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  1. GG's to Ice. We had a good series with not a lot of room for anyone to operate. Thanks for getting them in early bud. Brut and FPB, I leave the country on Thursday and Ill be gone for two weeks. Id love to get our series in before that. If you guys could play sooner rather than later I would really appreciate it and I will do my best to play before I leave.
  2. I'll be around for our two tonight. Sometime after 11 est
  3. Smoz I appreciate it but I advise you and everyone else to stop wasting their time here talking to plabax. He's a gutter snipe and it is his goal in life to bring us all down to his level so we can occupy his free time. Our best course of action is to ignore him. We shouldn't waste our time giving reasons to someone who will always fight them regardless of how much he contradicts himself. If the community wants to put up with him, so be it. It will continue to lose members who make positive impacts.
  4. Smoz, these uploads are fantastic and the audio captured between the participants seems loud and clear from what I've been able to see so far. Superb work, I cant say how much I appreciate you getting all of this set up and processed.
  5. Honestly, I don't care. You have trolled enough. You said you can't play all week and all of a sudden you text me late at night with your usual "play" demand. Yeah, I'm real sorry I wasn't available at your beckoning. I don't care what happens or what you say. Dq me, dq you, dq us both.i don't care. I'm done with you. You are actively ruining mine and several others online 94 experience. I have no clue why the community puts up with you. Good bye.
  6. I have a little free time right now as I wait for league games, so lets go one by one. Being out of the country constitutes as busy. Please, forgive me for wanting to spend time with some good buds and friends up in Canada. Should I have just stared at a wall the entire time? I didnt have an internet connection suitable for online play, so whether I had time or not, the series wasn't going to be played. That is correct, I had no availability that I could set aside without doubt before Saskatoon. I work a full time job and I volunteer on the side with another organization. I also take care of myself, I have no wife, spouse, guardian, friend, or relative to take care of me and the things that need to be done. I'm in it by myself so when food has to be made I make it, when laundry is to be done, I wash it, etc,. Considering I took Friday off, I spent extra time at work last week to ensure I would be up to date as much as possible when I went into work today. I also had several reports that needed to be completed last week for my volunteer position. Those things needed to get done along with my day to day life responsibilities, if I'm going to not do something, its a hobby. Nhl 94 is a hobby, not a job. You are right, I play when I feel like it most of the time. I will set aside time to play with someone when I have it and i know they value my time. You do not. You think I have time all the time. Good job on being around every single day but taking no time at all to communicate with me. You could have sent me a message asking me about days and times for this week knowing full well I was unavailable/out of the country last week. You did not do this, instead you have posted many rants in this forum and have created a lot of unnecessary drama. Like I said, this is a hobby for me and I assume most everyone else here. I don't want to read your sniveling posts. Your comment about playing in 10 minutes is a fallacy. we have a 7 game series. 7 game series take at minimum 1 hour to play and a maximum of over 90 minutes. When you consider time to get the game going, all the game play (including any possible ot's), uploading, and anything else needed. So the better question is did I not have something closer to 2 hours to set aside last week. Get your facts straight. I shower, I use the restroom and I brush my teeth because those are all things I need to do. And yes, sometimes I do lose a lot of free time sitting in unexpected traffic. Those things are called accidents or in other instances road construction. I can make a forum post in 2-3 minutes while sitting at work on my phone. I cant play games at work. I was pretty clear in communicating on the forums that last week was terrible at best for me and impossible at worst. Now all of a sudden you cant play this week? Plus you listed no reason and you somehow forgot to let us all know before today? That smells, that smells really bad. I've been pretty tame in most of this post. It is really easy to just s**t on you and the things you say. You have double standards, you talk out both sides of your mouth, and you whine about everything. I know everything Ive said will go right over your head. You have no concept of whats going on here and thats fine. But hey, if thats what gets you off, then go for it. Just know you are done getting reactions out of me you troll. I dont have the time for your crap.
  7. Lol, ok bud. Whatever you say
  8. I posted in the gdl thread that I was likely to be unavailable before Saskatoon. I was in Saskatoon the last 4 days. That is hardly ignoring you. I communicated my situation quite clearly. Im past the point of caring. You are unbelievably annoying to deal with.
  9. It's been fun you mofape. We never really crossed paths when either of us were at the top of our game. It is unfortunate that we missed out on some instant classics. Good luck to you in whatever you do next.
  10. Looks like you're on your own Jv! See you tonight bud.
  11. Wow, nice work raph. You got me Curious as to what sort of detailed scouting report you'd give to Jv.
  12. Thank you chaos bud. I'm looking forward to a very fun and exciting season.
  13. This is fantastic news. Bob, you're more than welcome to room with smoz, annatar, and I. I think I've just been downgraded to the couch or the floor but it is definitely worth it to have you there bud.
  14. I've played everyone but hokkee. I've even sat around the last couple nights waiting for him which is something i never do. Tonight is the last night im sitting here for you hokkee. you said youd be around evenings this week and you havent been here. Im unavailable the next two days so this is last call. If I dont see you by 8 pacific im gone.
  15. "play" is a demand. I have no patience for that on top of your other garbage. This is not an argument, this is me telling you how it is and I'm done.
  16. In short, plabax you make the 94 online experience unbearable so I just choose to acknowledge you as little as possible. When it comes to season games, I'll always play you at my convenience. You are disrespectful when you "ask" for games so I have no inclination to accommodate you at all. Playoffs are different, I like quick playoffs so I'll be flexible despite you. Also I've played at zero frames all season. My record has taken a real hit it seems.
  17. Got habs in last night, Ggs bud. Ice, hope you are doing better. Lets reschedule. I'm still flexible in the evening. Hokkee,let me know your alive bud. I'm not gonna sit around for you.
  18. Ill take my other pet team... Rangers
  19. Habs and hokkee. you need to communicate with me otherwise we arent playing. im not sitting here all night waiting for you after i play ice.
  20. I have purchased my tickets. Watch out Canadian buds. My ticket was 450 ish American. A bit more pricey than my ticket to Sweden in December if you can believe it.
  21. That's a lot of Tuesdays already. I'll be around Tuesday 100% as well as tonight. Lupz, habs, Hokkee, tonight is a good time to get me.
  22. Ice Seth Raph Brut Habs Hokkee Lupz I'll be in evenings this week starting with tonight around 830 est. Post which day works for you and I should be able to make it.
  23. Are we doing a full on lottery or a tiered lottery?
  24. Might not make it tonight. Feels like I'm coming down with something fierce and will just want rest.