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  1. Hey Everybody, I have posted my first official team breakdown and I changed the format a little bit to make it easier to digest. The first half of the video is a more basic team breakdown  for a crowd looking for something a bit more basic. For anyone wanting a bit more information, the second half of the video talks a bit more about different matchups for Boston among other things as I play an exhibition against the CPU. 

    Since this feature is in its beginning stages, I highly encourage any suggestions to help improve the content moving forward. There are 25 more teams so there is certainly time to adjust if needed. Other than that, I hope everyone enjoys!


  2. Here is my latest video, I think it will be the final one before I get into team breakdowns. I realized it would be  important to talk about what the attributes and ratings mean in the game before I go in depth talking it for every team. This is again directed more towards people looking to obtain a greater understanding of the game in general. 

    Any and all feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

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  3. Hey everyone,

    I just posted a new video today talking about the CB check. It's short but hopefully informative. 

    Things I've Been Working On:

    - The audio should be better as i picked up a mic recently. I still need to fine tune how things sound but I'm kind of tone deaf. Feel free to provide any feedback.

    - I think the game footage should be closer to 4:3 and be easier on the eyes.

    Things I'm getting around too soon:

    - I'm having someone work on a background for the stream. This should help with the layout considerably.

    - I need to reshape the webcam so that it's a bit easier to view

    - The lighting is still a work in progress. 

    It's been difficult fine tuning this as I still have a spot to consistently film from. I think once I figure that out and the background situation then the presentation should be more up to snuff. Right now I'm just trying to build good habits (putting in the work to create content) and relying on the quality of the information.

    Again, I'm open to feedback and am hoping I can continue to improve at this as I start to dive into the team Breakdowns pretty soon here.

  4. 35 minutes ago, chaos said:

    This one looks more compact, half the price and good ratings - Either way I agree with Smoz on all points. Plus, isn't that an SNES screenshot for the background? ;)

    @angryjay93, what software are you using to do this? OBS?


    I like the mic recommendation Chaos, now I have some pretty obvious options. 

    Yes, I'm using OBS, still pretty new to it.

  5. On 6/21/2018 at 8:12 AM, smozoma said:

    Bit of technical/presentation feedback... Haven't had time to watch the videos fully yet sorry.

    I don't know if it's intentional or has some meaning, but I think the big Jagr & Stevens text needs to be removed, it's visually distracting. Looks like a title for the video.

    The game video is stretched to widescreen, but should be more like the original 4:3 ratio. So I'd recommend making the screen more like some of the streams from other events, where the game video is 4:3 and fills more of the screen vertically, and then the facecam video is beside the game video instead of above it. (You can crop the facecam video to also be 4:3 if you want it to be bigger/taller)

    I recommend getting a microphone to improve audio quality. The one that Troy and Halifax use is the Samson Meteor, which is small and folds up nicely (for transport to tourneys):

    Thank you for the feedback Smoz, the items you pointed out are certainly some of the things I really want to work on and make better.

    I'm working on getting a more specialized overlay that should present a much cleaner looking product overall.

    I'm not quite sure how to achieve the 4:3 ratio with the game video or face cam but we can take that conversation off forum if needed to help make that process more clear to me. 

    Space for me is indeed limited as I don't have a dedicated area in which to complete my work, something small and portable like you mentioned could be perfect for me. The sound is an issue that has been brought up a few times already and I do want to find a solution to this issue.

    Within the next month I hope to have a lot of this figured out and I really do appreciate the help here.

  6. I just posted my newest video on youtube. It's the first video in my beginner series where I explain some of the finer points of NHL '94 that newer people may not know. These videos are directed towards newer people but vets are also encouraged to watch and contribute if they like.

    I'm still working on my Team breakdowns for GENS and will hopefully be able to record my video for Boston over the weekend. The script is ready to go, I just need to shoot footage.

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  7. Hey guys, I just want to give a little bit of an update here since I haven't posted anything new in about 10 days now.

    I'm starting to work on a beginner series to be paired up with King of 94 III signups which should be announced in the upcoming weeks. I'm going to direct these videos more towards our newer people on the forums and people signing up for their first live tournament. The first video of this series should be ready to go up tonight or tomorrow.

    I'm also working on my team breakdowns as well, I hope to have a new one up within a week and it should be much shorter in duration. I'm aiming for about 20-25 minutes in duration. I'm not looking to whittle down on content, I just want to be more efficient with it is all.

    Once the next video goes up, I'll be sure to share it on the website for all to see.

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  8. Hey bud welcome to the site! I'm from northern CA and had a similar problem with the local talent being pretty thin. I find myself going to Nevada to play another member of the community named Coach Mac. Are you able to hop online to play? That will be the best way for you to face quality players on a more regular basis. 

