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  1. Ok I will sign up..Heartbreakidrob aol and aim any team that will give up, I'll take
  2. Rangers are the best buffalo is a sore loser simple as that! I try playing games but no your always busy and everybody in this league! I was online 48 hours straight on my cell! U called one game pimp then I get home your not there. I im u you dont reply then three times! Your a joke Chicago drop like a baby seal
  3. Edit: Thanks for the words and please read through the rule section, specifically the bit about respecting other players, before making a post. Thanks - schwartz
  4. What a grreat game it was. The great chicago was awful. I justs came coming back,back,back,back, and won I am the spirit of death.. In ot the game was OVER quick and painless!. Chicago falls! Rangers rules!
  5. I sign up awhile ago. Someone told me to come here. Can I have the Rangers? Any league is fine...
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