still be an eminently useful option as his premier stick handling is buttressed nicely by his plus skating and passing skills. A great option off the bench for the Habs, Vinny will have to fight for his ice time with Steph Lebeau as Kirk Muller and Brian Bellow have become viable CB options. Steph Lebeau: Questions have been raised as to Lebeau's status as the #1 center and for good reason. Lebeau doesn't have dynamic speed which makes it easier to pluck him out of the middle and slap him on a wing where his skill set still plays well enough. Lebeau can still be a fantastic option in the center but if he is getting beat up by the heavyweights, it may be best to move him to the outside. Denis Savard: Not much changes for Savard despite being a 5 weight who is susceptible to the CB check. Savard has always been a perimeter player who uses his agility to dance around the ice and find a streaking center or winger in which to feed. Lebeau should give the heavyweights around him more trouble than they should be able to give him. Kirk Muller: Shot power has always been in short supply in Montreal but they may have just found a bit in way of Muller. Muller is a prototypical slug who plays a very consistent brand of hockey. While the most elite centers in the league may still out match him, Muller has evolved into a respectable option that allows fantastic checking balance for a team that is a little light on legitimate CB options. Brian Bellows: Nearly a carbon copy of Muller, Bellows has a right handed shot as opposed to Mullers left which is the main difference between the two Montreal middlemen. Choosing between the two is mostly a preference of handedness. Gary Leeman, Guy Carbonneau & Mike Keane: They can still answer the weight bug whore call and have just enough skating skill to possibly be a threat on offense. There are just too many better options for them to get consistent ice time. John Leclair: 11 weight, 3/4 speed, 3/3 shot, 3 sth, 2 pass, 3//3 aware, Shoots: L Built in the mold of Kevin Stevens, Leclair is the only mega CB option available on the roster. With so much talent previously stated it is hard to envision a spot where Leclair deserves to start. Defense Mathieu Schneider: With Scheneider's speed and puck moving ability, it was never a tough decision whether to insert him into the Habs lineup. Now...he still deserves a spot, but should he get a spot? Schneider is in that funky middle weight zone and his lack of agility could make things a bit tricky for him. Dont get the wrong idea, Schneider is still a solid defender to be employing in the back rank. J.J. Daigneault: Passing continues to hinder Daigneault and now that he can be pressed by the fast heavyweights, his weakness has become magnified. If you're adept at getting pucks on net with defenders, J.J. still needs to be considered as he does have a fantastic shot for a defender. Patrice Brisebois: A competent weight bugger paired with Montreal's forwards makes the Habs a nightmare for a majority of the other teams. His skills aren't a huge downgrade from the previous two mentioned and Brisebois should still get plenty of ice time. Eric Desjardins: If anyone stands to earn more ice time it is this man right here as he is a fantastic CB counterpart to not only his d partner but his forwards as well. In most formations the Habs will have two lightweight wingers and Desjardins will fit in nicely on either side to compliment them. Still by no means a burner, he has just enough skating skill to make his CB abilities relevant, especially if a vicious back check is putting the opponent into predictable spots. New Pair: Desjardins-Brisebois or Schneider-Desjardins Both of these pairings provide a different type of balance. Desjardins and Brisebois have a weight difference of 4 which means that no forward in the league, no matter their weight can avoid being bodied off the puck by any one of the duo. Schneider and Desjardins would only have issues taking down 8 weight attackers but the increase in skill and skating ability will make Montreal more dangerous when they have the puck and look to spring their deadly counter. Bottom Line Believe it or not, Montreal's ability to matchup against their opponent has increased even more now that their skilled heavyweights have a place in the lineup. They have always been a perfect counter to high flying teams such as Detroit, Calgary, and LA due to their ability to make these teams duke it out in a battle of attrition. Montreal continues to be resistant to making mistakes and making the opponent pay the price when they make one.
  20. Come to Toronto. Otherwise at least I got the cajones to show up and play rather than cry about the setup. You poor, poor, poor little baby.
