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  1. I'm actually okay with Ottawa, so I won't say them. In fact, I would have to say Los Angeles...just pound Hrudey with shots. Same with the Islanders, except that the Islanders don't have Gretzky or Rob Blake.
  2. Have the opponent put it into the RNG, then. Simple. Try what I just had to do in NHL '96 - play almost a full overtime period without one of my key star players. Not only did I escape unscathed, but I outshot the Devils to boot. That game is currently savestated with about seven minutes to go in the fourth overtime...
  3. All I did was change both of the "Face-off" rules in NOSE to "Delay" (Delay of Game doesn't fit) and made one a penalty. Then I put the puck out of play to see which I got - I got lucky and pulled the penalty one. See, one "Face-off" is for the goalie freezing the puck, and the other is for the puck going out of play. I actually once changed it so all stoppages aside from Period/Game over resulted in five minute major penalties. Man, that was fun. I once sent everyone on the New Jersey Devils into the box, and NJ still had three players and a goalie even after I sent the starting goalie to the box. However, with all other stoppages, it just calls the penalty. When you change the "puck out of play" one, the game doesn't recognize the stoppage anymore or thinks the puck is still in play. So you'll see the ref raise his arm for a penalty, but the penalty never gets called because play is still going on. The result is actually two penalties, one "???" player goes to the box, and then the player that put the puck out of play goes to the box, but this is only when the period ends. The game also doesn't go to the intermission screen after the penalties, it just hangs after both players are in the box, with the referee calling a tripping penalty.
  4. I was wondering if it's possible to add a Delay of Game penalty for putting the puck out of play. I changed the trigger for puck out of play to call a penalty for delay of game, but all that happens is that the referee calls penalty, then at the end of the game the player who shot the puck into the stands takes the penalty, but the game freezes. So is it possible? Normally if there's a delayed penalty and the puck leaves play the penalty is called, but I guess we'd need the source code to be able to implement penalties for delay of game.
  5. I'd also love to play this. I wonder if even an incomplete version could be released so others could work on it, as it sounds fun.
  6. I would say shot clock, but though it works in lacrosse, lacrosse has many differences that hockey does not. However, the NBA has a ten-second rule (only allowed ten seconds on your side of the court), so maybe it could be made into a neutral-zone-clock or something? Make it so that you take a delay of game penalty if you're not in the offensive zone and the clock runs out? Of course, this would likely necessitate removing offside. but I think that offside makes games too long. If you put in the "neutral zone clock" so to say, then you have to remove offside and two-line passing. I liked the removal of the two line pass, IMO it speeds up the game and puts emphasis on the end of the powerplay. Teams on the powerplay have to keep the puck near the end otherwise the killing team can simply throw a pass to the guy coming out of the box for what is usually a sure breakaway. Stop cracking down on fighting. Fighting is a part of the game and most people like fights, even in the US (wonder why the UFC is so popular?). The players have their own unwritten rules for fighting and abide by them, so leave them be. Contract the league as follows. Get rid of: Florida, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Phoenix. No support in any of those places, except for MAYBE Tampa. Nashville is the only team of those that can actually do well anyway, but that's not a hockey city. If you don't want to get rid of Nashville, put them in either Winnipeg or Kansas City. The other three teams are pretty redundant. Move or change the ownership of Chicago. Ownership change might be better as the owner does NOTHING to promote the Blackhawks, and Chicago used to be pretty big on hockey. Madhouse on Madison anyone? There's some other teams that might need to be moved or folded, but they escape me. None of them are Canadian though, the Canadian teams all have good fanbases and are well-supported. Get rid of the division leader rule, or at the very least re-align the Eastern Conference. While the parity is all well and good in the West, the division leader rule gives the Southeast winner third, while you see the fourth and fifth-place team usually doing better. Or it could be like the NBA, where the division winners get home-team advantage but if there is a team that does better than a division winner, they obviously will be placed accordingly. Either way, the Southeast Division is too weak and the teams in the East should be re-aligned to give better interdivisional parity. Give the Stanley Cup finalists the last two draft picks, like the Super Bowl finalists get in the NFL. The winner goes last, the loser goes second to last. This at least gives a bit of consolation if one (or both) number one seeds were knocked out before the finals, then they at least don't have to pick last even though a team that's picking before them in reality did better than them in the playoffs. Do not expand to Las Vegas, ever. The CFL tried it and failed. The XFL tried it and failed. Las Vegas is a tourist town, most people that can afford hockey there are tourists that will likely just go in, watch the first period, then leave. The only two sports that will be able to survive there IMO are basketball and baseball. Hockey won't. Hell, there shouldn't be expansion at all because the league is too big already. Lastly: fire Bettman. He's done nothing good for the league and has made idiot decisions. All he tries to do is keep obviously failing US teams in the US because he thinks they'll do better - really, Nashville likely would have done better if they were moved to Ontario like the original buyer had planned.
  7. Likely because there's a button on SNES devoted to going to goalie control, and on GENS you have to hold B.
  8. Joe Murphy's a good player, I usually start either him or Christan Ruuttu over Goulet. Marchment is underrated though, the first time I played Deer Steve Smith got penalized so I put in Marchment, and he was just blitzing guys, knocking them out left and right, so I left him in and he was a powerhouse defensively, and I tied Deer 4-4 thanks to a lot of Marchment hits.
  9. Deer's getting into Gens, he's played a few exhibitions.
  10. http://www.gamemanuals.net/download/1ebe59...94_%28EN%29.pdf Found.
  11. Your .bin file link gives a 404. As for teams, what do you need? I can give you some good ideas.
  12. Random team league. Basically, I get the signups, then every team gets a number. I will use a random number generator to determine numbers. I may give some leeway if parity seems off, however, otherwise it'll work random assignments. The schedule won't be demanding, I'm thinking of keeping it to a simple round-robin format, so if we don't get tons of signups then you'll not be playing too many games. Playoffs will be double-elimination, and I may have the winner in the losers' bracket come back for a match against the winner of the winners' bracket for the championship round if the idea sounds good. Another twist is we may use the NHL 07 update. Depends on if you guys want to use the original 94 or try something new. If this has enough interest I'll try it out, I made the schedule smaller just so people don't complain about a demanding schedule - if we get 15 players, 14 games isn't that hard.
  13. Setar

    NOSE for SNES?

    I've been trying to use a small mod to eliminate one team's players (set their starting line to the same guy then get a stoppage of play) to practice moves but GENS has crappy control, especially with my controller - angles are near impossible. So would NOSE for SNES be possible or do I have to remove the other team the hard way? I wish this game had practice mode..
  14. So says Mr. Ottawa Senators. Then again I'm in the basement with Chicago because I plain suck, though I've tried to keep games close. As for angryjay, you got Bourque and Turgeon (unless you mean Sylvain, not Pierre) and don't tell me that Recchi wasn't on the all-star team, because he was. You got some good guys there.
  15. I knwo the manual is a longie at 80+ pages, but getting it scanned might be a useful asset for the site, so people can learn the ins and outs of the game, or for people who just want to read the extreme detail it goes into.
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