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  1. Koke (Van) vs Token Toma (Wpg)


    #1 @koke_45 (Van) - 1000

    #8 @TokenToma (Wpg) +1000


    Season Series: Van 3-1


    Koke showed a new dimension to his game this season as he was able to add a stout defense to his high flying offense punctuated by a sub 4.00 GAA and allowing fewer than 10 shots a game. Always a tough out in the playoffs, this may be Koke’s best opportunity at a breakout playoff run as he seems to have the pair of Bure and Linden flying high on both sides of the ice.


    TokenToma put together a clutch 9-1 streak to squeak into the playoffs as he held the tiebreaker over Kof94III’s champion Fed’s Flames. Not just any old 8 seed, Token possesses a +12 goal differential and played some very competitive games with Koke during the regular season despite losing the season series. 


    Bottom Line: This is a pretty even matchup team wise and it comes down to who plays the better and more consistent game. I like Vancouver here as Koke really seems to be putting things together and has two main scoring options whereas Winnipeg only has one. 


    Prediction: VAN in 5


    Dethrox (Mtl) vs Mikeyv04 (Pit)


    #2 @dethrox (Mtl) -600

    #7 @Mikeyv04 (Pit) +600


    Season Series: Montreal 3-2


    Montreal certainly took a unique path to success this season as they rode Patrick Roy, premium playmaking, and a contain defense en route to winning their division. Some red flags concern me considering a matchup with Pittsburgh on the docket. First of all Montreal was outshot this season by their opponent. Second, Montreal also spent more time in their own zone defending than they did on the attack and lastly they don’t have a gamebreaking talent on their roster. Despite these things, Dethrox plays a disciplined style that allows him to flourish by taking advantage of the other teams mistakes.


    Pittsburgh’s season was the antithesis of Montreal, the Pens outshot their opponents, outzoned them and had some of the worst goaltending this season. Pittsburgh’s roster is miles ahead of Montreal’s but the utilization makes me skeptical as Mario and Ulf Samuelsson carried a lot of the scoring burden while Stevens and Jagr seemed to be scuffling for the most part. A confounding yet dangerous team.


    Bottom Line: This series holds the biggest upset potential and I squirm at the idea of having to play Pittsburgh with Montreal. Montreal’s contain defense will have to be on point and if they can take advantage of Pittsburgh’s puck rushing defenseman, I see a clear path to victory despite all of the other stats.


    Montreal in 6


    Jammerko94II (Bos) vs Stheds2000 (Wsh)


    #3 @Jammer - KO94IIsnes (Bos) -300

    #6 @stheds2000 (Wsh) +300


    Season Series: Boston 3-2


    I get the sense from Jammer that Boston is not his favorite team but you would not be able to tell by the success they had this season. Leading the league in GAA and shots for seems to be a delicious recipe for success. The only thing really slowing down Boston is a relative inexperience to their opponent in online play. Even with that in mind, I wouldn’t be so quick to bury the Kof94II champ as his numbers speak for themself.


    In the other corner of this heavyweight battle is online veteran stheds2000, who used a low event, puck possessing style to his benefit. This roster is perfectly constructed to compete with Boston as the Caps blueline can handle Boston’s talented roster while Bondra will do his best to put the B’s on their heels during counter attacks. 


    Bottom Line: This has the makings of a 7 gamer and could be a very frustrating series on both sides of the ice. These teams are perfectly situated to punch each other in the mouth with viscous body checks and stifling defense. Whoever loses their cool in this matchup will likely see their playoff run stop well short of expectation.


    Prediction: Boston in 7


    Stantonator (LA) vs Angryjay93 (NYR)


    #4 Stantonator (LA) -100

    #5 Angryjay93 (NYR) +100


    Season Series: LA 2-0


    Stantonator, hot off an impressive showing at Kof94IV continues to ride the wave in LA as he used a swarming offensive attack and excellent manual goaltending to great success this season. Using a balanced scoring attack, LA cobbled together the 2nd highest scoring offense  despite only having one individual in the top 10 scoring (#8 Sandstrom). Pair this with a couple of big heavies on the backline and you have to like Stantonator’s chances at a long playoff run.


    You let one GENS guy win a SNES championship and it seems everyone answers the bell to take him down as this season was so stacked with competition we had to have TWO A Leagues. We all know what we get with the Angryjay style, tons of puck possession, lots of passing, and stifling contain defense. NYR led the league in fewest shots allowed, that paired with their league leading attack zone time and special teams may be their best defense against LA’s balanced attack. 


