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  1. Read this page: http://nhl94.com/html/editing/edit_iso_music.php Apparently, there are 79 tracks on the CD, and the first track is the iso game data. So maybe try replacing the standard SegaCD's first track with your iso, and see what happens? That way all the other tracks will be there, and maybe Fusion will open it.. Also maybe try using a different emulatorl, like Gens.
  2. Go to this page, and go down to the section that says ROMS. http://nhl94.com/html/multimedia/downloads.php About the 4th shaded section down, you will see "Bios File for Sega CD"
  3. Thanks for trying. Sorry for asking the obvious, but did you try opening the.iso in Fusion after you go to File->load SegaCD image?
  4. Well if you can, then PLEASE do it. I would love to test it and see if I can modify the songs using the .iso editing techniques.
  5. Forgive me if this a stupid question, but can you port this fantastic ROM over to the SegaCD.iso version? The reason is, we could vastly improve the sound and music, to an otherwise visually magnificient rom.
  6. Thanks for the review link. At least now, we are 100% sure there is no SD slot in the console version. But for a review, the guy didn't even mention the crappy sound of the unit. I wish someone would tell this guy to go buy and review the optional $30 SD cartridge adapter.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't implying that XP is best. I just said that my PC has XP, and that's really all you need to run an emulator(in my case, Fusion). They even make an emulator for the iPad/iPod: http://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/retroarch-multiple-emulation-for-ios-n64-psone-nes-snes-genesis-gba-more-without-1857140 There is also something called "MDemu"
  8. I guess my PC running XP, connected to a CRT monitor, running an emulator, is my still my best (and cheapest) option. Too bad they won't release this with an SD slot: http://www.amazon.com/Sports-Madden-Two-Player-Set/dp/B0001HYSFK
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I always look for as many reviews as possible. It's too bad that you can't count on brand names anymore, since quality is reduced as price is reduced.
  10. Yes, exactly down my line of thinking, and perfect for a 1 day tournament.
  11. I think that's a great idea, and always play the game that way. All you have to do is balance the lines so they are the same for each team(i.e., SC1 attributes same for each team, SC2 attributes same for each team, etc.). Of course, SC2 would have weaker attributes than SC1. IMO, for a league to be truly even, like in a rod hockey tournament, for example, all teams should be of the same attributes. Also get rid of hot/cold streaks and home ice advantage. Also, give faster fatique for SC1. So it will be like a chess match, all teams perfectly even, and players having to use line changes intelligently. And that would be fair and even competition, IMHO. BTW, that's what my "Even Steven" hacks were all about.
  12. What do you think of Asus?
  13. All these stories remind me of funny joke: A man shoots his wife in the head 8 times, and is, of course, arrested. At the interrogation, the detective asks the man, "Why did you shoot your wife 8 times in the head?" The man answers, "Because I ran out of bullets!"
  14. Is this a good laptop, if I can get it for around $400(since have store credit)? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-b50-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i5-6gb-memory-500gb-hard-drive-black/8618296.p?id=1219354106743&skuId=8618296 I won't necessarily use it for gaming, since I have other laptops for that. I want Win7 Pro, and this has expandable RAM to 16GB, for Win9 in the future. The processor is i5 4th generation, but is it a good version?
  15. Perfect! except for the price. lol What is the difference between this cheaper model? http://www.stoneagegamer.com/everdrive-md-deluxe.html Just read the Mega-everdrive manual FAQ and it says: Q: Which games are not supported by the Mega EverDrive? A: Virtua Racing, Mega Man, and some EA sports game titles. But if these work with NHL94, then VERY impressive: For one sixth the cost, I still think it may possibly be worth gambling $30 for this critter to see if it works on a real Gen Console: http://www.atgames.us/Mega-Expert-Passport-FBC110.htm
  16. I think the best solution is for someone who has an actual original Sega Genesis console, to conduct a $30 experiment, and buy the SD adapter http://www.atgames.us/Mega-Expert-Passport-FBC110.htm and see if it works. If it does work, then there would be no compromises (poor sound, lousy conroller), except for no game memory. If I still had my original Sega Genesis console, I would do the experiment myself.
