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  1. I don't think it's fair to say penalties are truly random. I'm generally near the bottom in terms of pims nearly every season. If they were truly random id have more seasons near the top of the league. With that said I'd be willing to consider shortening the length of penalties in gdl but id have zero interest in eliminating them.
  2. You sir are a clown. You scored the 2nd most pk goals last season in classic with 27. On a serious note, do what you want on the pk. I don't demand people play a certain way so don't feel bad if you use that technique with me. Meanwhile I will continue to attack on the pk. Generally over a season I will score close to the same amount on the pk as my opponent on the pp.I'll take my chances with that.
  3. Ancient history bud. What have you done for us lately aside from crying a river over something you cant even quantify? You have used zero facts. All you points have been based on opinion and subjectivity. Feel free to try again.
  4. I think the amount of misinformation plabax has dropped is appalling. I'm tired of pointing it out. I'll just say this. Its been over a year since plabax did anything. A lot of good players have come back and others have improved. I think it's as simple as this. You aren't as good as you think, you are vulnerable to what ever conspiracy you want to draw up. Look in the mirror and get better. You can no longer cruise by on what you used to do. Plenty of other players have overcome disadvantages real and perceived. Perhaps they are more skilled than you.
  5. Even if that is true, we're still talking about 1-2 hidden points between the teams. How is that enough to sway things so drastically as plabax would have you believe? Vancouver really takes a hit in this situation as they would have 4 attribute points less then Chicago. Yet, they still have the most classic championships. Plabax's claims still don't add up.
  6. That is a beautiful post. Well said sir. As for plabax. You make a lot of claims per usual, most of them hold no credence You claim Winnipeg and Detroit are even on advantages. Well, lets look into that.I think the easiest way to do this is to give every advantage a number of points, as has been done in the game. These ratings can be found by anyone using EARE. The ratings are listed as such... Offense 0-7 (7 being strong and 0 being weak) Defense 0-7 (0 being strong and 7 being weak) PP 0-2 (2 being strong and 0 weak) PK 0-2 (0 being strong and 2 weak) Home 0-2 (2 being strong and 0 weak) Away 0-3 (0 being strong and 3 weak) Basically I assign points as the rating moves further away from weak for example here is Chicago's advantages Offense = 2 (2 points) Defense = 0 (7 points) PP = 1 (1 point) PK = 0 (2 points) Home = 2 (2 points) Away = 1 (2 points) Total = 16 points For brevity sake, let me include some other noteworthy totals Buffalo = 16 Calgary = 14 Detroit = 17 LA = 11 Montreal =16 Vancouver = 15 Winnipeg = 11 Now back to you crying about the advantages, I don't see much of a difference between Chicago at 16 and Calgary at 14. I mean, its two friggin points and who knows what they really influence. It's all subjective. But somehow this is what screwed you over in a series you should have won. Even you said you don't know how they work, but clearly it was the only reason you lost. If anyone has a complaint here its Freydey when he used Wpg against your Detroit. A six point difference is hardly what I'd consider equal. How nonchalantly you disregard the advantages you had when its inconvenient to you. I don't care how many #1 stats you had in the regular season. He pushed you to 7 games and playoffs are different from season. Go check the history books, they are littered with #1 ranked teams falling by the way side to teams who didn't have the gaudy stats. Plus you had Detroit, you're supposed to do damage with them if you're a strong player. Don't act like you did anything that no one ever did. It's called playoff hockey, you lost and it wasn't because of the advantages. You simply didn't do enough as a player. Buffalo has the same advantage points as Chicago but Raph lost. He didn't do enough. Vancouver has the most championships in classic history but aren't an advantage monster plus Bure sucks right? Not sure how that one fits your logic. And by the way, Carse scored 303 goals in the fall '10 season. Kinda beats your little "landslide most goals ever" He also did it in 37 games.
  7. You won with Detroit, the best road team in the game. They have plenty of in game advantages. Much more so than Winnipeg, whom you beat. If you wanna talk about advantages helping someone out, let's be consistent with the argument right?
  8. Great job boys. I'm looking forward to getting started tomorrow night.
  9. No, its not fishy at all. No need to elaborate. You have your own conspiracy theory so why should I bother fighting you on it. The real question is this. What happens when we set the league to your exact specifications for fairness and you end up getting bodied by a player who is "inferior". Will you just make more excuses and attempt to move the goalposts again? Dont answer, that question is rhetorical. As a guy who has bitched and moaned about losing before (nowhere near your level, but I will admit I have). Shut up, put your damn stick down on the ice and play some f**king hockey. Go earn a championship, dont sit here and demand to be catered to so we can just hand you something. If you dont like classic, dont play. Go make your own league with your rules or just play GDL. End of story.
