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  1. i have played in the survivor league and gens 12. just never registered for classic. i had to register as a new coach for the classic. so i am all ready to play and have plenty of practice games in.
  2. i just read this. this is amazing. this is the reason this forum is awesome. the work that people actually put in to keep this game alive just blows my mind sometimes lol. awesome job.
  3. thanks for the review. although my record sucks and i would like to win either way i am having fun. the people on here are great too. i will be looking forward to playing in the next league and hopefully soon seeing as i won't be making the playoffs
  4. you can add me if you still looking. aim:WhalersNHL
  5. The first patch in the zip is the one i used. I haven't tried the second one. goaliecontrol.zip
  6. I am not sure if this was done before. I didn't see this on a previous posting. This is just the original rom with the goalie control added in. Nothing else was edited. I just found the patch for control and patched it to the original rom. nhl94+goaliecontrol.zip
  7. Hey i took over the team. I have home games with plabax and orangeblack92. If you have games to play with me send me aim whalersnhl
  8. hey i have been on this site for a short time but am interested in joining a league. anyone know when there is one starting or going to start. thanks
  9. i just found this site today and its fun playing with my old hartford whalers team
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