  17. I have a few questions about the portable version: 1) Does it have a connector for a 2nd controller, or can you only play solo with onboard game buttons? 2) Does the SD use the same .bin format as full size Sega cartridges and our ROMS use, or is it incompatible (like game gear was)? If this review is correct, then yes. http://www.amazon.com/Genesis-AtGames-Ultimate-Portable-Electronic-Game/dp/B00NMC6R9G/ref=sr_1_1/191-5746074-9489559?ie=UTF8&qid=1418088437&sr=8-1&keywords=handheld+sega Also wondering, can the $29.99 SD adapter for the full size console, be used with a regular genesis console?
  18. Wow, yeah, looks the same, this thing was out 2 years ago? Anyway, if the SD adapter works well, and you can get the console for cheap, and use wired controllers, it may not be that bad.
  19. Console also available at Sam's Club for same price.
  20. If this thing has an SD slot, then you won't even need cartridges. See my post on this thread: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16528-new-sega-genesis-classic-console/#entry142799
  21. This looks really interesting, for only $39.99 http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/sega-reg-genesis-classic-game-console/1041692592 It supposedly has an SD card input so you can use a PC and save a bin to the SD card. FROM an AMAZON review: "The console itself only offers MONO SOUND, but the game slot is big enough to accept ALL North American, European and Japanese games, so this unit is REGION FREE. The unit also has and SD slot, which means you can take a 2GB or 4GB SD Card and put all the Genesis/MegaDrive games you want and play them. Definatlly a nice feature, but you'll need to convert them to the .bin format, and put them in a folder marked "games" or it won't work. There should be some more detailed instructions on the internet for those that need them. You standard composite cables are your only option for video." I read that the included wireless controllers suck, but it will accept regular wired Sega 3 and 6 button controllers. Has anyone tried one of these? It could be really cool to be able to play any of the custom ROMS with this cheap unit, on a TV. Here is a link for an older SD card adapter: http://www.maxconsole.com/news/REVIEWS/REVIEW--FireCore-Passport-RKLS00000019067.html UPDATE: I've been looking for verification if the SD SLOT is actually on the unit, and can't seem to find anything, other than the one Amazon review. HOWEVER, there is an SD cartridge adapter for $29.99 from the console's manufacturer: http://www.atgames.us/Mega-Expert-Passport-FBC110.htm So this adds the cost of console and adapter to around $70, plus the cost of wired controllers. Also realize, the adapter will NOT save anything, to continue a game where you left off. That doesn't matter to me, but may to some people.
  22. Thanks4Giving on this Thanksgiving. Absolutely awesome ROM!
  23. I'd like to modify the U.F.(user friendly edition) into an 2014-15 All Star Rom. So I'd like just have 2 teams, ASE and ASW, and would like to put in the new Conference Logos(attached). I think,(please correct me if I'm wrong), that the easiest way would be to replace the top 2 teams on the options screen: Team 1 Anaheim with ASE, and Team 2 Boston with ASW. Then use Nose to make only the first 2 teams selectable. This way, when you start off the game screens, you see ASE on the Right side(when Home Team)for game selection screen and during game banner(black and red); and ASW on the Left side, correspondingly, with black and blue banner. I'm deliberately using the U.F.edition as base, since I like the non-obstructive center ice logo. Where should I start, or is this too much work for a novice like myself?
  24. Really wierd, is when I used the Sprite patch to modify Skip's 2015, it worked perfectly, but when trying to patch other Roms(such as CanadaCup1994 or any of the "Charcoal Puck" Roms), I get a strange pixelated Goal crease.
  25. Well, finally had a little free time, to see if can figure out the Color Dropper in Nose. And sorry to say, I am so worthless at ROM editing, that I can't seem to figure it out. Instead, could you possibly give me the Offset locations that I would need to modify? I will use U.F.(user friendly) edition, and Skips recent 2015 as base Roms.
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