    Bottom Line: A true pick em as LA seems to have a slight roster edge in this matchup and Stantonator has been on absolute fire since Toronto. Still, it is my odds and if I go down, I’m going down believing in myself! To the prediction!


    Prediction: NYR in 7


    Odds to win Cup: 


    Jammer (Bos): +400


    Dethrox (Mtl): +500


    Angryjay93 (NYR): +600


    Stantonator (LA): +600


    Koke (Van): +800


    Stheds2000 (Wsh): +1300


    MikeyV04 (Pit): +2500


    TokenToma (Wpg): +5000

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  2. Very tragic news indeed seeing that pop up on my phone today.

    I have always tried to give him the due his career deserved on this site, truly one of the great players to ever lace it up. 

    Here is a blast from the past regarding some of my previous experiences with the vastly underrated (at the time) NHL '94 version of Dale Hawerchuk


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  3. 6 hours ago, Uncle Seth said:


    PS, AJ pick a real team, don't be a cheeseball.  Take a mulligan and grab LA or PHI.


    I'll stick with the Blues, the next three teams on my list were all snagged after me.

    I don't want the no name Philly defense. I'm just gonna emulate kgman with last seasons Sandersizing and this season we're gonna rock the Bassenation.

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  4. I don't think anyone has brought this name up before but Garry Galley really got shafted.

    In 92-93 he was the 14th highest scoring dman in the league with a line of 13 goals, 49 assists, and 62 points.  That line earned him the title of 80th highest rated dman in NHL '94 with the below ratings.

    2/2 skating, 3/4 aware, 2/1 shot, 3 sth & passing

    In order to find a player rated lower than Galley on the point scoring list, one would have to look to Brad Shaw;s 41 points and 51 rating.


    In 93-94 Galley improved his performance to 10 goals, 60 assists for 70 points. That performance was good for 8th in league scoring for dmen and it earned him a 58 overall rating with the below upgrades in NHL '95.

    3/3 skating, 4 stick handling


    Not sure what more Galley needed to do but Kuperman was not impressed.

  5. 3 hours ago, Mr. Derp said:

    AJ makes a comment in his Penguins line-builder concerning Fogarty.


    Yes, so many years ago we had multiple draft leagues where some of the players based out of Pittsburgh would select Fogarty with their last pick. 

    I'm thinking they had a personal liking or interest in him because he's not rated highly enough to ever be useful on ice in a game. It was just my way of paying respect to Fogarty and the Pittsburgh people in our community.

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  6. On 6/2/2020 at 7:33 AM, Mr. Derp said:

    I've read something like this twice now, the other time being about Brad Marsh. Does this mean that classic leagues using the weight bug generally don't allow subbing when a penalty is taken? Or that coaches simply don't do it?

    It's not so much you can't sub, it is just that guys like Ludwig and Marsh come in automatically if no sub is made manually.

    Depending on the league or tournament format, you may or may not be able to pause the game to make a sub. If you are able to make a sub, I would strongly suggest removing a guy like Ludwig or Marsh because there are better options available on the bench.

  7. Robitaille is the objectively better player but give me Granato any day over him at RW. Hawerchuk gets dogged a lot but he's still someone I rely on heavily when using Buffalo. And then there is always my good friend Chris Kontos in TB, perfect trigger man.

    On defense I really like Leschyshyn over any of the other QUE dmen and I think Lidster and Lumme are a real solid pairing despite getting a lot of hate in tier 1. 

    In net, give me Kelly Hrudey, he and I have been through some battles and I'd gladly lean on him again.

  8. image.png



    - 3 Lines Needed for Season 3
    - Backup Goalies play on Line 3 (ANH, NYI, OTW, SJ, & TB may use any of their goalies as the starter . The declared starter shall remain the starter unless the team elects to modify their line later in the season as detailed below.
    - If an injury occurs, a player from a lower line must be subbed. If a Line 3 game, a reserve must be subbed into the lineup.
    - For every three game series, a team may sub in one reserve player for one game. Once the substitution is made, the team is no longer eligible to substitute a reserve player (except for injuries) for the remainder of the three game series.
    - Posted lines may be edited in preseason/exhibitions up until a team plays their first game of the season.

    Line Edits: After 24 games, a team may edit their line combos ONCE (including goalies for the above mentioned teams). If the edit is not exercised prior to the teams last 3 games of the season, the edit is forfeited. In order to have line edits take effect, please post a new reply to this thread displaying the new combos.


    Ottawa Senators:





    Forwards: Brady, Hull, McBain, Archibald, Murphy, Loewen
    Defense: Jelinak, Dineen


  9. Season 3 Draft

    Hello everyone and welcome back to Season 3 as we wrap up our first cycle through the league. 

