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  1. Share your favorite hockey memory. It could be a game you went to (doesn't have to be NHL), a game you played in, one you watched on tv, or anything really. I've only been to one NHL game in my life. It was in the 92-93 season when the Red Wings and Flyers were playing a neutral site game in Cleveland. I would've gone to see anybody play but this was outstanding. Yzerman, Fedorov, Ciccarelli, Coffey, Lindros, Recchi. These guys were my heroes and to see them all in person was surreal. I remember the fans booing and heckling Lindros every time he touched the puck I think he had recently been involved in some incident or controversy. It's also quite possible the ornery Cleveland fans just felt they had to vilify somebody. Yzerman and the Wings got a lot of love. They were definitely the home team. And iirc Yzerman scored his 1000th career point that game and got an ovation from the crowd. There was a lot of offense, 10 goals in total. I hardly had a chance to sit down between the vicious hits and blaring siren. A lot of the details are blurry but I'll never ever forget the end. Less than a minute to go, Wings up 5-4. Flyers pull their goalie and get a strong attack. Everybody is watching the clock, counting down. 5..4..3..2..1.. and that bastard #88 with one second left! He was in front of the goal with his arms in the air and the crowd was in total shock. He either scored or someone deflected it in, it happened so fast and I couldn't see. It was unreal! Like something out of a movie but the bad guys pulled out the miracle. Nothing much happened in overtime. Both teams looked content with a tie and that was it. But everybody get their money's worth that night. I wonder if there are any Red Wings or Flyers fans here that actually remember this game. It must have been one of the best games in the league that year.
  2. I got one of those videos for Christmas around the same time haha. Was it #4? I thought he was really entertaining and got me excited about the game. Man I watched it a ton with my brothers. I haven't seen or heard anything from him since unfortunately.
  3. True true. Can't forget about the little guys with big hearts
  4. Gotta go with the Sharks. They had an AHL team in Lexington (where I live) which moved to Cleveland (where I grew up). Looks like they're in Wooster now. My cable provider says the BJs are my home team but I honestly don't care. What a sad existence here...
  5. Hey everybody, nice to meet you. I'm from Lexington KY USA but grew up in Cleveland OH where people knew a sport called hockey existed. If not for that, I would probably be on a Sonic Spinball forum or something. Started playing '93 in '92 and it was the greatest thing ever, and still is. Maybe in another 20 years I'll put the game behind me but only time will tell. This seems like a great community although the '94 talk is a tad excessive. There are some really nice patches around that enhance the games without breaking them, which is great to see. Glad I found this place and hello all!
  6. Good to see an active diehard 93er!

  7. Yeah shot power is important. Doesn't it affect wrist shots as well? I can't ever score with Gretzky in '93. I swear LA is better without him on the first line.
  8. Hmm, it wasn't that long ago so I'll go through some highlights from my browsing history. I asked the lycos dog about genesis hockey and he pointed me here: http://www.genesishockeyclub.ie/ and then here: http://www.retrojunk.com/details_articles/3126/ which was a great article, except the part where the author said '94 was better than '93. After scrolling to the bottom of the page I was strangely inspired to look up pics of Angela Watson. Getting back on track, I made my way to romnation to nearly download such genesis classics as Baby's Day Out and Chibi Maruko Chan Wakuwaku Shopping. Then it was time to statnerd at nhl.com, and on to legendsofhockey.net to view the entire Gretzky gallery 1 image at a time. After this I was ramped up to read about the Nanking Massacre on wikipedia, and then I made it! I was reading reviews for NHL94 on gamefaqs! I was on fire at this point. I needed a break. Ahh, NHLPA '93, how I had missed you. It was time to relive glory days and hoist Lord Stanley's Boombox one good time. What joyous fun, but something was missing. Should I read the plotline for Pacific Inferno on imdb? No. Watch Pawn Stars on hulu? Sure, why not. Find out the skinny on Joe Paterno at espn.com? "God help me!" No answer. "Lycos dog help me!" And he said "Go to google." So I googled nhlpa 93 and here I am.
  9. It's so tempting to finally make the switch from '93 to '94 now...part of what kept me away was the lack of depth with no fighting, but this fix brings a whole new element to the game. This is like NES Ice Hockey meets NHL94! Thanks a ton smozoma.
  10. Awesome, thanks for making that fix! It always bothered me that a lot of guys were slow and useless in the game, maybe with good shot power but no accuracy. With checking corrected I'm sure the game has more depth. I can't wait to play with the Pens again. Oh that is interesting. A weighted overall rating has to be better. Really how could you weigh everything equally and come out with a meaningful number in '93? Nice step up for '94.
