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    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Yeah, we talked about the vegas tournament, but couldn't make it, same with the one in wisconsin. The one in long island could be doable
  2. tebiah

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    When is this event planned to take place? I am pretty sure that if all necessary info is out well in advance, and the location is on the east coast, we could attend from Finland. We have 4 guys who are interested at the moment.
  3. tebiah

    Florida Panthers

    Underrated team. Has a living legend on 2nd line. His name is Bill Lindsay. Absolutely the best player in OT in the whole game. Once scored three or four in OT during a best of seven. Jesse Belanger has good chemistry with him, usually pays of to keep Hough t lw. Skrudland is an ok scorer and has some checking ability. He plays the first line with Gilhen at lw and Mellamby rw. Mellanby can bury the puck from close range and gets into good positions when you cycle the puck in the offensive zone. Lomakin is quite rubbish, he's usually offside, but can explode points wise sometimes, rarely though. Fitzgerald? Never on the scoreboard. Not much to say about Lowry either, he's a poor mans Lindsay at best. Defence is quite modest. Godynuyk is good all around, Cirella is ok when he stays out of the penalty box. Murphy can't score, always shoots 10 feet wide. Tichy is solid, Hynes has a good shot, can throw his body around, 2nd best D in this team. Richer has his days but normally has problems. Beezer is a cornerstone in this team, absolutely.
  4. tebiah

    Buffalo Sabres

    When talking about chemistry, Buffalo has perhaps the best line when comparing rating/actual playability. lw-Brad May c-Dave Hannan rw-Rob Ray These guys are mesmerizing. Especially Hannan. I've beaten a bunch of guys when playing with Buffalo and mostly using my aforementioned checking line. Movement compared to skill is just right, they can pass, and all go to the net. Easy to play with and can really find each other. I recommend trying this line out. Guaranteed 2-4 goals/game.
  5. tebiah

    all-time favourite line-up

    All you guys must have played a lot and formed some opinion who are the players you enjoy playin most with. I'm not talkin about the guys who score most, but the guys who play the gime for the audience, enjoy puttin guys out for game, score those overtime goals. You know what I'm talkin about. Heres my line up: G: Wendell Young TB D: Doug Houda HFD D: Chris LIpumaTB LW:Mikael Nylander HFD C: Jeremy Roenick CHI RW: Bill Lindsay FLO
  6. tebiah

    NHL94 urban legends

    When a penalty shot is assessed, if you shoot the puck on net before the game goes in to the penalty shot mode, the puck goes inside the goal and doesn't stop at that invisible wall. The goal stands and there is no penalty shot. I'm not sure if there has to be another penalty coming or something.
  7. tebiah

    Welcome to Building lines with AJ!

    Sorry if I'm stupid and just don't get it, but how have you formed these ratings? Especially the weight. In my game the weight is shown in pounds. And also the shot,skating etc. goes from 0-100. How have you changed these here? just changed the rating to scale from 1 to 5 or?
  8. Agree with Shaftman on that reality thing. I have played all those new games but they are no where near as good as the best. Of course, you have have line changes on like offsides. That way you can use the different abilities of players. A fast skater is not the best player when he's offside all the time. And when you can run down the opposition energy and then make a quick line change, you have a good chance of scoring. We have also played a lot with the "less appreciated" teams in the league, and they really give a more realistic feeling to the game. I really recommend tryin it out!!!
  9. tebiah

    Philadelphia Flyers

    Crap team. Totally crap. Can't say anything good about them. Except that it's a really fun challenge trying to score with Dave Brown.
  10. tebiah

    St. Louis Blues

    Well, what should I say. St. Louis has one of the best, if not the best checking line in the game. lw Korolev c Ron Sutter rw Rich Sutter Absolutely great line. Korolev brings bags of skill and passing to this line, where the Brothers are just relentless skaters and chekckers. They can all find the twine and cause problems to the opposition. Big problem with this team is their lack of control. They have players who get a penalty every other shift, like Hull, Butcher and Zombo. Baron is quite skillful and so is Hedican. Brown has a heavy shot on him, but he couldn't hit a house when standing two feet from the wall. A bit same with the "Golden Boy" Brett Hull. But they have some scoring power with Janney and Emerson, so it's a pretty decent team. I enjoy playing with them. Good ol' time hockey team.
  11. tebiah