    We had a few guys from the LA area who were active but it's been a few years since we have heard from them. It would be nice to get more guys from LA so that one day we could hold a tournament in CA with a lot of local players. The best we have so far is that the next King of 94 which takes place in October will be held in Vancouver, Canada. Thats just a couple hour flight and you'd get to stay in your own time zone.

  9. Line 1A

    LW - A lightweight left handed speedster, more play maker than sniper (Ex: Cliff Ronning)
    C-  Speedster with a good shot, preferably left handed (Ex: Pavel Bure)
    RW - Right handed speedster with more one on one capabilities (Ex: Tony Granato or Selanne if i was greedy)

    I'm not picky about defenders or goalies. Obviously higher rated is better but as long as the defenders have 4 agility and 4 passing then I'm happy. Goalies need to have 4 agility and be 6 weight or less, the rest is details.

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  10. Hey Everybody, I've created some new content (2 videos) on my Youtube channel and wanted to share for anyone who is interested.

    The first video which I have below is Part 1 of my most recent content. It has a brief introduction of myself and why I'm starting a channel. There will be more to come regarding myself but this video does a good job of starting to paint that picture. Also, I started a cup run with San Jose that is more unique from the typical cup run against the computer. In short, I attempt to use every player on the San Jose roster for one game with a twist at the end...I pull the goalie in the Stanley Cup Final and try to win without one. 

    The second video has me breaking down the San Jose Sharks (Sega Version) team strategy/roster. I think I got a little carried away with how much time I spent on the team as this video runs a bit long but I figured if I have too much material it will be easier to focus on cutting things out rather than finding a way to elaborate more. Anyways, all the info on San Jose is there and I hope to do something like this for all the teams before we head off to Vancouver for King of 94 III. Also, after I breakdown SJ I complete my cup run which has a pretty tense finish at the end.

    Please don't be afraid to leave questions or comments whether it be here or on the youtube videos. I really want/need the feedback to help me produce better content for us. I really want to build the hype and draw more people to our events later this year and hope enough people here feel the same about that. 

    I'm going to do my best to continue to produce these videos and will keep the community up to date as they are released!

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  11. Hey everyone, I've been working behind the scenes the last month or so to get an NHL '94 Youtube channel and live stream going. On this channel I hope to provide content on the following items:

    -Live Game Analysis
    -Team Breakdowns
    -How to Videos
    -Challenges vs. Computer
    -Various other items that may arise

    While my Youtube channel may not quite be ready to start producing regular content, I have been working on some test footage which I have just posted this morning. This test footage consists chiefly of some games with MikeGartner  that I played at CoachMac's house last night. What make this footage different from regular game recordings is that this footage also has Coach and I on camera analyzing the game as it plays out.  While we have had commentators at our live events, I don't think we've ever had the game broken down by the person playing it as it goes on. I'm hoping this unique angle of live analysis gives other people better insight of the action.

    I just uploaded a couple videos; one contains myself and Mike Gartner playing 5 summer league games with the 2nd containing an exhibition game between Coach Mac & Mike Gartner, you can use the links below to view it on Youtube.


    A lot of this is a work in progress and will improve over time but I think it's a good first step.

    One thing I would really appreciate in all of this is the input and support of the community. In the end I want this content to be an extension of us and our community so it is vital that you guys get involved. How you can get involved can take various forms. The first thing that can be done is so subscribe to the channel and if you want to go a little further by commenting on my videos or giving a thumbs up (or thumbs down) then that would be really helpful. Also, please feel free to send me a PM, e-mail, or post on the forums requesting a video on a specific subject. I'm open to helping anyone with anything because I want to help the level of play here continue to rise. I also want to help anyone who is either getting back into the game after a long break or who is a total noob. 

    Oh and before I forget, don't fret my SNES buds, I plan on having SNES specific content as well. You will not be forgotten in all of this.

    So again, things are a work in progress here and it will get better moving forward. If you get the chance, please check out the videos, I would appreciate any support I get from the community here to help this project grow. 

    And oh, one last thing before I go. Coach and I also tested out the live stream by playing our 10 summer league games. Please feel free to check it out and leave a comment!


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  12. I just played a test game with Chaos and things worked like a dream despite chaos being connected to hotel internet.

    I've been having just a never ending list of issues with gens and kaillera from my home but this new retroarch setup just worked right through it. I would really love to see this thing get some steam moving forward with more testers coming to the forefront.

    This platform has a lot of potential.

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  13. 3 hours ago, CoachMac said:

    I need this updated and for everyone to check for duplicate numbers.

    I believe Trade Deadline is Wednesday.