  10. You had Calgary and lost. That's not a handicap. You just lost. Get over it and move on.
  11. Just save us a lot of time plabax and admit you think youre the best. Any league you enter and don't win is an automatic sham because the best didn't win. Stop trying to cover up your crap with the thinnest of veils while taking potshots at the quality of other players in the community.
  12. angryjay93

    GDL XVI Draft

    Drop andreychuk Add Lomakin
  13. Janney-muller-granato Stevens-iafrate Wah Janney-granato-amonte #10 Tatarinov-tatarinov #3 Granato-ferraro #26-lomakin Diduck #2
  14. I think the plabax idea is interesting its just the playoffs that seem cumbersome. I like quick and easy playoffs. Once you start throwing in byes... Or two round byes for the top 4 if you really want to do it right... 8-16 play. Losers are eliminated and the 4 winners move on to play 4-8. Winners in that round play 1-4 and the 4 losers continue to b playoff. This way you get the b playoff and the 13-16 don't receive byes. I just think it's terrible the top 4 have to sit around for damn near a month to wait for all this. The flow of the season would be lost for them. The current system isn't perfect but it works. B guys sign up knowing they will face the a guys. This is no secret. If a b guy doesn't want to get bodied they don't have to sign up, simple as that. I play the same 8-10 guys enough as it is, a little League desegregation helps change things up a bit. If a b guy wants to pick my brain after our games I'm always happy to talk shop.
  15. This was written just days before by plabax in the gdl roll call post complain about classic league and you complain about draft league. I agree with what Raph said, go make your own rom and league with everything being equal. Rosters, presets, whatever.
  16. Line changes and goalies at the discretion of the players? Yikes!
  17. Thanks bud, that means the most to me coming from you, especially after we had our issue last season. The fact that we were able to get past it, play an amazing series, and just B.S. about 94 after is what its really all about. It does look like I'll be in GDL XVI before stepping out of that league again. I'll have my eyes on the big prize.
  18. GENS-A has just been completed and before the deadline to boot! I want to thank Zalex for a good series, he had a hell of a playoff run getting through Plabax and Raph (in a sweep no less!) to get to the final. I just felt really strong in the finals, got some good bounces and even managed to injure Roenick early in game 2 for the game when I was already down 1-0 in the series. I'm still gravely disappointed that I lost SNES in game 7 OT. Being able to win that and repeat in GENS would have just been amazing, I cant think of a bigger accomplishment to target in my mind and being that close to getting it makes it all the tougher to swallow. Getting to the finals in any league is hard enough as it is and I think I may have already used up my opportunities to accomplish my goal but we'll just have to see what the future holds. I want to thank everyone on SNES and GENS in the A leagues on a great season this spring. I've been playing this game for damn near 10 years online and I'm still amazed at how much I can level up my game because of the great players we have here in the community. I was pushed to the limit on multiple occasions this season and playoffs, to see the level of play I and my opponents were able to obtain was incredible. Probably the best quality of play I've been privy too. I look forward to next season and seeing where we can go next with this game.
  19. I think raph is trying to drag me into the next league? I'm ok with playing in gdl xvi only. I want to focus on classic again in the fall. Raph has some plan worked out for me so I don't have to deal with drafting or trading. I just want 12 guys on my team and games on my schedule.
  20. SNES is in the books boys and I want to congratulate annatar on a repeat performance this season. The guy put on a master class during the season with the Blues and beat everything in his path during the playoffs. His ability to squeeze out tough games is second to none on the snes side as his 2 OT wins in our series will attest to. It hurts to lose but Annatar is a class act who plays the game the right way. I tip my cap to the SNES champion, well played sir.
  21. I want to congratulate Seth on a great series and an absolute slug fest between a couple of premier heavyweights. Could have just as easily been him playing for the cup and it would have been more than justified after a hotly contested final between he and I last season. Zalex I'm not sure if we can get this series in before I leave town on Thursday morning. Maybe Monday around 5 or 6 EST? Please let me know your availability, Im actually pretty flexible during day time hours early this week. Mon, Tue (because im playing annatar) & Wed later evenings are all bad for me unfortunately.
  22. Im thinking either Sunday night or probably better, Tuesday night. ggs Koke. got by Bob and played me tough for sure.
  23. Koke and I are scheduled for tonight. I'm scheduled to go at Seth on Saturday evening. I leave town next Thursday for a week. If I make either final id love to play zalex or an Annatar before then.
  24. Yeah, that and what king said which amounts to a similar thing. Can't disagree.