  21. HORI PS3 Real Arcade Pro V3 SA KAI Features: 8 Button lay out Ability to toggle select and start button to avoid accidental pausing Increased spacing between stick lever and buttons for increased comfort Real Sanwa Arcade parts used throughout the controller 3 speed Turbo Function Price: $88 via gamestop online Review: While the Hori arcade stick may be a fantastic option for playing Street Fighter or any other fighting game on a home console, it is a near useless accessory for NHL 94 use via the PC. First the good, the buttons are super responsive and allow for multiple fingers to access the buttons to quickly spit out some powerful CB checks, quickly adjust to manual goalie or unleash a wicked one-timer. Due to the 8 button set up, it's a snap to be able to set up the buttons needed in a format that is most comfortable for the user. The arcade stick also has a quality build feel to it. Its very sturdy and weighs just enough yet is light enough to maintain incredible balance. A slip resistant bottom will also come in handy for those stressful playoff matchups against the top players in your online A league. If you took the time to read the previous paragraph, my deepest apologies as the joystick has been relegated to being largely useless due to the limitations of our emulator software. Despite the joystick being incredibly adept at pulling off dragon punches and SPD's it comes up well short in any and all deke categories as the emulator struggles to recognize the 360 degree movement of the joystick. Players react sluggishly, if at all and destroys what should be a fantastic gaming experience. If you're looking to get all arcade up in your online leagues think again as this quality set up has been wrecked by the emulator experience. Rating: 0/10
  22. I talked with Ice a few days ago and I think we decided to let him have his squad back. I'm on the fence about taking a different team.
  23. CB Noes Forwards Sylvain Turgeon: Ya know, Sylvain ain't half bad with the CB check because now he can recover the puck after he's thrown it away with one of his shite passes. Throw in that their may be fewer weight buggers on the ice to wreck his day and Turgeon is a useful piece on what could shape up to be a functional Senator front line. Jamier Baker: Once the unquestioned center, Baker may now be best suited as a wing thanks to his 7 weight and having the most balanced skill set among Senator forwards. He still won't be a defensive force due to his lack of skating, but he should be ok out on the wing where he will face less pressure when he's carrying the puck up ice. Doug Smail: Still extremely useful as a defensive stopper against 7+ weight forwards. Still extremely useless as an offensive contributor. Have him ride some pine if there is no one to beat up. Bob Kudelski: Things are really taking shape in Ottawa as they can now ice their best shooter without the repercussion of being far too heavy. Kudelski is still too slow of foot to be a premier option on either side of the ice but he should be much more able to take advantage of his shot on an unsuspecting opponent if given the chance. New Line: Turgeon-Kudelski-Baker Two passable wings on their natural side and a center capable of scoring enough of his chances to keep a team in the game. A gem of a line among expansion teams. Mark Lamb, Jeff Lazaro, Laurie Boschman: Fringe players who have lost their place in the Senator rotation. Neil Brady: 9 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/2 shot, 2 sth, 3 pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L If the Sens find themselves without the services of Turgeon or Kudelski then Brady should be the next man off the bench if a CB guy is required. Brady has a very limited skill set to go along with limited mobility. It would probably be best to ice Smail as his skating will allow him to better keep pace with the play. Defense Norm Maciver: Easily maintaining his #1 D-man status, Maciver should be relied upon a bit less to carry the load offensively and should be a serviceable weight bug anchor behind the heavier Turgeon. Brad Shaw: Despite feet that appear to be in cinder blocks at times, Shaw is by far and away the best partner for Maciver. His average puck handling and passing skills will still be of great use as he is sure to see even more pressure now that the bigger and faster forwards can attempt to make his life miserable. Chris Luongo, Tomas Jelinek, Ken Hammond: Underskilled middle weights who should be kept off the ice as much as possible. Just dont take a penalty with either of the starting duo...never ever. Brad Marsh: A default sub who will still give up goals by default when iced. Darren Rumble: 9 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/0 shot, 2 sth and pass, 2/3 aware, Shoots: L Hes probably ready to rumble....I guess??? Ottawa is bereft of CB options and Rumble may be the only possible guy who can step in without sabotaging the game. Probably best to just let him Rumble on the bench. Bottom Line Ottawa has become a relatively functional team tha....Huh!? Hold on a second, I need to refuckulate here...carry the one, reduce the fraction, 'x' must be a positive number and yes now I have the answer! Still functional, well I'll be damned. A dash of speed, a little scoring, guys who should be able to compliment each other well defensively, a bunch of guys on their natural side and still the leagues worst goaltenders. f**k, I forgot about that part, this team is still terrible. NEXT!!! But, no really. I mean these guys might be ok against some of the established teams.