    Just a tiny bit of housekeeping here before we commence with the draft. There are only 8 unused teams remaining for the 9 players drafting here, so we will need to incorporate one recycled team. 

    In the first screenshot below you will find the details to every team available this season. Several players have been moved around or added to due to the presence of expansion players and teams. Each team will have at least 12 F and 8 D available. The second screenshot below will give a detailed breakdown of every player I had to create.

    Lastly, I'm bringing back 3 teams from season 2, only one of the 3 can be drafted. The 1st overall pick may choose to bypass the season 2 teams, they (along with all other subsequent picks) are not forced into picking a season 2 team. Once ONE of the season 2 teams is selected, they are ALL removed from the board.





    Draft Order

    1. @danTML7 - Philadelphia Flyers

    2. @chaos - Hartford Whalers

    3. @Jamiesoccer - New York Islanders

    4. @JSchmidt - St. Louis Blues 

    5. @MikeGartner22 - San Jose Sharks

    6. @corbettkb - Florida Panthers

    7. @Mitch Kramer - Tampa Bay Lightning

    8. @kingraph - Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

    9. @angryjay93 - Ottawa Senators

  10. 1 hour ago, smozoma said:

    Imagine if season mode was done, by transferring the .srm around after each game :eyes_droped:

    Clearly impossible to coordinate, but would be epic....

    Dervin showed it was possible to edit .srm files to input arbitrary stats, so in theory the stats could be exported from saves and then input into the .srm for browsing.

    I may be reading this all wrong, but would I be able to upload the games from my own season mode onto a website for better stat tracking?

    Currently, I'm going through an entire season of 95 against the computer by playing every game as the home team. I was playing a lot more when I thought I could attend the 95 tournament later this year but have since slowed down when I realized I can't make two Toronto trips in 3 months.

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  11. How the forgotten man was found:

    Recently I was perusing NHL Reference and thought I'd go over to take a look at the 92-93 Los Angeles Kings roster . The Kings are one of my favorite teams in the game and I was curious to see how players like Luc Robitaille, Wayne Gretzky, Tomas Sandstrom and Kelly Hrudey performed. As I was scouring my way down the roster, I noticed a name that I recognized but couldn't quite put my finger on. As I thought about it a bit longer a new thought occurred,  the fact that this player was not included in NHL '94 despite playing 49 regular season games. With this thought in my mind, I was determined to discover the player who played the most games in 92-93 without making NHL '94. 

    This is the story of John McIntyre.


    John looks a little surprised to be remembered. Don't worry bud, I got your back.

    Who is John McIntyre exactly?

    McIntyre wen't in the 3rd round of the 1987 draft, 49th overall to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Playing as a center in the OHL for the Guelph Plates, it took a bit of time for McIntyre to get his game going as he scored a mere 30 points in 47 games during his draft year. As an over aged player in junior McIntyre scored 30 goals and 56 points and he earned a cup of coffee in the AHL with the Newmarket Saints. The following season McIntyre spent 6 games in the "A" before getting called up to the big show where he would be able to ditch bus rides for the majority of his career. 

    Once in the NHL, John was able to establish himself as a defensive minded 4th line center who loved to get in on the fore check, skate hard, and lay big hits while occasionally dropping the mitts. He would ply his trade in the NHL for 6 with years with 4 different teams (Toronto, LA, Rangers, Vancouver) with 91-92 being his career year (5G-19A-24P-115PIM). 1995-96 would be his last year in pro hockey as McIntyre finally had to gut it out in the AHL with the Syracuse Crunch for 53 games before calling it quits. After all was said and done, McIntyre played 351 games, potting 24 goals and obtaining 54 assists for 78 points and 516 penalty minutes.

    Why wasn't McIntyre on the Kings NHL '94 roster?

    McIntyre played 49 games, which placed him 15th on the Kings roster for most games played during the 92-93 season. That is more games than Dave Taylor, Corey Millen, Tim Watters and even Wayne Gretzky! Problem was, McIntyre was traded before the end of the season on March 22, 1993 to the New York Ranger for Mark Hardy and a 5th rounder. Hardy himself played 55 total games that season and made the Kings '94 roster as the 6th highest rated defenseman. 

    With NHL '94 being released after the 92-93 season, it simply would have been no longer accurate to include McIntyre as a member of the Kings.

    Why wasn't McIntyre on the Rangers '94 roster?

    This is where things get a bit more involved as McIntyre made it into 11 games with the Rangers before season end, this left him at 31st for most games played as a Ranger during 92-93. On the whole, McIntyre played 60 games, this is more than fellow Ranger forwards such as Phil Bourque (55 games), Jan Erixon (45 games), and Steven King (24 games). All three of the listed players made the '94 cut, seemingly at the expense of McIntyre.