  11. Oh funny, I didn't know that about light players. I'll have to start using them more. So does the checking rating mean anything at all? Anything to do with how the CPU checks? Edit: Don Sweeney could be the missing link I've been waiting for! Boston keeps looking better and better.
  12. Here is a list of the best scorers based on agility, speed, shot power, and shot accuracy. This idea is based on the recommended strengths for performing 'the deke' as suggested here http://nhlpa93.nhl94.com/about/scoring/scoring.php The formula is pretty simple: (agility + speed + shot power + shot accuracy) / 4 It may not be a perfect system, but it's a much better indicator of a player's ability to get to the goal and score than the overall rating. I used my spreadsheet which includes attributes for every player in the game. If you'd like the entire spreadsheet just let me know and I'll upload it somewhere. Team Player Scoring =============================== Chicago Roenick 100 New York Gartner 97 Detroit Yzerman 93 Edmonton Klima 90 Washington Ridley 90 Washington Ciccarelli 88 Detroit Fedorov 88 Vancouver Linden 86 Montreal Muller 86 Boston Carpenter 85 St. Louis Hull 85 Pittsburgh Lemieux 85 New York Messier 85 Boston Neely 85 New Jersey Richer 85 Montreal Savard 85 New York Turcotte 85 Vancouver Bure 83 Montreal Courtnall 83 Calgary Fleury 83 Buffalo Mogilny 82 New York Amonte 81 Washington Bondra 81 Washington Burridge 81 Montreal Lebeau 81 New Jersey Lemieux 81 Detroit Miller 81 Detroit Ysebaert 81 New Jersey Zelepukin 81 Boston Bourque 80 Montreal Carbonneau 80 Detroit Carson 80 Los Angeles Granato 80 Long Island Hogue 80 Winnipeg Housley 80 Pittsburgh Jagr 80 Edmonton Murphy 80 New York Nemchinov 80 New York Patrick 80 Detroit Probert* 80 Calgary Roberts 80 Los Angeles Robitaille 80 Boston Ruzicka 80 Los Angeles Sandstrom 80 Winnipeg Steen 80 Edmonton Tikkanen 80 Long Island Turgeon 80 Vancouver Courtnall 78 Quebec Kamensky 78 Buffalo LaFontaine 78 Vancouver Larionov 78 Quebec Nolan 78 Vancouver Ronning 78 Chicago Brown R. 76 New Jersey Ciger 76 Montreal Corson 76 Montreal Gilchrist 76 Washington Iafrate 76 Washington Johansson 76 New Jersey Kasatonov 76 Washington Khristich 76 New Jersey MacLean 76 New Jersey Stastny 76 Ottawa Turgeon 76 Philadelphia BrindAmour 75 Los Angeles Coffey 75 Edmonton Damphousse 75 Winnipeg Davydov 75 Montreal Dionne 75 St. Louis Emerson 75 Pittsburgh Errey 75 Pittsburgh Francis 75 Los Angeles Gretzky 75 New York Leetch 75 Boston Oates 75 Detroit Primeau 75 Philadelphia Recchi 75 Tampa Bay Semenov 75 Boston Sweeney D. 75 Long Island Thomas 75 *denotes pimp I found something else interesting. Only 2 players in the game are 60 or better in all twelve attributes: Cam Neely and Al Iafrate.
  13. I'm curious because I've seen a 'checking' rating but not a 'roughness' rating. Are they the same thing? I was never more effective at checking with higher rated checking players so I always assumed it had to do with how well the CPU could check with those players. For the player I'm controlling nobody checks better than Roenick but Fleury is a close 2nd. With Roenick I don't even need momentum to lay someone out. I agree with TruePensFan about aggression, it seems to make a player more likely to fight if a 71 or higher fighter is on the ice. I've seen 14-rated fighters with high agg get in lots of fights, and 42-rated fighters with low agg get in less fights. And most of you probably know a 0 fighter will never fight (which can be a good thing), and a fight won't happen unless at least one of the players has 71 or higher fighting. This is correct. The overall rating in '93 is an average of the first 9 attributes, the last one being endurance. So aggressiveness, checking, and fighting don't count. I have a spreadsheet with attributes for every player in the game and used this formula to double check my entry work, and the OVR for every player came out right. Well, I should say it was sometimes off by 1 point, higher or lower. They may have used real numbers for the attributes when calculating the OVR, ie 66.7 instead of 66, so that could explain the small difference. I tried '94 a little and the rating system is a little weird. I wonder if they used the same formula from '93, then ranked players by OVR, then used a multiplier to get Lemieux and Bourque to 99, and used the same multiplier to bump up every player's OVR proportionally. Just a thought but I really don't know. I got the feeling they wanted one forward and one defenseman at 99, no matter what they had to do to achieve that, short of making them perfect cartoonish players.