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  1. ah, what the hell. San Jose- angryjay93
  2. i know i wont get any votes, i didnt even bother voting for myself.
  3. is it just me, or am i the only one here using a keyboard?
  4. i play with the i guess i do that.
  5. whoops,i forgot to mention ill be on around 7 eastern because now i have to go to a soccer game.
  6. sounds like im paying the price for another man's mistakes which i had no control over. But if thats the decision, i guess thats what ill have to deal with even though i really want that home ice.
  7. I need one more with Dallas and i need 4 with STL, i want you guys to show up,especially STL, i want that home ice and it looks like i wont get it unless we play.
  8. I noticed i have 4 ties with STL, ive been looking for this guy for a week all over this forum board, i have made the attempt a handful of times to get a game with this guy to no avail, i believe getting a tie with him is unfair to me and id like it if the administration reconsidered their decision.
  9. I got 3 of the dallas games in but i still have one more with you. stl,havent seen you on in a few days. ive never seen the rangers on and quebec has computer problems, ill be around after 8 eastern,i want to see you guys so we can play.
  10. There a lot of ideas flying around here, some that i agree with, while others i dont. I like the idea of a longer season, i think the longer season will allow people more time to recover from a poor start to the saeson, also there is more of a chance to learn opponents before going into the playoffs. As for something i dont agree with, is the scheduling of having a team play every team in the league the same amount of times. I think teams in the same conference should be playing each other more often so that conference games have added importance to them. Also since teams in the same conference will be playing each other in the playoffs, i think its neccessary to have those extra games so that rivalries can be built and that opponents can learn mroe about each other for more competitive games. Also, less teams should make the playoffs. I know ive already bounced this idea around to not a warm reception, but with all the new people around here maybe they will like the idea. Only 6 teams would make the playoffs, every division winner would get a first round bye and the bottom 4 teams would play a first round of playoffs. After that the two winners in the first round will play the division winners in the confernce semifinals. It still keeps a 4 round playoff format and provides more berths for teams then just 4 a conference would. I think these extra two playoff berths would give people more of an incentive to play out the season, because it can be tough to make a late season run after a bad start when there are only 4 spots in the playoffs to be had. Also another thing, with all these new people, i dont know how many are serious gamers. So what could be done if there are 4 gens leagues, is that we can have two competitive leagues and two fun leagues. That way we can have the competitive with more games and then people can be promoted or relegated at the end of the saeson. In the fun leagues, less games can be played and league identification is less of a problem since its a fun competititon. Based on how many serious gamers there are, there can be fliexibility in how many serious leagues there are vs. how many fun leagues there are for the more casual player.
  11. im not even in this league and i love watching these highlights so much, the suspense is exciting.
  12. i dont know exactly when i will be on tonight, but knowing that you are on,i will make the effort to get on at a decent hour to play you.
  13. i like the idea of a draft. just develop a draft order that is totally random or it can be slightly weighted so that the better players have a slightly lower chance of getting good picks. If anyone knows what the NBA lottery is, thats what im thinking, but with less of a weighting system.
  14. This is really frustrating, i still need all you guys, so show up!!! ill be here until 4 eastern tomorrow and ill be on off and on after 7 eastern. saturday ill be on after 8 eastern.
  15. how in the hell did he quote me saying that, i dont ever recall saying that in any post. lol.
  16. 24? you make my 18 on sunday look like childs play. nice work!
  17. yeah, manual goalie is a must. im ok at it, except when my stupid toronto defenders leave all 3 forwards open, then its a guessing game and i get burnt.
  18. Hey guys,ive only seen one of you on in the last 5 days. and the one i saw left before i could set up a time to play, so i need you guys to work with me here. ill be home tomorrow at 8 easter, maybe earlier if i ditch class. On friday ill be here until 4 eastern and i should be one a little bit later on in the day. on saturday ill be home around 8 eastern, so show up you guys because i want to play you, not get forfiet wins.
  19. i like that suggestion, but in the interest of time it just seems like that would take up far too much. if 74 games were to even be considered, i would have to imagine the periods being a managable 5 minutes so that the games could be played in one sitting as opposed to 2 or more.
  20. in two games ive played with him i lost 3-1 and 5-3. in the 3-1 game i played horrible, one of my worst games and i kept him in range the whole game. in the 5-3 loss i had in a league game today he beat me on a weak, fluky goal that was created by hussle and a tremendous bounce in his favor with 30 seconds left, then he added an insurance goal. At no point in either game was i being utterly dominated, we both had our highs and lows. While me getting to the cup finals is highly unlikely, i wont be able to provide another meaningful challenge to kgman. but there is a contender in the west, james took kgman to 6 games last year in the conference semis, provided james doesnt play me in the playoffs (something netiher of us want because we give each other nightmares) i have confidence that those two will face off and give kgman everything he can handle. i dont want to give off the idea i think kgman isnt what everyone says he is, he is a great player, no doubt, and i may have a blowout coming my way with how much im opening my mouth, i just dont want to be people seem like they are defeated before the puck is even dropped.
  21. not so fast my friend, kgman is one hell of a player, no doubt about it, but he can be beat. I just started playing a few weeks ago and im skating stride for stride with kgman in the games ive played against him. My record so far is not the best in the league, (8-10 in games ive played) but when i face kgman i dont feel doomed, just laying down and giving up to him is no way to defeat him. My game has improved vastly over the last two weeks and i cant wait to see the further development of my game will bring me. I hope more people think like i do and take kgmans ability as a challenge, not as a deterrent.
  22. good eye there addisonbr, bsdaemon swung and miss with that one
  23. I need all you guy still,im playing detroit tonight most likely, so if you guys can be available after 8 eastern on tuesday and thursday or from 11-5 on wednesday, ill be around to play those games.
  24. thanks for the compliments guys, to be honest i was dead around game 10, after my 16th league game i just wanted to let my head fall onto the keyboard and go to sleep. By the way deer, dont worry about my thumbs baby, i use the key board, so you should be worried about my index and middle fingers. I just wish i could post my games right now, i still need a password, so im hoping jacob gets on today and hooks me up so i can show you guys all the work me and my opponnents put in yesterday.