    Looking further down the list, one will come across the name Mike Hartman, he played a mere 3 games with the Rangers but he as well made the '94 cut. Digging a bit deeper on Hartman, the answer to his inclusion becomes a little less murky as he played 58 games with Tampa before being traded to New York on the same day that McIntyre was acquired. This leaves Hartman with a 61 to 60 games played edge over McIntyre, that appears to be the reason for the choice of Hartman over McIntyre.

    Could this have been avoided? 

    Forgetting McIntyre could have certainly been avoided, but at what cost? In regards to Bourque and Erixon, I would be inclined to include them as part of the Rangers '94 roster as they were a part of the team the entire year. 

    The amount of defenders could have been reduced by one to allow for an extra forward, but all 8 Ranger players included did play a fairly vital role with Lowe coming in as a mid-season acquisition and Leetch missing a large chunk of the season with injuries.

    This leaves us with Steven King who scored 12 points in 24 games as a rookie. King, was signed out of college and turned into a decent prospect that was producing in the "A" but he was left unprotected during the 1993 Expansion Draft. King, ended up being selected by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim thus leaving him unavailable for the Rangers during the upcoming 93-94 season while McIntyre remained property of the Rangers. 

    This is where things get even hazier, the release date of NHL '94 is still a bit of a mystery with release being estimated around September-October of 1993. It is difficult to say when exactly rosters were finalized but McIntyre was claimed by the Vancouver Canucks on October 3, 1993 during the waiver draft. It is possible that rosters were finalized after the draft, thus making McIntyre even more of a mystery man as he was on his 3rd team in 7 months. 

    Despite his vagabond ways and King's emergence with the Rangers, it would appear that there was a clear remedy to the problem. King, in addition to making the Rangers '94 roster also made the Ducks '94 expansion roster. For some reason the '94 powers that be felt it would be deserving to include King twice as opposed to McIntyre once despite McIntyre playing over twice as many games as King during the 92-93 season!

    Is anyone else forgotten on McIntyre's level?

    No and it's not even close. The next two players with the most games played to not be included were Vladimir Vujtek and Hubie McDonough with 30 GP each. Vujtek floated around the world for nearly 20 years eventually accumulating 110 NHL games. McDonough on the other hand put together a career with 195 NHL games but none of them came after 92-93. 

    Several players with lesser careers and far fewer games played in 92-93 were included in '94 but that is possibly another story for another day. 

    For now, let us recognize the most forgotten man of NHL '94, John McIntyre. You will be forgotten no longer.

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  12. Being one of the select few individuals to make it to all 5 NHL events that Troy @Edge of '94 Midwest has put together, it is incredible to see how far we have come. Every year the production value, quality of the competition, contributions from the community, and the fun experienced at the event goes up. If for some reason you are on the fence about these events, you need to jump right off that fence and get involved immediately. Win, lose, or draw you can not beat the amount of fun to be had at these events, bring your friends and make a day out of it. We enjoy a good time as much as we do good 94.

    This time around I had a very pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Moving the location for tournament from Green Bay to Minneapolis allowed for me to have a direct flight, a rare luxury for me to most of these events. No longer do I have to do the Sacramento-Phoenix-Atlanta-Minneapolis-Green Bay red eye flight the evening before a tournament. I felt so good about this trip that I even left the sunglasses at home.

    Once I arrived at the Moxy, I knew we were in a good place because I saw a few different NHL 94 setups in the lobby that were adjacent to the in house bar. Can't ask for much more than that type of setup. The discounted room rate was a great touch as these rooms really suited my style with their simplistic yet comfortable design. The location was fabulous as we were just a couple blocks from the venue and we were surrounded by a wide array of cuisine and drinks. I played a couple games before heading out with @IAmFleury'sHipCheck and his brother to one of the local spots for some high quality Italian food. By the time we got back to the hotel lobby it was getting a little late, I opted to stay away from the exi and 2 v 2 in an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour. In retrospect this may have been a mistake as I instead was engaged in a conversation with EA, his brother, and KingRaph. During this conversation two girls from the bar were walking our way, the one girl who was a little less drunk than the other and almost literally dragging her friend out the door made eye contact with us and proceeded to say "My friend really wants to make out tonight but not with any of you!!!" Suffice to say, I was crushed by this revelation and I retreated up to my room shortly there after where I cried the night away thinking about my wasted opportunity.

