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  1. When using the Gens emulator, in Normal/Double mode, the picture does not show up, but there is sound, any clues to why this might be hapening. Gens32 Surreal works fine in all modes. But with gens 2.14 and the older versions it usually only works in full screen
  2. Hmm, 95 was alright. I dont play it as much to be honest. 96 was alright too. For some reason though i find it much easier to score on 94 than on 95 or 96. I guess its b/c ive played 94 since..94. haha. Even on my emulator i find it easy to get goals. The first day i got 94 as a ROM, i scored 2 goals within a minute or so. I guess i just need to break myself in on the other games. I like on the newer ones that you can set the difficulty level, and the graphics are a little bit more up to par, but nothing..will beat NHL 94'.
  3. I have the old fashion SEGA, i also play NHL 94 on my sega emulator. On my sega genesis, i have user records. I just recently did this, and ended up losing on purpose, think they would go away. But when i want to start a new playoff, with Montreal, i still see my old user records. is there any way to clear this?