    So I want to get this finalized.

    Washington Lines will be whacked because I want some guys Player Cards (Probert, etc...) to show.
    AJ will just have to deal with making some manual changes.
    Also Perry Berezan kinda looks like AJ.

    Uncle Seth is the NY Islanders.
    Edmonton is a Super Team you can practice against.

    We have the Atlanta Flames and Calgary Flames in the league.
    We have the Dallas Stars and Minnesota NorthStars.

    Boston, Florida, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, St.Louis, and Toronto plus the All-Star Teams are default NHL 94 Teams.

    Do what have to do coach, I planned on going to the line change menu regardless.

    Is there anyway to get the Kansas City scouts team in the rom?

  14. So, I was going to do this big elaborate post about my selections but I mistakenly deleted my post half way through and can't recover it. Instead I'll just hit the high points very briefly and possibly do the write up within the next week. 

    With that said here are the main bullet points behind the process.

    -This is an expansion draft inspired by the 1974 expansion draft which brought the Kansas City Scouts and Washington Capitals into the league.
    -The Caps got the first pick in the entry draft while the Scouts received the first goalie and first position player pick in the expansion draft
    -The draft format was standard (Non-snake)
    -NHL teams were allowed to protect 15 players leading into the draft. In addition, all players who had played 2 or less pro seasons by the end of the 1973-74 season were automatically exmpt
    -Teams could lose up to 3 players in the expansion draft, but with each player lost they could protect one additional player. (Essentially a team could lose their 16th, 18th, and 20th best player)
    -The WHA was also in full swing at this point by running a 12 team league of their own. No players from this league were available in the expansion draft
    -In practicality, there were 30 professional teams with KC and Washington representing the 31st and 32nd franchises. Most of the players selected were not NHL caliber.

    Now bullet points for my draft.

    -I drafted players from the remaining summer draft league pool for the 12 supposed WHA teams, you can find the results below.

    Summer League Washington Capitals - Rosters.pdf

    -I then drafted for Kansas City and Washington in a similar manner to their actual draft. Kansas City's picks were not dummy picks, they were essentially players I would have picked before I made the selection for Washington.
    -I started with goalies, proceeded to defenseman, and then finished with forwards to make things streamlined. 
    -The talent pool was very shallow and I feel it gives an accurate enough portrayal of the situation in 1974.

    Now to the picks

    1. Kansas City - Jim Waite (47 ovr)
    2. Washington - Vincent Riendeau (43 ovr)
    3. Kansas City - Doug Crossman (50 ovr)
    4. Washington - Brad McCrimmon (47 ovr)
    5. Kansas City - Randy Ladoucer (45 ovr )
    6. Washington - Lyle Odelein (47 ovr)
    7. Kansas City - David Shaw (49 ovr)
    8. Washington - Marc Bergevin (45 ovr)
    9. Kansas City - Keith Brown (48 ovr)
    10. Washington - Ken Danyeko (45 ovr)
    11. Kansas City - Gilbert Dionne (61 ovr)
    12. Washington - Michel Goulet (61 ovr)
    13. Kansas City - Gregori Pantaleyev (54 ovr)
    14. Washington - Brent Gilchrest (55 ovr)
    15. Kansas City - Bob Kudelski (60 ovr)
    16. Washington - Perry Berezan (53 ovr)
    17. Kansas City - Brent Ashton (63 ovr)
    18. Washington - Bob Probert (60 ovr)
    19. Kansas City - Donald Audette (57 ovr)
    20. Washington - Steve Kasper (55 ovr)

    -If anyone wants to go for using Kansas City, feel free!

    Thank you to Raph and anyone else who offered me players to use from their own roster for the upcoming season. I really appreciate the offer but I'm in the expansion mood right now as the Vegas Golden Knights work their way through the playoffs. They are not a real expansion team as they got to select 30 bona fide NHL players, most of the teams that came before them did not have such luxury. I wish to have no such luxury, other than Michel Goulet and his 5 shot accuracy!


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  15. I know this is way late and inconsequential to this draft but just incase this spreadsheet gets used in the future, there is one item that needs to be corrected.

    On the goalie spreadsheet, when totaling their save ratings, its grabbing the wrong info. It should read as:




  16. 30 minutes ago, kingraph said:

    If this is true, I offer AJ any F or D he wants from my team in exchange for a FA pick.

    Thank you for the offer raph but despite the class and consideration shown here for me I'm going to say no thank you.


    I think Coach will appreciate this, but I'm going for an expansion 74-75 Washington capitals feel. I'll probably end up drafting another 6 or so teams and pretend those are the WHA teams of that time. Then after that, I'll go and get my expansion Capitals. Should be fun!

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