    The next morning I got up early, got a coffee and some breakfast before heading over to the venue to help set things up for the tournament. I thought I was arriving pretty early and had a lot of heavy lifting ahead of me but boy was I ever wrong. By the time I arrived, things were already moving along smoothly, Trojan, Leif Eriksson, Darik Aho, Mort, Hank the Tank, and others were already well ahead of schedule at ensuring we would have an amazing tournament that day. There was the massive projector screen that allowed anyone and everyone within the venue to see what we were streaming on youtube. We had plenty of high quality CRTs, consoles, and controllers just ready and waiting for everyone. And oh yeah, there were also holograms and pyrotechnics! This event just continues to impress every year, I can't say enough about the thought and quality that goes into every aspect. 

    The tournament itself was a blast, I had a really competitive group that included @danTML7, TecmoDPs, and @Scribe99. Getting to play with Scribe was a pretty big deal for me as he was one of the OG's from this site as he joined back in 2005. There was a time where Scribe was my main exi partner and it was incredible to see how much he still enjoys playing the game even though he hasn't been online for sometime. The man could still play as I sneaked out a win in group play and played a tight 2 game playoff series with him in bracket play. Mort also had an incredible showing and really impressed me with his play in our semifinal playoff matchup. 

    This was all preamble though as I encountered Raph in the finals yet again. The last 2 GENS finals losses at Green Bay and the overtime loss in our 7 game epoch at Toronto were still fresh in my head. I did a little something different with my training this time around as the weekend before I went to visit @CoachMac up on the Nevada side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We took advantage of those mountains as he and I literally climbed a couple different mountains, a small highlight real can be found below.

    Seriously though, we climbed mountains. 


    And that's after we had been descending for a few minutes!

    My mettle was tested quickly as Raph won game 1 decisively and was up 2-0 early in game 2. I was able to reset mentally after that and the rest is all history. Raph and I hope to have some video breakdowns for everyone to view sooner rather than later as we want to try and share our thought process with the rest of the community. 

    Raph and I are certainly rivals but the time is near where I think some other people will start making finals appearances of their own. For the time being, the frequency at which we face each other in the finals has been incredible and we may not ever see anything quite like it again.

    The SNES tournament was a rip roaring good time, the happy hour really spiced things up as the drinks were flowing around freely. Raph had my number that go around as I was unable to sweep the day and defend my SNES crown.

    We certainly had an incredible group of guys all contribute to a weekend that won't soon be forgotten. I want to thank @LeifErikson and Darik Aho for playing a huge role in helping make this tournament happen. Also thank you to The Shield for contributing all sorts of prizes to this event, I don't think I saw anyone walk away empty handed and we have you to thank for that. Major shout outs to the travelling folks @jer_33, @danTML7, @seventieslord, EA, @Votaw, Mort, DPS, Phil from Dmen Tap, @Mitch Kramer, Kevin Cabarello, and @kingraph. It is with your presence and your faith in these events that we are able to grow something from very humble beginnings to what we have here today. 

    And lastly, thank you again to @Edge of '94 Midwest, you put on an absolutely incredible event and I can't wait until next year as I know you will do everything in power to make it another memorable experience. 

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  13. image.png



    - Only 3 lines needed this season
    - Backup goalie plays with Line 3
    - If an injury occurs, a player from a lower line must be subbed. If a line 3 game, a reserve must be subbed.
    - Posted lines may be edited in preseason/exhibitions up until a team plays their first game of the season.

    Line Edits: After 24 games, a team may edit their line combos ONCE. If the edit is not exercised prior to the teams last 3 games of the season, the edit is forfeited. 


    Pittsburgh Penguins:




    Spare F: Needham, Stapleton, Daniels, Caufield,
    Spare D: Paek, Jennings, Fogarty

  14. Welcome everyone to season 2! Let's get right into this by displaying the team guidelines.




    - We are rolling with 3 lines this season as opposed to 4.
    - Starting goalies will play line 1 & 2 with backups playing on Line 3.
    - Expansion team F & D players have been removed.
    - When needed, I have added a spare player to a team and given a rough gauge of where their overall rating will be.
    - Highlighted cells denote either or choices. 

    Draft Order:

    1. @Jamiesoccer - Buffalo Sabres

    2. @Mike Gartner - Toronto Maple Leafs

    3. @danTML7 - Vancouver Canucks

    4. @Mitch Kramer - Winnipeg Jets

    5. @chaos - Washington Capitals

    6. @JSchmidt - St. Louis Blues

    7. @corbettkb - Edmonton Oilers

    8. @angryjay93 - Pittsburgh Penguins

    9. @kingraph - New Jersey Devils