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  1. Can't recommend DynamiteSJ enough. He made me a great NHL '12 Genesis cart last year. Looking forward to when a '13 rom comes out.
  2. Glad to see the site back up. It was down for a bit which had me wondering what was up.
  3. Thanks - I picked up an EA Hockey MegaDrive game (complete with everything) as well. I really like the international skin there.
  4. Here's my review of Ice Rage http://retrosportsgamer.com/2012/02/22/ios-mini-review-ice-rage/
  5. NHL 2k11 is still on the app store, despite being a bit dated year-wise. Thanks for the heads up on Hockey Nations - hadn't checked that one yet.
  6. Looks like the iOS version is just local multiplayer (i.e. the same physical phone) - no gamecenter friend matches or anything. Shame because I like the directional button and control layout.
  7. No worries, although the forum software will shorten links as well. I edited my post.
  8. ^ That's a cool story I first found the site back in 2002-2003 (?) when we were building our own Madden online league website. I remember looking at all the custom rosters and of course the entire front page is very nostalgic from playing the game a ton back in the '90s. We eventually started killing time at work playing NHL '94 on emulators and used NHL94.com for the roms and other info. We could never get the netplay to work though through our fire walls. After I bought a house and started setting up my own retro game room and website Retro Sports Gamer World, I decided to finally use the forum.
  9. Anybody have any hockey favorites for their mobile device? I haven't seen an EA offering but 2K did put out NHL 2k11 (which is still available). I picked up Icebreaker Hockey by NaturalMotion games and it's pretty fun. I wrote about it here: http://retrosportsgamer.com/2012/02/02/ios-review-icebreaker-hockey-and-naturalmotion-games/ Ice Rage is relatively new - will be checking that out shortly. Any other suggestions?
  10. Random rom crashes like that? Sorry, just want to make sure I'm following.
  11. Anybody get a similar error after a penalty shot? Hard to read the upper left of my screen but I found this interesting. I missed the shot and then that error came up and froze the game. I'd imagine it's rom related but figured I'd ask around in case anyone had seen this.
  12. Great experience here. My Genesis cart looks amazing and plays great. Excellent seller - highly recommend.
  13. http://wp.me/p1R3IO-2m Hope you guys enjoy
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