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  1. Thank you for the rom Raph, everything look great.

    Just an aside, I think the 45 second penalties are throwing off some of the timing stats like TOI and Attack Zone. Attack Zone looks very inflated and through 4 games Rob Blake is averaging 15:00 TOI despite having 2 penalties taken and no overtime being played. I killed both penalties so theres no way he should be at 15:00. Not sure if thats an unavoidable bug but just thought I'd throw it out there for info sake.

  2. I drew up some numbers during lunch and have come  to these conclusions.


    - At 60 overall a forwards skills become rudimentary. Only a handful of players have a skill rating of 4 (sth, pass, or shp) No player has more than one skill with a 4 rating.
    - Essentially all we are doing is weeding out who can skate and potential weight buggers. In a 6 team league there are 18 starting forwards and 12 subs. 
    - I think 55 is an interesting break. It maintains the players with a 4 skill but cuts down on the players who have 4 agility or 4 speed to roughly 1-2 forwards per team. Only 3 players would be a 4/4 skater. 
    - Weight buggers could be a bit of an issue. With such porous skating they and CB checkers really become beefed up but I focus more on weight buggers since everyone can use them easily. At 55 overall there are 15 players at 4 or 5 weight. At 50 overall there are only 6. 


    - Anything above 50 seems too high, as there isn't a premium on any skill and we will all likely have similar defenses.
    -The most interesting breaks are at 50, 48 and 46 overall. At 50 overall our starters will all likely be fairly competent. At 48 one guy will be competent and the other might be a bit rough. At 46 only a few teams will have a competent defender and the rest will be pretty lackluster.
    - I vote for 46, the other two cutoffs do allow for some decent defenders but the lack of separation between them doesn't allow for much in the way of true standouts.


    - I haven't done much research here but I have two thoughts. Either go with the 6 worst goalies (or however many teams there are) or use some cut off like 45. 



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  3. Hey everybody, I'm back already with another team breakdown. These things are gonna have to come out pretty often if I'm going to meet my goal of posting a team breakdown for every team before King of 94 III. I'm going to do my best to do 2-3 videos a week and thankfully I already have a couple more in reserve to post in the upcoming days so please be on the look out!

    As for today, please enjoy the video where I talk about the Buffalo Sabres!


  4. I've got a long breakdown this time but Montreal is very worthy of it as they have a lot of worthwhile players and a detailed game plan.

    I've already got Buffalo lined up and will release that in a few days. I hope to record the rest of the division this week and release that soon as well. The scripts are already set and just need recording.

    Feel free to provide any feedback!


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