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  1. These are some very sad completion percentages 4 days before the deadline.
  2. Bob, I won't be able to make it online until 9 tonight.
  3. I might be able to get online by 9. If other guys can play Wednesday that would help me out.
  4. Snes: Gens: I will be on tonight after 9 est and possibly tomorrow if I get enough guys setting up game times. If not I'm just going to watch the sharks game. I can be around Friday evening anf Saturday during the day by appointment. In other words if you know when you may be online please drop me a line here so I can make sure I clear the time and show up.
  5. Always with excuses. This sounds like the scene in swingers: Me: you gonna practice when im not here? Plabax: (repeats question like a moron) Me: Ok, we'll play some more. He likes to get scored on. Great Times!
  6. CB check = C check I get body checked a lot more then most others and I check far less then most others. I still get my share of offensive production and victories almost regardless of team makeup. Where Raph got me in our classic games this season was on transition. He got my defenders caught one way or another and just had breakaway after breakaway and i didnt do enough to adjust or get the manual GC working like i needed to in order to stem his transition. The CB wasn't any bigger of a factor then a C check. The biggest thing that you can do plabber is admit you have holes in your game. Stop being arrogant about yourself, I've seen enough of your tape and played against you enough times to know this is a fact. I had to admit the same thing to myself at some point and I made it a point to work on where I felt I was weak. Hell, we've all had to come to this realization and have worked to make ourselves better. You are no exception, you will need to put in work or you will continue to have this occur to you.
  7. Congratulations on the new position coach! I'm also happy to see you'll still be in the area and not in eureka, Nevada on the loneliest road in America
  8. I will be around for games on Wednesday night around 9pm est. Seth, zalex, habs, and carse can you please post if you will be available that night? I'll likely be playing snes as well and just want to make sure I get everyone I can.
  9. Id consider it too. I can likely find a cheap Chicago flight.
  10. You can score with a pass shot in 3 seconds from center. I've done it once against the computer and I know a few guys have done it in league. Moral of the story, don't ever let your guard down.
  11. I would love to have a different way to chat. My aim is going nuts lately and I find myself having to regularly Uninstall and re-install
  12. I just saw the June start date. I'll take sf
  13. I need the odds on Seth with Ottawa. Just itching to send my money off to vegas. Screw it, I need all the odds!!! Let's go raph, lol
  14. I didn't read most of this topic but I think I get the gist that Tru wants his perception changed. All I can say is change your actions and don't justify what you've done in the past. Many people considered me to be an abrasive pain in the ass during my first run as a player. I think now that perception is mostly changed. I didn't ask for it or demand it, I just decided to change my approach and people gradually started thinking different. It feels more genuine to other people if you just do something instead of saying you will do it and ask to be rewarded. That's my two cents and I'm done here.
  15. Nicely done raph. All this info almost makes me want to participate in a draft again. Love the breakdown and rational thought processing here. I'll always be partial to "just give me 6 guys and let's go!" some old habits just die hard.
  16. Lots of great points here but if I may add one its the ability to play the meta game can make a B player an A player and a lower end A player a top tier A player. what i mean by meta is that you gain the understanding of how another persons brain works and how to use it against them. Often times, I like to create scoring chances where I'm either forking people (creating two possible chances at a goal simultaneously) or I have a single chance that I can convert in multiple ways (breakaways mainly). A lot of the time in these situations you dont necessarily have time to react, you just have to know how someone will react to a situation and take advantage of it. Some guys take away whats obvious, some guys take away whats cute, while others vary their tactics. Where the real trick lies is in what happens when someone figures out what you want to do. How do you use that information against them? Depending on who I'm playing, I'll either just keep doing the same thing, change up constantly, or literally do nothing and have the other person just give me what I want for free. You can have all the offensive/defensive systems, amazing reactions, great players, amd fantastic GC. But when someone can get in your head and always be a step ahead mentally, you can throw all that other stuff out the window because while you second guess what you want to do, their decision was made before the situation was presented and that red light is going off behind your goalie.
  17. I kind of have the same theory raph. I just played a playoff run with Freddy olausson and his 9 weight with a 1 check. I did a lot of cb with him and it wasn't good, he has issues with 6-7 weight but seemed ok when it got down to 5 or below.
  18. Typically as coach said I try to find ways to make the computer more challenging but in preparation for Toronto last year I wanted to gather training with all the teams and I made an attempt to play a best of 7 series playoff run with all the teams by starting with Anaheim and going through the teams alphabetically. I only managed to make it through Quebec before Toronto and I only just recently finished my final series with Winnipeg. As a part of this 7 game series I just pinned my ears back and went full bore on the computer with the following rules. 5 minute periods penalties on, offsides off line changes off use best line possible (I did some experimenting) use manual goalie on cpu breakaways in general, pick the toughest 1st round match up to start off with I plan on posting my stats in my building lines section to get more info on all the players out into the public. I think there is room to improve on my stats and if you think you can then go for it. It's not all about leading scorers though, I want to try and see if there are certain players that take more penalties on a consistent basis, goalies that have higher save %, who shoots at a high percentage, etc., I'll post a sample of my Anaheim run: Beat Vancouver, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Buffalo in 4 games each Lineup: Semenov-Yake-Loach Ladoucer-Kasatonov Hebert Stats: Yake: 55 g-22a-77 p-126 shots-8 PIM Semenov: 30-33-63-71 shots-14 PIM Loach: 10-13-23-37 shots-2 PIM Kasatonov: 10-13-23-24 shots-26 PIM Ladoucer: 1-19-20-11 shots-8 PIM Loney: 8-3-11-19 shots-4 PIM Hebert: 0-11-11 Bawa: 1-2-3-2 shots-2 PIM Williams:0-2-2-1 shot-0 PIM Hebert: 114 saves-126 shots against-.905 sv% Goals For: 119 (26th) Goals Against: 12 (T7th) Total Shots: 291 (26th) Total PIMS: 64 (T17) Currently I'm working on individual leaderboards (teams are completed) and converting the excel file into something that is easier to present and read as this post is a little sloppy in terms of making things easy to see.I hope that if you decide to look at the cup runs that you find some interesting and informative information and feel inspired to do a few of your own and post them.
  19. I plan on signing up for both systems. If you get 20 solid snes guys outside of me, feel free to leave me out. Not a lot of spots this season. No sense in me taking up two if not needed.
  20. I'll be around for games tonight starting around 930-10 est. Hope to see some buds around
  21. That's fair. Vancouver does have some depth in linden, semenov, and Adams. Buffalo has khmylev and maybe errey. I'd give van the edge there in terms of being able to mix and match. What I learned in the last gdl I was in that speed is useful. Even if it's guys with moderate skill, they can be super useful if deployed appropriately.
  22. In a vacuum I don't question the value of 16. I just don't think he and 89 are a great duo that compliment each other extremely well. But that's my take, I can understand why you may argue that they are. When it comes to tier one teams for me personally I don't think they should have big question marks attached to them. If they do they need to have an incredible strength to counter it. When I look at Buffalo I just see a noticeably less Chicago. At least with Vancouver you get 3 5+ speed guys with comparable skill. That's pretty damn unique and allows them to diversify more than buffalo. That's my take but I think there is plenty of room for both teams in the argument.