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  1. I think the offensive AI is way worse in the SNES version for some reason. Genesis actually has pretty good AI with regards to players staying onside. I play 10 minute periods and only average 2 or 3 offside a game on Genesis NHL 94.
  2. OK, I looked at in the NOSE editor, and there's no way to make Nashville's home jersey's gold without also making the helmets gold (but the helmets should be navy blue). Bummer. I may keep at it to try to improve Nashville in this file. I already fixed their lines for you. I'll upload it when I get done. This is the best 2011 - 2012 roster I've found on this site, though. Great work!
  3. Awesome job on the jerseys! I played a quick game of Nashville vs. Anaheim and they looked just like the real jerseys. Is there no way to edit logos in the SNES version?
  4. These logos are awesome! Great job with the logos. Nashville's jersey's this year should be primarily gold, though:
  5. Ok, here's one with just the weight bug fixed: NHL94_WgtChkFix.bin
  6. Is there a ROM that just has classic 94 rosters with the weight bug fixed? I'd be interested in one of those for the genesis. Also, what's the best Genesis ROM for up to date 2011 - 2012 season rosters?
  7. I see this is another area where the SNES version trumps the Genesis one. I believe you can just press select to bring up the line change menu in SNES NHL 94?
  8. In the Genesis version of NHL 94, I see the computer team is able to change lines anytime during play. Can human teams also change lines on the fly? Unless I'm missing something, it seems like I am only able to change lines during faceoffs?
  9. For those who have a Xbox 360, there is a game in the "Indie" section called Blockey. It only costs $1! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lydkZm62ys I recommend it. Great local multiplayer game (up to four players). Full review available here: http://www.operationsports.com/reviews/614/blockey/
  10. wEEman33


    I've played a lot of NHL 97 (GEN), and I don't think I've ever seen a fight. Maybe they took it out that year? Or maybe the team I play as (Anaheim) just doesn't have any enforcers?
  11. I like splitting Yake and Semenov up so you have one of them on each of your top two lines. Otherwise, your team will have no depth and you'll get steamrolled any time the first line isn't on the ice.
  12. Bradley is a beast. Gotta' feed his shot every chance you get. Andersson, Tucker and Kontos are alright.
  13. Offsides on! Penalties on! Line Changes on! Manual Goalie on! WIMPS AND POSERS GET OUT, LEAVE THE RINK
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