    Worst NHL 94 Team

    Worst team in the league is easily Philadelphia. They are just useless. Can't get two passes to their own players. Someone was dissing Mellanby there, and I have o disagree with that. Yeah, the guy has basicly no hands and is half the time on his ass, but he's lethal around the net. He finds the right place and has a good onetimer. And what comes to Florida as a team, they have a tandem on the second line that can win games. Jesse Belanger and Bill Lindsay. Especially in ot. Lindsay is lethal. Godynyuk and Tichy are both good with the puck and can take out guys with huge hits. Florida is no way amongst the worst five teams. Tampa Bay is another team that is in totally wrong company when amongst the worst teams. Bradley can win games by himself. Then you have the second line with Andersson and Kontos, both skilled and tough and can pass the puck. Checking line duo of Dimaio and Bureau is at least decent also. When talking about defensemen, Lipuma is a gamedecider. A real quarterback who can find guys behind opposition d-men. Just a great passser of the puck. Hamrlik is a stud. Reekie, Ladoceur and Chambers(who is also good in the attack) can hold their own. Young is a good goalie, he's fast and easy to handle, passes the puck well. Tampa has good speed and skills so they can control the puck, with enough scoring abilities to be a threat to any team.
  12. tebiah

    anyway to reset a game cartridge

    All the records get erased. But i'm not sure what happens ifyou just write your name on top of one of the old names....
  13. tebiah


    The toughest games are without a doubt the San Jose- Tampa Bay games. Lipuma against Ahola in the defence and Andersson against Bawa in attack.... lots of tough guys and hate on the ice.
  14. tebiah

    pre-christmas tourney

    We had a Tournament yesterday. To celebrate christmas and NHL94. Dallas came as a favourite and won the whole thing, although with less than a minute to go in the decisive game New Jersey was still leading. Too bad for them, Chris "Esa" Terreri didn't have the nerves to win a big one. MVP went to Uffe Dahlen.
  15. tebiah

    A little help?

    Thanks. I'll check it out....
  16. tebiah

    A little help?

    Hello everybody... I remember a post sometime ago, where there wasthis link to an internetshop where it was possible to buy joysticks. Do I remember right? Anyways the deal is that we need to buy new joysticks to our sega/genesis, if anyone knows where we can get them please tell me... We could also do with a new sega and the actual nhl94 game, just in case something happens. So if you know where we can buy the stuff,or if you have it and would like to sell, let me know. Thanks.
  17. tebiah


    My comments may have something to do with the teams that I play mostly with. Or with the teams my friends usually play with. But the Larmer thing is simply because he just can't put the puck in. He's useless if you're going for 50 goals or something like that. Christian "Kisu" Ruuttu has lots more hands although he's not the best guy when you need a fast goal.
  18. tebiah


    Ok, I think the first thing you have to do is think about the team you play with. I sincerely recommend either Hartford or Tampa Bay. They got good D-men like Houda and Lipuma who can shoot from the blueline and create scoring chances. There are a few other decent teams, but never play with San Jose, New Jersey or Dallas. They are rubbish. Because you obviously aren't too good yet, you could try playing with Chicago, but remember to take Larmer out and put Kisu Ruuttu on the right wing. That should do the trick.
  19. tebiah

    A day that will live in infamy

    Born on march 15. That explains why I'm invincible in this game....
  20. tebiah

    How do you play?

    Setar & S.Stevens! You mustbejoking with that goalie stuff... You cant even call yourself players if you cant play with the goalies. I have to say, the quality of the players on these sides seems very low. I have to agree with ahola on the fact that 6-7 best players come from finland.
  21. tebiah

    unbeatable whalers

    Yes, tonight its goin down. The whalers step in the rink with secondhand devils(ahola) and crapstars(sooney). Everyone knows its not for children, they will be slaughtered. But its always nice to show those ladies how to play.
  22. tebiah

    all-time favourite line-up

    I'm so into this speculation with lines, that I'm also gonna sive my full three lines: G: Young TB & Burke HFD LD: Houda HFD, Bergevin TB, Ulanov WPG RD: Lipuma TB, Burt HFD, Godynuyk FLO LW Nylander HFD, Janssens HFD, Dimaio TB C: Roenick CHI, Cassels HFD, Ron Sutter STL RW: Lindsay FLO, Leeman MTL, M. Andersson TB
  23. tebiah

    Hotel Tourney

    Sure. I'm in. But the time needs to be decided at least two months before the tournament. How about at the same time as the Stanley Cup finals?? It would be a great finale for this season... And I think we could get plenty of players from Europe to join in. The downside to you guys is that you'd be only competing for the second place.
  24. tebiah

    break record

    When talkin about records, here's something to aim for: Me and ahola got it, with ten minute periods, of course. Although you can't see him in the three stars, "Kisu" Ruuttu was the guy who lit up the team. He was taken out in the first period, but came back strong in the second and really showed some guts collecting nine goals.
  25. Hello everyone! I am a 12 year veteran of NHL 94 on sega/genesis. I'll download the game to my computer , so I can play against you guys and try if practice did me any good. Probably not..