  24. CB Notes Forwards Pat Verbeek: Among fellow 7 weights, Verbeek takes a little bigger hit than most due to his 3 agility and non-elite skill set. This fact may relegate him to the perimeter in the offensive zone regardless of who is lined up against him. Geoff Sanderson: Things aren't looking good for the Whaler offense as Sanderson will also have his fair share of issues working his way through the slot as big defenders and burly back checking forwards should be able to line him up in their sites with a CB check. Sanderson may need to utilize his one-timer more to help fend off opposing defenses while maintaining his critical production for the Whale. Terry Yake: Completing the reverse trifecta, Yake is also adversely affected by CB developments. His lack of speed on the wing is more problematic than it already was on offense and Yake's new found checking power against 4 weight players will be hampered by his inability to run them down effectively. Regardless, Yake's slightly above average skill set should still warrant him getting ice time, especially in the face of Hartford's weight buggers really getting the shaft. Mikael Nylander, Robert Kron, Ronald Petrovicky: Pure weight buggers are becoming obsolete and these 3 under skilled players are no exception. If trying to play a defensive battle these guys may still have use, otherwise just steer clear as the offense from these players should easily be stemmed by teams with bigger and faster defenses. Andrew Cassels: I still can't fully endorse Cassels as he doesn't cause many matchup issues. Despite being too slow and under skilled, Cassels moves up the Whaler depth chart only because the weight buggers may have now slipped below him. Mark Janssens: 11 weight, 3/3 speed, 3/3 shot, 3 sth, 2 pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L Woof. Janssens becomes an option thanks to the CB check and may get much more ice time than his skill set warrants. Not much to be said about Janssens as hes pretty plain, he will likely do a similar amount of damage on the ice as the weight buggers and I mean that in terms of helping but mostly hurting his team. Patrick Poulin: 10 weight, 3/3 speed, 3/3 shot, 3 sth and pass, 3/2 aware, Shoots: L Poulin may perhaps be a slightly better option than Janssens as the upgrade in passing and slight drop in weight may help Poulin produce positive results. It's probably best to keep in mind that Poulin hasn't found any success in Blitz league and to expect even less in the classic rom. New Line: Poulin-Sanderson-Verbeek Poulin does bring a bit more weight balance to the Hartford front line in this set up and allowing the wingers to be on their forehand should help their deke and pass ability in setting up themselves or Sanderson. Slower and heavier opposing right wings could have issues navigating the heavyweight gauntlet of Weinrich and Poulin. Turnovers may be the key to any consistent Hartford offense. Defense Adam Burt: While it may seem easier to sit Burt he still is a very valuable piece to this defense with his plus skills in agility, stick handling, and shot power. Burt is also the only playable Whaler blue liner who can body check a 9 weight player, it would be wise to mobilize him against the Hull's and Sandstrom's of the 94 world. Zarley Zalapski: Few big d-men benefit more from CB than Zalapski as his impeccable 5/4 skating and 10 weight should allow him to be a bruising presence in his own zone who has the talent needed to take advantage of him touching the puck more. Attempt to take advantage of teams who play heavier lineups as Zalapski is a pain to CB check and this extra time and space for him could offset the downgrade of the Whaler forwards. Eric Weinrich: Most defenders with 4 speed get a lot of run, 10 weight defenders with 4 speed should be must starts with CB in play. Not so fast, Weinrich is likely best suited as a super sub due to his 3 agility, sub Burt skill level and being too similar in weight to Zalapski. I wouldn't fault anyone for starting Weinrich over Burt, it just may not be the most optimal. Allen Pedersen: 10 weight, 3 speed. He's a sub and he should stay a sub, that's all you need to know. Randy Ladouceur: 11 weight, 3/3 skating, 1/1 shot, 2 sth, 1 pass, 1/3 aware, Shoots: L The resident heavyweight, Ladouceur may be the 2nd best option off the bench now as he has upgraded skating stats and weight over Pedersen. Still, he should be far behind the top 3 in the depth chart and only iced if absolute necessary as light and faster forwards should be able to abuse him with regularity. Doug Houda: 7 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/1 shot, 2 sth, 1 pass, 1/2 aware, Shoots: R For the must stubborn of '94 users, Houda is the only right handed *option* for Hartford and is obviously the best natural defender on the right. Do me a favor though, look back up a couple of lines and look at that skill set once more...did you read it again and still want to play him *rolls up newspaper and whaps you on the nose*. Thats a bad reader!!! You play Weinrich or Burt with Zalapski, you got it!!! Bottom Line Yuck. The Whalers offense was done no favors with the CB check as none of their original forwards received an upgrade. In fact, it may be required to fish deeper into a shallow bench to find a guy who can tread water as a 3rd forward. Conversely, the defense has been upgraded and much needed. Zalapski should be more able to unleash beast mode and keep his team in the game, a game that should be a grind it out affair if success is to be found.