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  1. Just a few notes before I display my lines.

    - 12 different forwards and 8 defense must be used.

    - For season 0 there are no in game subs. You may switch up the positions each player plays but the actual players must remain the same. 

    - If an injury occurs, a sub from a lower line or your reserves must be iced. If a 4th line defender is hurt, a player from Line 3 must enter unless you have 9 defenders (Montreal).

    - No subs required for penalties, you get who you get. 

    - Lines are locked for the season. It's a short season with testing be a huge component of this. I want as much control for this experiment as possible and to get through it rather quickly so we can have a more expansive Season 1. 

    - As of now, no backup goalie play is required.

    Boston Bruins:

    Line 1: Juneau-Neely-Oates-Wesley-Bourque

    Line 2: Kvartalnov-Ruzicka-Poulin-Sweeney-Murphy

    Line 3: Pantaleyev-Douris-Donato-Featherston-Shaw

    Line 4: Leach-Heinze-Reid-Roberts-Wiemer









  2. Raph selects the Rangers and that concludes the draft!

    Feel free to run exhibitions and figure out your lines. During this time I will be setting up a line combo thread and getting in contact with Chaos to get us set up online.

    I will post my lines first so guys can get an idea of what I'm looking for here. 

    Lastly, if anyone has a classic rom with 1 minute penalties, then we will be all set.

  3. 5 minutes ago, corbettkb said:

    Are you required to use your backup goalie, like say, must use backup goalie once every 4 games or somesuch could  work?

    Great question. This is another thing I will be monitoring and asking for input after the pilot season. 

    That said, for the pilot, you will not be required to use a backup.

  4. Below is the draft order for Season 0, I didn't expect to do it yet but I felt so productive this morning that I just couldn't stop myself. 

    1. Corbett - Detroit

    2. MikeGartner - Montreal

    3. DanTml7 - Chicago

    4. Schmidt - Vancouver

    5. Angryjay93 - Boston

    6. Kingraph

    Schmidt is on the clock. Please post your selection within this thread. I will figure out how to get us a discord channel a little later on.

  5. All right boys, looks like we got our 6 guys with Dantml7 signing up.

    I will be doing a random draft order and should have that posted over the next couple days. During the draft, I will also be setting up a thread for our Season 0 line combinations while working with Chaos to get us up and running on the website.

    Again, I'd like for this league to start right around the conclusion of classic playoffs. Please take advantage of this time to learn your roster and experiment with things a bit. I'm really excited to see how this season turns out.

  6. 10 minutes ago, smozoma said:

    Thoughts on using the hack that allows B-checking with no penalties? Then you don't have to worry about Selanne coming on for the 4th line PK, or injuries.

    This is something I know I'll be looking at very closely in the pilot. I'm going to 1 minute penalties to start because I can already anticipate 2 minutes penalties being an issue.

    I don't want to nix power plays right out the gate but if I see a lot of shorthanded goals by star players in lower line games, then I would go to a no penalty league .

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  7. 47 minutes ago, kingraph said:

    Sounds cool, count me in for the pilot!  

    The only question I have is why not have Robi on the 4th line?  If I was LA for example, I would choose to have someone like Sandstrom on line 1, Gretzky on line 2, Carson on line 3, and Robitaille on line 4?  From a strategy perspective, I'd rather have my top talent spread out among the 4 lines vs stacking line 1.  But if that's not the spirit of the league, I understand that as well.  I don't want to over complicate anything, I'll go with the flow.

    I wrestled with this idea as well but I'd like to let the meat and potato guys carry line 3 and 4 for the pilot season. To me, part of the appeal of this league is to let those guys get some game action and be a focal point, not just be the means to an end by feeding a 1st line caliber player. 

    Based on the feedback of season 0, we could change over to open line combos where there are no set lineups every series. The only rule would be to use 12 different forwards and 8 different defenseman for the 4 games.

    For now, I feel determining our lines before the season and sticking with that formula will give us some structure to work with and a more controlled experiment. Once I see the basis of the idea works and is fun, we can open the doors to other things.


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  8. Line Rolling League (Name Still being workshopped)

    Overview: Line change leagues have been few and far between but I think I have an idea that could gather a bit more support and interest, hence the Line Rolling League. I would like to start with Season 0 as sort of a pilot season to test the theory of this league. I'm looking for 6 dedicated coaches to play a 20 game season over a 2-3 week period once classic league playoffs have concluded. Top 4 teams make the playoffs where a best of 7 would be played in both rounds to decide a winner.

    Season Rules: 

    - Every team plays each other 4 times.

    - Each team, prior to the start of the season will be allowed to select a team in a draft where order is determined randomly. Once a team is drafted, the coach must create 4 different lines and post them on the forum. No changes will be allowed once the season starts. 

    - I don't want to get into a bunch of rules during a pilot season but I'm hoping guys would have the courtesy to not put top line players on line 3 or 4. I get putting Robitaille on line 2 for LA but I'm not down with Robitaille on line 4.

    - During the 4 game series with an opponent, each game will feature a matchup between different lines. Ex: Game 1 features Line 1 v Line 1, Game 2 features Line 2 v Line 2 and so on. Once your series is complete, you will have rolled your lines without having to use actual line changes.

    - All other rules are same (5 minute period, penalties on except offsides, manual goalie, line changes off)

    - If a player is injured during the game, a player must be subbed in from a lower line, if its a Line 4 player, you must use a reserve player.

    - For penalties, you get who you get as a sub, no sense slowing the pace of the game down. (This rule will be under close scrutiny, I may go to a no penalty league with a working b check if needed).

    - One minute penalties

    - Some teams have 7 defense, Line 4 will consist of the 7th dman and a player from Line 3

    Playoff Rules: 

    - The only  real difference is how a series is won. Game 1 features Line 1 v Line 1, whoever wins game 1 must move on to Line 2 meaning Game 2 is Line 2 v Line 1. If the same team wins game 2, then it is Line 3 v Line 1. The series will continue with this format until a team wins with all 4 lines, sweeps will be progressively harder as the matchup disadvantage increases. Game 7 would naturally feature Line 4 v Line 4. 

    Interested players:

    Angryjay, Tex, MikeGartner, Kingraph, Schmidt, Dantml

    Looking for 0 more player:

    For the pilot season, I'd like to keep things to a minimum of 6 teams to ensure all lineups have 4 fairly strong lines. If this league format interests you and you are able to be dedicated over a 3-4 week time span then please show your interest in a post below. 

    After the season is over, I'd like to review how things went and then make changes from there for a true Season 1. I'd prefer to not over commit on such an unusual idea because if it truly needs a lot of reworking, it's only 20+ games of your life being thrown away. 


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