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  1. I see, so he went 0-41-1 then disappeared. What a wimpazoid. It took me like 300-400 losses to just disappear for awhile
  2. Dammit! He's not allowed to be worse than me! One of these days when I get a more stable connection and another controller, we must have a fail-off!
  3. No, I'm still not coming out of retirement. Legit excuse though, real spotty internet connection. Plus no more controller Nevertheless, I should be a more frequent visitor to the NHL discussion threads, especially with the Rangers leading the East and the Devils being good again REMEMBER THE <insert high amount of losses here> LOSING STREAKS, REMEMBER 24-2 IN THE DRAFT LEAGUE THAT ONE SEASON! Put it together, and you have the man with the lowest win % in history Also, for the new guys who think they suck haven't sucked until you've lost like 40 games in a row. You haven't sucked until you've lost a game by 20 + goals. You haven't sucked until you got everyone feeling bad about beating you
  4. Didn't think I'd be returning like this, but... The greatest fighter in hockey history is dead. Long live Bob Probert. Bob Probert 1965-2010
  5. Long live Kega. Never liked Gens too much, mainly because it tries to crash my PC on startup
  6. Wow, with how you people despise the Devils, I'm amazed you haven't tried to hunt me down and have me shot in the head. Looks like I'll be the only one among us celebrating the next time the Devils win the cup
  7. As a big time Devils fan, losing Brodeur is big. I have questions about our offense though, we've never really been a strong team offensively. We've always had quality defense, and usually we would score just enough goals to get by. That said, I also think the Devils will be able to do just enough to hang around in the playoff picture until Brodeur returns. When he does return, that could easily be enough to get the 8 seed.
  8. SSiG is enjoying his time in retirement, finally convinced that he is done. No more comebacks. No more throwing the controller across the room. Real life has taken over as I continue to search for a job. I'm quite content with things
  9. I have to win out to have a chance. Remember, this is SSiG we're talking about. I'm capable of winning two or three games, but unless the opponents are absolute garbage (which they aren't), I do not believe I'm capable of a big run. I figure I'm gonna be doomed to 3rd or 4th in the region. As for my availability: I will be available later tonight. Just catch me when I don't have an away message up, even if it means being a dirty little stalker.
  10. I don't see any problem with giving something like this a trial run, and then going from there.
  11. Minnesota v. St. Lawrence Minnesota 2 @ St. Lawrence 4 St. Lawrence 4 @ Minnesota 2 Terrible start for the Gophers, who are now pretty much eliminated before the real tournament begins.
  12. I declare myself the winner then. Bob Probert still welcomes challengers.
  13. Sorry I haven't been around for games lately. I have been quite fatigued, mentally and physically. I hope to be back on track monday.
  14. Everyone insults Canada, I thought we were all used to it by now...then again, what would explain why I get hate mail from Cayuga? To their credit though, like shaftman said, they did invent my #2 favorite sport
  15. Settle, children...settle In all This deal would not happen, unless both GM's were smoking tons of dope. Don't get me wrong, Koivu's a good player and a great leader, but he's not on the level of ability that Sid the Kid is on.
  16. Eh, no real reason for him to be the avatar of choice. I may change it soon, just been very lazy about it
  17. One can rant and rant as they please, but until they act out upon their rants, they cannot be taken seriously. That's all I'm going to add. Random Observation: Yay 555th post.
  18. "*laughs* You chose poorly! Now endure Mid-life crisis! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" - UrinatingTree (you'll know who it is if you watch game reviews)
  19. Okay, I'm 100% moved into my new place and am ready to resume the '93 tournament. Bob Probert and the Red Wings welcome all remaining challengers to their doom
  20. Wow. Even I wouldn't go this far, and you all know how volatile I can get Admins, I'd suggest being extremely careful with new registrations for the next few days...but that's just me.
  21. Eh, I need to get back in the game. Put SSiG down for Minnesota. (AIM: Magus978)
  22. Good luck Wags...this is a good team, just give'em a chance. Also, I would like to take this time to apologize once more for...well, pretty much my entire tenure in this season's GDL season. I sincerely hope there are no hard feelings. Continued success to GDL and to its members. Also, one more thing before I take an extended leave from the game and the site: I would like my little run here in games to serve as an example to similarly lower-level players. If you have a tactic, you keep at it. Never deviate from your style of play unless it really does improve your Win-Loss record. Thank you, and until we meet again.
  23. I have not had it run up on me much lately. I note most of the games I've had with some good vets as an example as to how I've been in the better part of them until late. Doesn't matter to me really though, as this is not my life. I've been busy getting set to move into a new apartment. Personal life comes first.